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Upcoming Events

As part of offering great service to UK secondary schools, we organise numerous events and workshops throughout the year for science teachers and technicians.

Free North Wales Technicians' Network Meeting & Workshop | 18/10/17 | Rydal Penrhos School

This year we are delighted to have Cerian Angharad, ASE Field Officer Wales, IOP Teacher Network Coordinator, STEMNET Contract Holder Wales and British Science Association CREST Local Coordinator, join us for our annual technicians’ meeting. She will be engaging with the workshop and also answering questions arising from any of the many associations she represents.
The theme of this year’s workshop is Fun Physics, based around ideas for STEM, science clubs and open evenings. This is an excellent forum to meet and exchange ideas and good practice and to take full advantage of free resources including A level suggested lists for WJEB core practicals.

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