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1000x Optional Magnification Microscopes

The Ultra 400LA has a triple nosepiece (rather than quadruple), however it does have a 1.25NA condenser so by removing an objective and replacing it with a 100x objective the magnification could be increased to 1000x. Bear in mind that it can be fairly tricky to focus at 1000x without having first focused the microscope at 400x. The F11-15 microscope has the same specification as the F11-10 except for an upgraded (1.25NA) condenser, it is equally as popular in schools as the F11-10 sharing the same rugged metal construction, metal focusing gear and student-proof locked-on components. The upgraded condenser makes it ideal for use with an optional 100x objective to achieve a magnification of 1000x. If working at a magnification of 100x we would advise purchasing the optional mechanical stage with this microscope.
The EC.1001 and the EC.1051 microscopes share the same modern body shape, the EC.1051 adds a mechanical stage and re-chargeable batteries to the specification of the EC.1001.
The BB.4200 and the BB.4220 microscopes are the big brothers of the EC.1001 and the EC.1051, they boast semi-plan lenses and re-chargeable batteries. The BB.4200 has a plain stage whereas the BB.4220 has an integral mechanical stage making it ideal for use with an optional 100x objective.
The very attractive 18 and 28 Series microscopes share the same body design. The 28 Series have coaxial focusing (as opposed to the separate coarse and fine focusing of the 18 Series) and a rack and pinion condenser allowing for greater flexibility to achieve maximum resolution. The 2801 has a plain stage, the 1802 and 2802 benefit from having an integral mechanical stage and the option of either achromatic or superior semi-plan lenses. Please note semi-plan models are made to order with a minimum order quantity of six units.
The high quality Swift120 is of superb build quality with an in-built handle (popular with technicians!) and re-chargeable batteries. It has superior achromatic objectives.
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Motic F11-15 Microscope Kern OBS-105 Microscope Kern OBS-103 Microscope
Motic F11-15 Microscope
Price: £169.50
You'll earn 170 points
Kern OBS-105 Microscope
Price: £198.00
You'll earn 198 points
Kern OBS-103 Microscope
Price: £162.00
You'll earn 162 points
MIC-220-150 MIC-210-200 MIC-210-150
Euromex EC.1001 Microscope Zenith Ultra 400LA Microscope Euromex BB.4220 Microscope
Euromex EcoBlue EC.1001 Microscope
Price: £175.22
You'll earn 176 points
Zenith Ultra 400LA Microscope
Price: £151.90
You'll earn 152 points
Euromex BioBlueBB.4220 Microscope
Price: £257.16
You'll earn 258 points
MIC-250-100 MIC-130-150 MIC-270-150
Swift Swift120 Microscope Motic 1802 Microscope Euromex EC.1051 Microscope
Swift120 Microscope
Price: £347.40
You'll earn 343 points
Motic 1802 Microscope
Price: £253.30
You'll earn 254 points
Euromex EcoBlue EC.1051 Microscope
Price: £197.01
You'll earn 198 points
MIC-260-150 MIC-280-100 MIC-250-125
Euromex BB.4200 Microscope Motic 1802 Semi Plan Microscope Motic 2802 Microscope
Euromex BioBlue BB.4200 Microscope
Price: £215.32
You'll earn 216 points
Motic 1802 Semi Plan Microscope
Price: £284.95
You'll earn 285 points
Motic 2802 Microscope
Price: £292.10
You'll earn 293 points
MIC-270-100 MIC-280-150 MIC-280-250
Motic 2802 Semi Plan Microscope Motic 2801 Microscope
Motic 2802 Semi Plan Microscope
Price: £324.80
You'll earn 325 points
Motic 2801 Microscope
Price: £238.90
You'll earn 239 points
MIC-280-300 MIC-280-230
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