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1000x Standard Magnification Microscopes

The EC.1151 microscope shares the same basic specification as its big brother the BB.4250 albeit in a slightly smaller less solid body. The BB.4250 boasts semi-plan lenses whereas the EC.1151 has achromatic lenses.
Another semi-plan model is the B1-211E-SP microscope, this re-design of the popular and long lived B1 microscope is a very exciting addition to the Motic family. Along with semi-plan lenses the B1-211E-SP has LED illumination and a rackless stage. Superb optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assure years of top performance.
New for 2017 are the B-155, B-155R and B-155ALC from Optika. These microscopes are manufactured in Italy under stringent quality control standards and boast a sleek and modern look. The B-155R has re-chargeable batteries and as a first for the education market the B-151ALC features Automatic Light Control. This allows the user to set a level of light intensity that is both desirable and comfortable, this level is maintained even if the user adjusts the diaphragm or changes objective or even chooses to look at a different slide. You really need to experience this feature to understand just how much it aids your microscopy work. Also from the Optika stable is the B-191 microscope featuring the exclusive X-LED2 lighting source. The special design of the lens in front of the LED gives a very high level of light intensity, whilst ensuring optimal uniformity of illumination over the whole field number. This microscope gives an excellent image using the 100x objective with WATER! Using water instead of oil reduces the tedious cleaning of lenses. As water doesn’t attract dirt and dust the way oil does your lenses stay cleaner. Optika quote an image quality using water of up to 90% of that using oil, more than enough for most educational applications.
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Kern OBE-111 Microscope Optika B-191 Microscope Optika B-155 Microscope
Kern OBE-111 Microscope
Price: £389.00
You'll earn 389 points
Optika B-191 Microscope
Price: £269.98
You'll earn 270 points
Optika B-155 Microscope
Price: £231.75
You'll earn 232 points
MIC-210-300 MIC-320-100 MIC-290-250
Euromex BB.4250 Microscope Euromex EC.1151 Microscope Optika B-155R Microscope
Euromex BioBlueBB.4250 Microscope
Price: £295.52
You'll earn 296 points
Euromex EcoBlue EC.1151 Microscope
Price: £242.34
You'll earn 243 points
Optika B-155R Microscope
Price: £264.66
You'll earn 265 points
MIC-270-200 MIC-250-150 MIC-290-350
Motic B1-211E-SP Microscope
Motic B1-211E-SP Microscope
Price: £367.98
You'll earn 411 points
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