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400x Standard Magnification Microscopes

The best-selling Motic SFC microscopes are of classic design and sturdy all metal construction. For portability, choose the SFC-100F LED with LED illumination and re-chargeable batteries. The Ultra 400L is a chunky microscope designed to withstand the rigours of everyday heavy classroom use, it is mains powered with tungsten illumination. The high quality Swift100 is of superb build quality with an in-built handle (popular with technicians!) and re-chargeable batteries.
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Motic SFC-100F LED Microscope Motic SFC-100FL Microscope Zenith Ultra 400L Microscope
Motic SFC-100F LED Microscope
Price: £129.86
You'll earn 130 points
Motic SFC-100FL Microscope
Price: £114.95
You'll earn 115 points
Zenith Ultra 400L Microscope
Price: £133.60
You'll earn 134 points
MIC-120-150 MIC-120-100 MIC-130-100
Motic SFC-100FL 10 Pack Microscope Motic SFC-100F LED 10 pack Microscope
Motic SFC-100FL Microscope - 10 Pack
Price: £1,018.00
You'll earn 1018 points
Motic SFC-100F LED Microscope - 10 Pack
Price: £1,199.00
You'll earn 1199 points
MIC-120-110 MIC-120-160
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