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600x Optional Magnification Microscopes

The F11-10 microscope is a favourite in schools, it boasts rugged metal construction, metal focusing gear and student-proof locked-on components. The bright, sharp images are impressive for a microscope with a 0.65NA condenser leading some schools to add a 100x objective to the specification. Though we would advise a magnification of no more than 600x, achieved with an optional 60x objective. The very attractive 1801 microscope shares the same specification as the F11-10 but has slightly better quality objectives and re-chargeable batteries. New this year are the B-151, B-151R and B-151ALC from Optika. These microscopes are manufactured in Italy under stringent quality control standards and boast a sleek and modern look. The B-151R has re-chargeable batteries and as a first for the education market the B-151ALC features Automatic Light Control. This allows the user to set a level of light intensity that is both desirable and comfortable, this level is maintained even if the user adjusts the diaphragm or changes objective or even chooses to look at a different slide. You really need to experience this feature to understand just how much it aids your microscopy work.
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Motic 1801 Microscope Motic F11-10 Microscope Optika B-151 Microscope
Motic 1801 Microscope
Price: £189.60
You'll earn 182 points
Motic F11-10 Microscope
Price: £158.90
You'll earn 159 points
Optika B-151 Microscope
Price: £169.80
You'll earn 170 points
2019 Prices held until 2021
Only for schools to order
2019 Prices held until 2021
Only for schools to order
2019 Prices held until 2021
Only for schools to order
Optika B-151R Microscope
Optika B-151R Microscope
Price: £199.98
You'll earn 200 points
2019 Prices held until 2021
Only for schools to order
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