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Edexcel AS and A-Level Physics Curriculum Specific Products

We have throughly analysed the new A-Level curriculum and handpicked the products you will need to undertake both the required practicals as well as class demonstrations and theoretical work.

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Radioactive Source Strontium 90 Radioactive Source Cobalt 60 Radioactive Source Americium 241
Radioactive Source Strontium 90
Price: £761.60
You'll earn 762 points
Radioactive Source Cobalt 60
Price: £761.60
You'll earn 762 points
Radioactive Source Americium 241
Price: £761.60
You'll earn 762 points
RAD-200-200 RAD-200-150 RAD-200-100
Teltron Diflection Tube Scaler Timer - Standard Major Magnet
Teltron Diflection Tube
Price: £644.00
You'll earn 644 points
Scaler Timer - Standard
Price: £421.99
You'll earn 422 points
Major Magnet
Price: £317.50
You'll earn 318 points
TTT-150-100 TMH-700-100 MAG-550-100
E.H.T. Power Supply Colour Digital Oscilloscope Helmholz Coils
IPC E.H.T. Power Supply
Price: £316.90
You'll earn 317 points
Colour Digital Oscilloscope
Price: £307.50
You'll earn 308 points
Helmholz Coils
Price: £298.00
You'll earn 298 points
POW-070-140 OSC-200-100 TTT-150-150
Protactinium Generator Adam Highland HCB 123 Balance Stroboscope - Xenon
Protactinium Generator
Price: £263.91
You'll earn 264 points
Adam Highland HCB 123 Balance
Price: £255.00
You'll earn 255 points
Stroboscope - xenon
Price: £236.46
You'll earn 237 points
RAD-150-100 BAD-200-100 SWA-670-100
Geiger-Muller Tube Breckland Locktronics - Complete Electricity Kit Teltron Tube Holder
Geiger-Muller Tube
Price: £224.90
You'll earn 225 points
Breckland Locktronics - Complete Electricity Kit
Price: £209.00
You'll earn 209 points
Teltron Tube Holder
Price: £205.00
You'll earn 205 points
RAD-350-100 ELK-200-300 TTT-300-100
Ohaus TA302 Balance LogIT Observer Time Machine Starter Pack
Ohaus TA302 Balance
Price: £203.15
You'll earn 204 points
LogIT Observer
Price: £199.00
You'll earn 199 points
Time Machine Starter Pack
Price: £195.00
You'll earn 195 points
BAO-150-150 DAT-320-100 TMH-800-150
Rubens' Tube Optical Bench Kundt's Resonance Tube - Standard
Rubens' Tube
Price: £158.65
You'll earn 159 points
Standard Optical Bench Kit
Price: £104.80
You'll earn 105 points
Kundt's Resonance Tube - Standard
Price: £95.25
You'll earn 96 points
SWA-390-100 OPL-365-100 SWA-150-100
Dynamics Ramp 1.8 M Track Density Determination Set LogIT Light Gates Pair
Dynamics Ramp 1.8m Track
Price: £87.90
You'll earn 88 points
Density Determination Set
Price: £84.90
You'll earn 85 points
LogIT Light Gates Pair
Price: £75.00
You'll earn 75 points
FMF-335-180 MTR-070-100 DAT-350-525
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