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OCR AS and A-Level Biology Curriculum Specific Products

We have throughly analysed the new A-Level curriculum and handpicked the products you will need to undertake both the required practicals as well as class demonstrations and theoretical work.

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Merit Water Still Clifton Breathing Monitor CO7500 Colorimeter
Merit Water Still
Price: £866.00
You'll earn 865 points
Clifton Breathing Monitor
Price: £477.20
You'll earn 468 points
CO7500 Colorimeter
Price: £449.50
You'll earn 435 points
WAT-300-100 HRE-280-100 COL-200-100
US152 - Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate Clifton NE1-4, 4L Water Bath Vertical Protein Electrophoresis MV10
US152 - Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate
Price: £322.00
You'll earn 300 points
Clifton NE1-4, 4L Water Bath
Price: £300.14
You'll earn 301 points
Vertical Protein Electrophoresis MV10
Price: £262.00
You'll earn 236 points
STI-190-100 BAW-200-100 BIO-050-250
Motic 1802 Microscope DNA Fingerprinting - Using Restriction Enzyme Plant Hormones Set
Motic 1802 Microscope
Price: £253.30
You'll earn 254 points
DNA Fingerprinting - Using Restriction Enzyme
Price: £144.40
You'll earn 123 points
Plant Hormones Set
Price: £137.92
You'll earn 138 points
MIC-280-100 BIO-800-200 PLB-490-100
uLog Ultrasonic Movement Sensor Principles of Thin Layer Chromatography Kit Double Cell Haemacytometer Set
uLog Ultrasonic Movement Sensor
Price: £128.50
You'll earn 125 points
Principles of Thin Layer Chromatography Kit
Price: £119.00
You'll earn 103 points
Double Cell Haemacytometer Set
Price: £113.44
You'll earn 100 points
DAT-150-300 BIO-710-100 MIH-200-150
MKL-620 Precision Balance Chromatography Paper CRL Pattern Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 2L
MKL-620 Precision Balance
Price: £112.27
You'll earn 100 points
Chromatography Paper CRL Pattern
Price: £88.93
You'll earn 83 points
Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 2L
Price: £85.98
You'll earn 86 points
BAB-350-100 CHR-300-100 CYG-200-002
Immobilised Enzyme Kit Mitosis & Meiosis Slide Set Cauliflower Cloning Kit
Immobilised Enzyme Kit
Price: £84.95
You'll earn 85 points
Mitosis & Meiosis Slide Set
Price: £83.95
You'll earn 80 points
Cauliflower Cloning Kit
Price: £77.03
You'll earn 74 points
EZY-270-110 MPS-050-100 PLB-460-100
Gram Stain Kit Molymod® Biochemistry Teacher Set Kidney Model - Standard
Gram Stain Kit
Price: £68.08
You'll earn 65 points
Molymod® Biochemistry Teacher Set
Price: £66.90
You'll earn 64 points
Kidney Model - Standard
Price: £63.92
You'll earn 62 points
MCB-170-100 MOL-350-100 MOD-600-100
Micro Respirometer Clifton Polycarbonate Lift Off Lid For Unstirred 4L Baths Dialysis Tubing 17.5mm
Micro Respirometer
Price: £63.12
You'll earn 64 points
Dialysis Tubing 17.5mm
Price: £53.55
You'll earn 54 points
PLB-040-100 BAW-360-100 DIA-050-150
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