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WJEC AS and A-Level Biology Curriculum Specific Products

We have throughly analysed the new A-Level curriculum and handpicked the products you will need to undertake both the required practicals as well as class demonstrations and theoretical work.

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Incubator 30L Mystrica Colorimeter Set Hi-Temperature Gratnells Water Bath
Incubator 30L
Price: £635.00
You'll earn 635 points
Mystrica Colorimeter Set
Price: £475.00
You'll earn 475 points
Hi-Temp Gratnells Water Bath
Price: £238.50
You'll earn 239 points
INC-100-100 COL-250-250 BAW-003-100
Euromex EC.1001 Microscope MKL-2000 Precision Balance LogIT Humidity Sensor
Euromex EcoBlue EC.1001 Microscope
Price: £175.22
You'll earn 176 points
MKL-2000 Precision Balance
Price: £157.00
You'll earn 157 points
LogIT Humidity Sensor
Price: £98.00
You'll earn 98 points
MIC-250-100 BAB-350-150 DAT-350-300
Mitosis & Meiosis Slide Set Pressure Cooker Autoclave uLog Light Level Sensor
Mitosis & Meiosis Slide Set
Price: £79.90
You'll earn 80 points
Pressure Cooker Autoclave
Price: £73.75
You'll earn 74 points
uLog Light Level Sensor
Price: £62.00
You'll earn 62 points
MPS-050-100 AUT-050-100 DAT-150-150
Sterile Petri Dishes - 50mm x600 uLog Microsense Sensor Adaptor Plastic Eyepiece Graticules
Petri Dishes - 50mm x600
Price: £60.89
You'll earn 61 points
uLog Microsense Sensor Adaptor
Price: £54.00
You'll earn 54 points
Plastic Eyepiece Graticules
Price: £39.90
You'll earn 40 points
PER-150-150 DAT-150-400 MIH-050-100
T.S.T. Sterilisation Strips Single Boiling Ring Simple Potometer
T.S.T. Sterilisation Strips
Price: £36.96
You'll earn 37 points
Single Boiling Ring
Price: £33.65
You'll earn 34 points
Simple Potometer
Price: £29.90
You'll earn 30 points
AUT-350-100 HOT-650-100 PLB-350-100
Sach's Water Culture Specimen Tube - 50 x 25mm Samco 50 Test Tubes - Medium Wall 125 x 16mm
Sach's Water Culture
Price: £29.88
You'll earn 30 points
Specimen Tube - 50 x 25mm
Price: £27.50
You'll earn 28 points
PLB-400-100 TUB-150-200 TTU-200-200
Standard Conical Flask 500ml Standard Conical Flask 500ml Samco 50 Test Tubes - Medium Wall 150 x 24mm
Standard Conical Flask 500ml
Price: £25.84
You'll earn 26 points
Kimble Kimax Conical Flask 500ml
Price: £24.95
You'll earn 25 points
FCO-100-500 FCO-120-500 TTU-200-300
LogIT Hitemp Temperature Sensor C-Fold Paper Towels Blue Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Double Bend
LogIT Hitemp Temperature Sensor
Price: £23.00
You'll earn 23 points
C-Fold Paper Towels Blue
Price: £21.68
You'll earn 22 points
Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Double Bend
Price: £20.04
You'll earn 21 points
DAT-400-425 PER-110-100 TUB-050-300
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