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Cat. No.: BLO-200-150
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This kit contains everything you need to grow 2 or more cycles of Triassic Triops. It′s a perfect starter kit.

Triops hatch in 24 hours, can grow up to 4cm long and have an incredible life cycle.

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The bright colors of the Triops are due to the hemoglobin in the blood and a dark blue-green pigment in the connective tissues. Triops have a shield-shaped carapace (exoskeleton), sessile compound eyes and 35 to 71 pairs of leaf like appendages (legs) used for swimming and respiration. Mandibles and maxillae (mouth parts) are present. The young quickly move through several larval stages, shedding (molting) their exoskeletons each time. Adults can complete their life cycle in less than 30 days. Triops use abdominal appendages to transport food along the midline of their bodies up to their mouth. They are in constant motion and perform hilarious acrobatics and often eat while upside-down. They are called branchiopods (gill foot) because they obtain oxygen through their feet.

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