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Colorimetery & Spectrophotometry
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Cuvettes 4.5ml Cuvette Holder CO7500 Colorimeter
Cuvettes 4.5ml
Price: £8.89
You'll earn 9 points
Cuvette Holder
Price: £11.27
You'll earn 11 points
CO7500 Colorimeter
Price: £449.50
You'll earn 435 points
COL-300-100 COL-300-150 COL-200-100
Mystrica Colorimeter 2.0 Mystrica Colorimeter Set Plastic Cuvettes - UV Range
Mystrica Colorimeter 2.0
Price: £114.99
You'll earn 115 points
Mystrica Colorimeter Set
Price: £475.00
You'll earn 475 points
Plastic Cuvettes - UV Range
Price: £13.19
You'll earn 13 points
COL-250-120 COL-250-250 COL-300-050
CO7500 Spare Filter Set Spectrometer - Standard CO7500 Spare Lamp
CO7500 Spare Filter Set
Price: £152.00
You'll earn 114 points
Spectrometer - Standard
Price: £373.33
You'll earn 373 points
CO7500 Spare Lamp
Price: £89.03
You'll earn 80 points
COL-200-150 SPS-500-100 COL-200-200
Rspec-Explorer™ Real-Time Digital Spectrometer Crown Glass Prism R.I. 1.51 Extra Dense Flint Glass Prism R.I. 1.65
Rspec-Explorer™ Real-Time Digital Spectrometer
Price: £327.79
You'll earn 328 points
Crown Glass Prism R.I. 1.51
Price: £9.88
You'll earn 10 points
Extra Dense Flint Glass Prism R.I. 1.65
Price: £21.25
You'll earn 22 points
SPS-600-100 SPS-650-100 SPS-650-150
CO7500 Colorimeter Power Supply
CO7500 Colorimeter Power Supply
Price: £21.70
You'll earn 22 points
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