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Locktronics Electricity Magnetism & Materials Kit
Locktronics Electricity Magnetism & Materials Kit
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Cat. No.: ELK-300-100
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This kit provides a comprehensive range of practical assignments into electricity and magnetism and is ideal for those who are studying science and electricity within a wide variety of academic or vocational courses. The kit is supplied with two sets of printable worksheets on CD ROM (around 80 pages) that cover the electrical properties of materials, electricity, and electrical circuits. The solution includes component carriers, base board, power supply, and storage trays. Suitable for Science in the UK at Key Stages 3 and 4. Topics students can study include: Electrical properties of materials Simple circuits Heat and magnetism Basic circuit symbols Current flow Series and parallel circuits Relays and electromagnets Patterns of voltage and current Electrical sensors

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1 x Power supply 1 x 7 x 5 metric baseboard with 4mm pillars 1 x Buzzer, 12V, 15mA 1 x Voltmeter, 0V to 15V 1 x Ammeter, 0A to 1A 1 x Motor, 6V, open frame 1 x Light dependent resistor 1 x Resistor, 100 Ω, 1W, 5% (DIN) 1 x Resistor, 12 Ω, 1W, 5% (DIN) 2 x Resistor, 1k, 1/4W, 5% (DIN) 1 x Resistor, 10k, 1/4W, 5% (DIN) 1 x Potentiometer, 10k (DIN) 1 x Diode, power, 1A, 50V 9 x Connecting Link 3 x Lampholder, MES 1 x Thermistor, 4.7k, NTC (DIN) 1 x Relay, reed, normally open 1 x Switch, push to make, metal strip 1 x Switch, on/off, metal strip 1 x LED, red, 12V (SB) 1 x Fuse/universal component carrier 1 x Power supply carrier with battery symbol 1 x 400 Turn coil carrier 1 x Pair of leads, red and black, 600mm, 4mm to croc clip 1 x Tray, inset tray and lid

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