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High Voltage Electricity Transmission Simulation
High Voltage Electricity Transmission Simulation
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This 'National Grid' simulation apparatus simply and effectively demonstrates how and why electricity is transmitted across national grid networks by high voltage and not low voltage. The safe-to-use apparatus consists of two clear boxes which each house a transformer and associated electric circuitry to step-up and step-down the voltage - providing a simulation of the high voltage output from a power station and subsequent step-down at an electricity sub-station. Each box has a high voltage and low voltage output/input, to compare the two modes of transmission. The two boxes are linked by plastic insulated resistance wires, via ‰Û÷pylons‰Ûª, to simulate real power lines. The ends of the wires are safely housed in touch-proof plugs which lock into place in the boxes, preventing any possible electric shock. During use, the transmission wires can be lightly gripped to give an understanding of how energy is lost as heat. The 12V SBC bulbs can be connected to the output and input sides of the apparatus, to visibly show the difference in brightness, due to power loss, between transmission at high and low voltages. Both boxes have 2mm output sockets, to allow voltage readings to be taken via the probes of a multimeter or 2mm to 4mm plug leads. Requires 12V a.c. input from a standard laboratory power supply. Comes complete with transmit and receive boxes, insulated resistance wires, two mounted SBC lamps and full instructions.

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