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Mini Wind Turbine
Mini Wind Turbine
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Cat. No.: EWE-730-100
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This mini-turbine can be used to introduce basic principles of a wind turbine. It consists of a small electric motor attached to a propeller and connected to a pair of terminal posts. To demonstrate how the turbine can generate an electrical current, it can be connected to an LED or electric motor. To measure the output, it can be connected to a voltmeter or digital multimeter _ the faster the turbine turns, the higher the voltage reading. The mini-turbine can be used to carry out simple investigations into the effects of different wind speeds and angles on output, using a desk fan, for example. The wind speed can be varied by using the settings on the fan. The mini-turbine can be held in the hand or, for a more quantitative approach, held in a clamp stand, which allows distances and angles to be measured more accurately.

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