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Electrostatic Charge & Measurement
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Electrostatic Strips Gold Leaf Electroscope Electrostatic Charge Indicator
Electrostatic Strips
Price: £23.65
You'll earn 23 points
Gold Leaf Electroscope
Price: £21.95
You'll earn 22 points
Electrostatic Charge Indicator
Price: £25.92
You'll earn 24 points
ECT-230-100 ECT-100-100 ECT-150-100
Coulomb Meter Electrostatic Strip Holders Newtons/Coulombs Law Kit
Coulomb Meter
Price: £61.90
You'll earn 62 points
Electrostatic Strip Holders
Price: £17.21
You'll earn 17 points
Newtons/Coulombs Law Kit
Price: £99.50
You'll earn 73 points
ECT-170-100 ECT-230-150 ECT-260-100
Electric Field Apparatus Zinc Plate For Photoelectric Effect Nylon Line For Electrostatics
Electric Field Apparatus
Price: £41.00
You'll earn 54 points
Zinc Plate For Photoelectric Effect
Price: £4.98
You'll earn 5 points
Nylon Line For Electrostatics
Price: £3.62
You'll earn 4 points
ECT-255-150 ECT-650-100 ECT-600-100
Lascells Electrostatics Plate Electrostatics Kit
Lascells Electrostatics Plate
Price: £6.50
You'll earn 7 points
Electrostatics Kit
Price: £39.97
You'll earn 34 points
ECT-115-100 ECT-700-100
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