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AQA Chemistry Curriculum Specific Products

We have throughly analysed the new GCSE curriculum and handpicked the products you will need to undertake both the required practicals as well as class demonstrations and theoretical work.

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Merit Water Still Ohaus TA502 Balance pH Bench Meter - Standard
Merit Water Still
Price: £866.00
You'll earn 865 points
Ohaus TA502 Balance
Price: £259.90
You'll earn 230 points
pH Bench Meter - Standard
Price: £73.90
You'll earn 74 points
WAT-300-100 BAO-150-300 PHM-150-100
Desiccator 190mm Kinetic Theory Model TLC Plates 80 x 40mm
Desiccator 190mm
Price: £70.50
You'll earn 93 points
Kinetic Theory Model
Price: £69.80
You'll earn 70 points
TLC Plates 80 x 40mm
Price: £64.24
You'll earn 50 points
DES-100-150 HPG-550-100 CHR-450-100
Angled Safety Screen pH Electrode - Standard Rolled Rim Vials 21.25 ml
Angled Safety Screen
Price: £49.95
You'll earn 44 points
pH Electrode - Standard
Price: £49.48
You'll earn 50 points
Rolled Rim Vials 21.25 ml
Price: £46.18
You'll earn 47 points
SCR-050-100 PHM-450-100 VIA-100-250
Iron (II) Chloride 4-Water - 250g Universal Glass Bottle - Polypropylene Cap Standard Vigreux Fractionating Column - 24/29 - 24/29 - 360mm
Iron (II) Chloride 4-Water - 250g
Price: £42.13
You'll earn 42 points
Universal Glass Bottle - Polypropylene Cap
Price: £39.14
You'll earn 38 points
S8001164-250G BUN-100-025 QSC-840-100
Power Station 1.5A Rheostat - 135 Ohm Molymod® Organic/Inorganic Set - Teacher
Power Station 1.5A
Price: £36.50
You'll earn 37 points
Rheostat - 135 Ohm
Price: £35.46
You'll earn 31 points
Molymod® Organic/Inorganic Set - Teacher
Price: £34.72
You'll earn 34 points
POW-100-100 ELR-250-250 MOL-250-100
Glass Pneumatic Trough 300 x 130mm Simax Squat Beaker - 1000ml Ohaus CL200 Balance
Glass Pneumatic Trough 300 x 130mm
Price: £34.25
You'll earn 34 points
Simax Squat Beaker - 1000ml
Price: £33.19
You'll earn 34 points
Ohaus CL201 Balance
Price: £32.30
You'll earn 33 points
GAS-450-200 BEG-150-001 BAO-050-100
Nickel Foil 0.15mm - 100g Dreschel Gas Wash Bottle Chromatography Paper Reels 20mm
Nickel Foil 0.15mm - 100g
Price: £31.88
You'll earn 32 points
Dreschel Gas Wash Bottle
Price: £28.76
You'll earn 29 points
Chromatography Paper Reels 20mm
Price: £27.60
You'll earn 28 points
S0001236-100G GAS-100-100 CHR-350-150
Samco 50 Test Tubes - Medium Wall 125 x 16mm Standard Conical Flask 500ml pH Storage Solution
Standard Conical Flask 500ml
Price: £26.62
You'll earn 26 points
pH Storage Solution
Price: £26.29
You'll earn 24 points
TTU-200-200 FCO-100-500 PHM-500-150
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