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OCR Physics B Curriculum Specific Products

We have throughly analysed the new GCSE curriculum and handpicked the products you will need to undertake both the required practicals as well as class demonstrations and theoretical work.

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Radioactive Source Strontium 90 Radioactive Source Cobalt 60 Radioactive Source Americium 241
Radioactive Source Strontium 90
Price: £761.60
You'll earn 762 points
Radioactive Source Cobalt 60
Price: £761.60
You'll earn 762 points
Radioactive Source Americium 241
Price: £761.60
You'll earn 762 points
RAD-200-200 RAD-200-150 RAD-200-100
Scaler Timer - Standard "g" By Free Fall Apparatus - Superior E.H.T. Power Supply
Scaler Timer - Standard
Price: £421.99
You'll earn 422 points
"G" By Free Fall Apparatus - Superior
Price: £325.00
You'll earn 325 points
IPC E.H.T. Power Supply
Price: £316.90
You'll earn 317 points
TMH-700-100 FMF-100-250 POW-070-140
Demountable Transformer Kit Colour Digital Oscilloscope IPC Signal Generator & Amplifier
Demountable Transformer Kit
Price: £309.90
You'll earn 310 points
Colour Digital Oscilloscope
Price: £307.50
You'll earn 308 points
IPC Signal Generator & Amplifier
Price: £269.00
You'll earn 269 points
ELP-100-100 OSC-200-100 SNS-260-100
Protactinium Generator "g" by Free Fall Basic Electricity Kit
Protactinium Generator
Price: £263.91
You'll earn 264 points
"g" by Free Fall Kit (TSA)
Price: £245.49
You'll earn 246 points
Basic Electricity Kit
Price: £229.60
You'll earn 230 points
RAD-150-100 FMF-120-100 ELK-120-100
Geiger-Muller Tube Alpha Particle Counter/Spark Counter Wind Turbine Kit
Geiger-Muller Tube
Price: £224.90
You'll earn 225 points
Alpha Partical Counter/Spark Counter
Price: £199.95
You'll earn 200 points
Wind Turbine Kit
Price: £142.50
You'll earn 143 points
RAD-350-100 RAD-500-100 EWE-750-100
uLog Ultrasonic Movement Sensor Materials Solid Kit uLog Light Gate (Pair) Sensor
uLog Ultrasonic Movement Sensor
Price: £125.00
You'll earn 125 points
Materials Solid Kit
Price: £119.85
You'll earn 120 points
uLog Light Gate (Pair) Sensor
Price: £110.00
You'll earn 110 points
DAT-150-300 MTR-300-100 DAT-150-350
MKL-620 Precision Balance LogIT Ultraviolet Sensor Dynamics Ramp 1.2M Track
MKL-620 Precision Balance
Price: £99.95
You'll earn 100 points
LogIT Ultraviolet Sensor
Price: £95.00
You'll earn 95 points
Dynamics Ramp 1.2m Track
Price: £77.40
You'll earn 78 points
BAB-350-100 DAT-400-500 FMF-335-120
Basic Calculator Class Set Kinetic Theory Model Angled Safety Screen with Integral Supports
Basic Calculator Class Set
Price: £70.14
You'll earn 71 points
Kinetic Theory Model
Price: £69.80
You'll earn 70 points
Angled Safety Screen with Integral Supports
Price: £68.14
You'll earn 69 points
CAL-050-200 HPG-550-100 SCR-100-100
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