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Composite Materials Sample Pack
Composite Materials Sample Pack
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Cat. No.: MTR-050-100
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The samples in this pack include different types of composite materials, some of which are relatively new or are less likely to be familiar, plus some other interesting materials which are used to make composites.

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Carbon fibre sheet - made from woven carbon fibres in a resin matrix. Aluminium composite - consists of two thin aluminium sheets with a polythene core between them. Hybrix® - described as 'stainless steel plus air', this is a laminar composite consisting of thin sheets of stainless steel surrounding a core of stainless steel fibres and air. PCM composite - are materials which contain a PCM, a phase change material. PCMs are used as 'energy buffers'. This sample is a piece of plasterboard containing microencapsulated PCM. Plywood - this is made of several thin layers of wood. Plywoods have a range of uses, depending on the type. Shape memory polymer composite - 'remembers' the shape it was given when cured: in this case, flat sheet. Kevlar textile - this is a lightweight reinforcement material which is combined with resin to give a tough but lightweight composite. Chameleon film - is made of hundreds of layers of polymer, and changes colour depending on the viewing angle. ETFE foil - is a tough, transparent material which can be printed on and laminated with other materials, or with other ETFE foils to produce ETFE cushions for cladding.

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