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Microscope Graticules & Measurement
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Plastic Eyepiece Graticules Dual Scale Stage Micrometer Micrometer Eyepieces Euromex Ecoblue
Plastic Eyepiece Graticules
Price: £40.75
You'll earn 40 points
Dual Scale Stage Micrometer
Price: £69.95
You'll earn 70 points
Micrometer Eyepiece - Euromex EcoBlue Series
Price: £43.70
You'll earn 44 points
MIH-050-100 MIH-070-100 MIC-900-580
Micrometer Eyepieces Euromex Microblue Micrometer Eyepiece for F11 Series Microscope Graticule
Micrometer Eyepiece - Euromex MicroBlue Series
Price: £33.40
You'll earn 34 points
Micrometer Eyepiece Motic F11 and SFC100 Series
Price: £49.50
You'll earn 50 points
Price: £20.90
You'll earn 21 points
MIC-900-570 MIC-900-500 MIC-900-550
Microscope Graticule Holder Glass Eyepiece Graticule - 19mm Precision Stage Micrometer - S8
Graticule Holder for 18mm eyepiece
Price: £10.62
You'll earn 11 points
Glass Eyepiece Graticule - 19mm
Price: £59.90
You'll earn 56 points
Precision Stage Micrometer - S8
Price: £129.90
You'll earn 121 points
MIC-900-560 MIH-060-100 MIH-080-150
Precision Stage Micrometer - S1 Micrometer Eyepieces Euromex Bioblue Micrometer Eyepiece for B1 Series
Precision Stage Micrometer - S1
Price: £129.90
You'll earn 121 points
Micrometer Eyepiece - Euromex BioBlue Series
Price: £44.06
You'll earn 21 points
Micrometer Eyepiece Motic B1 Series
Price: £63.80
You'll earn 64 points
MIH-080-100 MIC-900-590 MIC-900-510
Motic BA50 Micrometer Eyepiece for Swift Series Glass Eyepiece Graticule - 21mm
Micrometer Eyepiece - Motic BA50
Price: £53.14
You'll earn 54 points
Micrometer Eyepiece Motic Swift Series
Price: £52.16
You'll earn 53 points
Glass Eyepiece Graticule - 21mm
Price: £59.90
You'll earn 56 points
MIC-900-540 MIC-900-520 MIH-060-150
Micrometer Eyepieces Motic 18.28 Series
Micrometer Eyepiece Motic 18/28 Series
Price: £49.50
You'll earn 50 points
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