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Picoscope 2205A
Picoscope 2205A
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The PicoScope 2200A Series oscilloscopes offer a modern and portable alternative to bulky benchtop devices. Are an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and arbitrary waveform generator all in one powerful device.They provide all the functionality of traditional benchtop oscilloscopes but are powered directly froma USB port on your PC, making them suitable for use as portable oscilloscopes when used witha laptop.

A small form factor is not the only benefit of these PC-based scopes. With the PicoScope 6 software, high-end features such as serial decoding and mask limit testing are included as standard. New functionality is regularly delivered through free upgrades.

Fast sampling

The PicoScope 2200A Series oscilloscopes provide fast real-time sampling rates up to 1 GS/s, equivalent to a timing resolution of only 1 ns. For repetitive signals, equivalent-time sampling (ETS) mode can boost the maximum effective sampling rate up to an incredible 10 GS/s, allowing even finer resolution down to 100 ps. All scopes support configurable length pre-trigger and post-trigger capture.

At slower sampling rates the oscilloscope can stream data continuously across the USB link bypassing the on-board buffer memory. In this mode PicoScope can collect waveforms with as many as 100 million samples. This deep memory is ideal for long captures of serial data that can then be decoded using the included serial decoding tools.

Arbitrary waveform and function generator

All PicoScope 2200A Series oscilloscopes have both a built-in function generator and an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG).

The function generator can output sine, square, triangle, DC level and many more standard waveforms. As well as level, offset and frequency controls, advanced options allow you to sweep over a range of frequencies. Combined with the spectrum peak hold option, this creates a powerful tool for testing amplifier and filter responses.

Depending on the model chosen, a 2 MS/s or 20 MS/s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is also included. AWG waveforms can be created or edited using the built-in AWG editor, imported from oscilloscope traces, or loaded from a spreadsheet.

High signal integrity

Most oscilloscopes are built down to a price. PicoScopes are built up to a specification.

Careful front-end design and shielding reduces noise, crosstalk and harmonic distortion. Decades of oscilloscope design experience can be seen in improved pulse response and bandwidth flatness. We are proud of the dynamic performance of our products and publish these specifications in detail. The result is simple: when you probe a circuit, you can trust in the waveform you see on the screen.

USB connectivity

The USB connection makes printing, copying, saving, and emailing your data from the field quick and easy. The high-speed USB interface allows fast data transfer, while USB powering removes the need to carry around a bulky external power supply, making the kit even more portable for the engineer on the move.

Buying a PicoScope is not like purchasing any other oscilloscope, where optional extras considerably increase the price. With these scopes, high-end features such as serial decoding, mask limit testing, advanced math channels, segmented memory, and a signal generator are all included in the price. In addition both the PC software and firmware inside the scope can be updated free of charge.

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Picoscope 2205A Bandwidth: 25MHz Sampling Rate: 200MS/s single channel.100MS/s dual channels. Memory: 16kS Advanced digital triggers USB powered Ultra-compact design Windows, Linux and Mac software Supplied with: USB 2.0 cable, oscilloscopes probes, user manuals and software.

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