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Prepared Microscope Plant Slides
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Angiospermae - Allium (Onion), Root Tip (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Vicia, Root Tip for Mitosis (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Older Stem (Prepared Slide)
MPP-350-100 MPP-200-250 MPP-250-150
Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Young Stem (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Monocot and Dicot Leaf TS (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Ligustrum (Privet), TS Leaf (Prepared Slide)
MPP-250-100 MPP-100-200 MPP-150-100
Angiospermae - Monocot and Dicot Root TS (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Leaf (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Monocot & Dicot StemTS (Prepared Slide)
MPP-100-100 MPP-150-300 MPP-100-150
Angiospermae - Nerium (Oleander), TS Leaf Sunken Stomata (Prepared Slide) Coniferophyta - Pinus, 'E' Stem Showing Xylem Tubes (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Lilium Regale Anthers, TS Second Division (Prepared Slide)
MPP-150-250 MPP-050-100 MPP-400-250
Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Young Root (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Lilium Anthers, TS Mature Pollen (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS & LS Stem (Prepared Slide)
MPP-200-300 MPP-400-100 MPP-250-250
Angiospermae - Ranunculus (Buttercup), TS Stem (Prepared Slide) Coniferophyta - Pinus, TS Leaf (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Cucurbita (Cucumber), LS Stem for Sieve Tubes (Prepared Slide)
Coniferophyta - Pinus, TS Leaf (Prepared Slide)
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MPP-250-400 MPP-050-150 MPP-250-350
Angiospermae - Nymphaea (Water Lily), TS Floating Leaf (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Ranunculus (Buttercup), TS Mature Root (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Ranunculus, TS Young Root (Prepared Slide)
MPP-150-350 MPP-200-100 MPP-200-150
Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Stem, Old Secondary Thickening (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Cucurbita (Cucumber), TS Stem for Sieve Tubes (Prepared Slide) Angiospermae - Zea Mays (Maize), TS Leaf (Prepared Slide)
MPP-250-200 MPP-250-300 MPP-300-200
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