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Radiation & Atomic Physics
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Mini Spark Counter Half Life Demonstration Planck's Constant Apparatus
Mini Spark Counter
Price: £52.77
You'll earn 53 points
Half Life Demonstration
Price: £24.98
You'll earn 40 points
Planck's Constant Apparatus
Price: £59.00
You'll earn 59 points
RAD-300-200 RAD-275-100 ATQ-400-100
Extra Long Forceps Radioactive Source - Isotrak Cs-137 Radiation Film Badge
Extra Long Forceps
Price: £19.59
You'll earn 20 points
Radioactive Source - Isotrak Cs-137
Price: £735.29
You'll earn 698 points
Radiation Film Badge
Price: £11.60
You'll earn 12 points
RAD-850-100 RAD-180-200 RAD-800-100
Lascells Multi-Wire Spark Detector Radioactive Source Lead Castle (Spare) BNC to TNC Lead
Lascells Multi-Wire Spark Detector
Price: £121.00
You'll earn 115 points
Radioactive Source Lead Castle (Spare)
Price: £29.10
You'll earn 28 points
BNC to TNC Lead
Price: £29.98
You'll earn 30 points
RAD-765-100 RAD-200-300 RAD-350-200
Lascells Cloud Chamber Geiger-Muller Tube Lascells Planck's Constant
Lascells Cloud Chamber
Price: £479.85
You'll earn 458 points
Geiger-Muller Tube
Price: £231.57
You'll earn 225 points
Lascells Planck's Constant
Price: £94.30
You'll earn 90 points
RAD-595-100 RAD-350-100 ATQ-305-100
Alpha Particle Scattering Apparatus Ratemeter G-M Tube Connecting Lead
Alpha Particle Scattering Apparatus
Price: £53.10
You'll earn 53 points
Price: £315.53
You'll earn 316 points
G-M Tube Connecting Lead
Price: £22.40
You'll earn 23 points
RAD-050-100 RAD-250-100 RAD-350-150
Protactinium Generator Microwave Detector Alpha Particle Counter/Spark Counter
Protactinium Generator
Price: £278.78
You'll earn 264 points
Microwave Detector
Price: £57.49
You'll earn 52 points
Alpha Particle Counter/Spark Counter
Price: £199.95
You'll earn 200 points
RAD-150-100 RAD-400-100 RAD-500-100
Fermentation Lock Periodic Table Poster Radioactive Source - Isotrak Am-241
Fermentation Lock
Price: £1.98
You'll earn 3 points
Periodic Table Poster
Price: £3.99
You'll earn 4 points
Radioactive Source - Isotrak Am-241
Price: £735.29
You'll earn 698 points
RES-150-100 POS-250-100 RAD-180-100
Absorption Plates - Basic Radioactive Source Americium 241 Radioactive Source Cobalt 60
Absorption Plates - Basic
Price: £39.90
You'll earn 40 points
Radioactive Source Americium 241
Price: £799.60
You'll earn 762 points
Radioactive Source Cobalt 60
Price: £799.60
You'll earn 762 points
RAD-300-100 RAD-200-100 RAD-200-150
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