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US152 - Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate
US152 - Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate
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Cat. No.: STI-190-100
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General purpose, reliable stirrer/hotplates with compact 150X150mm top plate. These units have microprocessor control of temperature allowing a calibrated scale to be printed around the control dial in°C. With a choice of robust aluminium or chemically resistant ceramic tops and advanced safety features: Flashing "hot" warning light to warn when top plate is too hot to touch. Spillproof design to deflect spills away from the controls and the user. Independent safety circuit to protect against overheating. Microprocessor control for accurate temperature setting. The "Hot" warning light will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C and will operate even when the hotplate is turned off and connected to the mains. Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speeds up to 2000rpm and is capable of mixing large volumes (up to 15 litres). Model UC152 has a glass ceramic top which has excellent chemical resistance and allows high plate temperatures for faster heating. Max Temp. 450°C Model US152 has a robust aluminium/silicon alloy top plate which will withstand the knocks of everyday use. Max Temp. 325°C Dimensions: 172 x 248 x 120mm Both models have an integral fitting for a retort rod and are supplied with 2 x 25mm PTFE coated stir bars. Plate dimensions: 150 X 150mm Stirrer speed: 100 to 2000 rpm Overall dimensions: 172 x 248 x 109 (W x D x H)

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Top Plate: Aluminium Max. Power: 700W

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