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GCSE and A-Level Curriculum Specific Products

We have throughly analysed both the new A-Level and GCSE curriculums and handpicked the products you will need to undertake both the required practicals as well as class demonstrations and theoretical work. Select your level, subject & exam board for more specific product guidance.

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Time Machine Class Pack D4000 Water Still Prestige 12 Litre Media Autoclave
Time Machine Class Pack
Price: £1,470.00
You'll earn 1395 points
D4000 Water Still
Price: £1,417.00
You'll earn 1375 points
Prestige 12 Litre Media Autoclave
Price: £1,390.00
You'll earn 1390 points
TMH-800-200 WAT-250-100 AUT-150-150
Merit Water Still Radioactive Source Strontium 90 Radioactive Source Cobalt 60
Merit Water Still
Price: £866.00
You'll earn 865 points
Radioactive Source Strontium 90
Price: £799.60
You'll earn 762 points
Radioactive Source Cobalt 60
Price: £799.60
You'll earn 762 points
WAT-300-100 RAD-200-200 RAD-200-150
Radioactive Source Americium 241 Incubator 40L - Clear Door Teltron Dual Beam Tube
Radioactive Source Americium 241
Price: £799.60
You'll earn 762 points
Incubator 40L - Clear Door
Price: £745.00
You'll earn 725 points
Teltron Dual Beam Tube
Price: £733.77
You'll earn 710 points
RAD-200-100 INC-150-150 TTT-200-100
Teltron Diffraction Tube Incubator 30L - Clear Door. Teltron Diflection Tube
Teltron Diffraction Tube
Price: £733.77
You'll earn 710 points
Incubator 30L - Clear Door.
Price: £680.00
You'll earn 660 points
Teltron Diflection Tube
Price: £655.65
You'll earn 644 points
TTT-100-100 INC-100-150 TTT-150-100
Incubator 30L Vacuum Pump - Standard Analogue Melting Point Apparatus Smp11
Incubator 30L
Price: £655.00
You'll earn 635 points
Vacuum Pump - Standard
Price: £539.60
You'll earn 520 points
Analogue Melting Point Apparatus SMP11
Price: £525.09
You'll earn 510 points
INC-100-100 PUM-130-100 MEL-050-100
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Clifton Breathing Monitor Mystrica Colorimeter Set
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Price: £495.00
You'll earn 495 points
Clifton Breathing Monitor
Price: £477.20
You'll earn 468 points
Mystrica Colorimeter Set
Price: £475.00
You'll earn 475 points
THM-345-100 HRE-280-100 COL-250-250
CO7500 Colorimeter Scaler Timer - Standard Human Unisex Torso - Standard
CO7500 Colorimeter
Price: £449.50
You'll earn 435 points
Scaler Timer - Standard
Price: £427.50
You'll earn 422 points
Human Unisex Torso - Standard
Price: £393.86
You'll earn 375 points
COL-200-100 TMH-700-100 MST-300-100
Spectrometer - Standard Superior Mains Digital Joulemeter Teslameter
Spectrometer - Standard
Price: £373.33
You'll earn 373 points
Superior Mains Digital Joulemeter
Price: £364.68
You'll earn 365 points
Price: £359.23
You'll earn 360 points
SPS-500-100 HEM-200-100 MFL-550-100
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