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RO Spares: Filter Cartridges + RO Membrane
RO Spares: Filter Cartridges + RO Membrane
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Cat. No.: WAT-500-250
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This Reverse Osmosis (RO) pumped system provides an excellent alternative to a water still or deioniser and produces deionised quality water economically and efficiently. Water is supplied to the unit by simply tapping into a standard tap-water supply pipe, after which it passes through a series of carbon pre-filters, followed by a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, finally passing through a resin deioniser to produce laboratory grade purified deionised water.
Advantages of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System with Deioniser
� Cheaper to buy than a water still - and less fragile
� Economical to run
� Easy to install and use � no special electrical requirement needed
� Produces deionised quality water
After the pre-filter and RO processes, water flows through a mixed bed resin filter which purifies the water down to deionized levels - this mixed bed filter will change colour when it requires changing. Additionally, the digital controller will sound an alarm when it is time to change the filters and can be set to cut water flow when filter lifetime is achieved.
Because the input water has already gone through filtering and RO processes, the final deionising resin filter lasts a lot longer than those in a stand-alone deioniser - due to the vast majority of salts and ions having already been removed before the water enters the filter. Therefore the water entering is much cleaner and will not contaminate the resin as quickly.
The system is easy to install and use and comes inclusive of all filters, RO membrane filter, booster pump, free-standing framework support with digital controller and display, pressurized water storage tank, faucet (tap), simple fitting kit, all feed and outlet tubing and a filter wrench (for removing and replacing filters).
Requires access to a standard water pipe (connection is via a self-piercing valve), a sink (for waste water) and a mains electrical socket.
� Removes up to 99.99% of impurities from UK mains water � down to 0-3ppm
� Free-standing or wall mounting  (mounting is optional and not a requirement)
� Can be located on top of a bench or under a bench or sink
� Digital controller and digital display
� Integral pump to boost water pressure and increase RO membrane efficiency
� Produces up to 10 litres per hour
� Utilises a 5 filter process
� Includes 10 litre capacity tank (6 litres water stored for on-demand use)
� Includes tap (faucet) and fitting kit. Faucet is optional � the system can be used with the outlet tubing and an in-line tubing tap or clip instead
� Automatically analyses water, tracks filter lifetime and optimizes system performance
� Automatic reverse flush of membrane filters, for optimum water quality
� Small footprint, easy installation
Filter lifetime
Pre-filters: 15,000 litres or 6-12 months (5 micron sediment filter; 0.5 micron PP + GAC Carbon filter; 5 micron sediment filter)
RO filter: Approx. 2-3 years, depending on amount of use (75 GPD reverse osmosis membrane)
Deionising filter: Varies, when colour changes (mixed bed deionized water filter)
Technical parameters
Input water hardness: 35?of max. (French degrees) / 24.5 o Clark max. (Clark degrees) or 350 mg/l CaCO3 max. (most of the UK water supplies are below this level)
Input water TDS: 600 ppm max.
Input water temperature: 4 - 40oC
Input water pressure: 2 bar min. / 6 bar max.
System dimensions: 27 x 35 x 49 cm (l x w x h)
Tank dimensions: 24 x 24 x 35 cm (l x w x h)
Power: 220 � 240V AC

Spares and accessories
Deionising resin cartridge pack
Replacement 4 filter pack (3 pre-filters and 1 RO filter)
Sold as a pack of 3

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