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Replacement Lamp for UV-C Steriliser

Product Code :  LAM-400-150Price:  £45.76 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 90

Providing chemical free decontamination of rooms, enclosed spaces and surfaces, this UV steriliser radiates UV-C light with a wavelength of 254nm, through 360 degrees, into an area of up to 10 x 10 metres, to disinfect rooms quickly. It will kill a vast array of pathogens, including Covid 19, and will destroy bacteria, allergens, viral microbes, and mould. Air and surfaces that are exposed to the UV rays are quickly treated by using one of three pre-programmed timing cycles. The unit comprises a 41cm long double tube lamp with housing, mounted on a base unit, and includes remote control and motion sensors.

This UV lamp is ideal for any location where people congregate on a regular basis, and regular cleaning is needed to maintain a sterile environment, or where surfaces need regular sanitising. Examples include school classrooms, offices, prep rooms, toilets etc. Also suitable for sterilising lab equipment and other items which may have been exposed to pathogens. In this instance, the lamp would be better placed inside a large, reflective ‘sterilisation box’ which can be fully enclosed to prevent light escaping.

The lamp provides chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning, is very simple to use and can be used as part of a regular cleaning routine, to maintain a pathogen-free environment.

The device features child safety-locking and comes supplied with UV protective eyewear (blocks all UV light from 100-400 nm) and a remote control. There is a 15 second time delay after switching the unit on and it also has a hyper-sensitive microwave motion sensor which immediately switches off the device when any movement is detected within a 5-metre radius.

•  Lamp output: 36 watts panoramically at 254nm
•  High quality quartz glass bulb
•  Lamp housing material: sturdy aluminium alloy
•  Output level (average): 178 µW/cm˛ (up to 75% more than some comparative products)
•  Sterilisation time for 10 x 10 metre room: 60 minutes
•  Timer options: 15, 30 or 60 minutes
•  Supplied with UV protective glasses and remote control
•  In-built motion detector to switch unit off if movement dectected within 5 metres
•  Lamp (tube) lifespan to 75% efficiency: 7500 hours
•  Lamp (tube) dimensions: 410 x 35mm
•  Overall dimesions: 445 x 197 cm
•  Power: 230 V AC - 1.6m cable included

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