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Gravity Well

Gravity Well
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The gravity well is an exciting piece of apparatus which allows students to visualise the attraction of massive objects due to gravity.

Consisting of a flexible sheet and collapsible frame, the gravity well is supplied with all you need to bring the study of gravity to life.

• Coalescence of stars

• Orbiting

• Variation of orbital period with distance from star

• Formation of orbital systems

Updates to the gravity well make it easier than ever to set up. The already impressive demonstration of how the gravitational field of a massive body affects things like planets is now better than ever. Show students how solar systems are formed, how gravity can bend the paths of light and more.

Measuring 180cm diameter by 80cm high when assembled, the unit gives an impressive demonstration and packs away for easier storage.

Supplied with full instructions and suggested experiments.

Also available is a magnetic mass hook (FMF-445-150), providing a fixed but removable location for a mass, without damaging the sheet surface. The magnetic hook comes with a steel disc, which is placed on top of the sheet in the required location, with the magnetic hook placed against the disc but on the underside of the sheet. The required mass (up to 1kg) can then be attached to the hook on the underside. You can use two magnetic mass hooks with the gravity well to model the warping of space-time by two celestial objects, e.g. the Earth and Moon; this allows for a captivating demonstration of a slingshot manoeuvre as used in the Apollo missions. The magnetic hook can also be used to attach to a steel surface, in which case up to 10kg mass can be attached (but only 1kg with the gravity well). Powder coated, 40mm dia. magnet with 50mm dia. steel disc.

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