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Goggles - Bollé Blast Vented

Goggles - Bollé Blast Vented
Product Code :  SEP-380-100Price:  £13.55 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 26

Offering unbeatable comfort, and class 1 optical polycarbonate lenses, these stylish goggles from Bollé offer the wearer the ultimate in fit, comfort, protection, vision and style. The unique shape of the goggle also ensures a perfect fit with all respirators. Designed to fit over prescription spectacles, and fitted with a wide adjustable headband. Platinum K rating guarantees the highest level of lens scratch resistance, extending the life of the product. Platinum N rating offers maximum resistance to fogging on both sides of the lens. Clear PC lens - AS/AF - Blue PVC ventilated frame. EN166: Lenses 1 BT 3 9; Frame BT 3 9.

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