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FPA-200-100   Glass Wool
S0001375-500G   Glass Wool - 500g
ECT-250-250   Glass-Brass Friction Rod
SGL-620-100   Glassworking Kevlar Gloves
HHE-700-150   Glucose Qualitative Test Strips - GLU101
HHE-700-100   Glucose Quantitative Test Strips - GLU200
S0001144-5G   Glucose-1-Phosphate disodium salt - 5g
TOL-210-100   Glue Gun
ADH-050-315   Glue Spreader / Spatula
ADH-050-260   Glue Stick - Pack of 12
TOL-210-150   Glue Sticks For Glue Gun
S0001293-2.5L   Glycerol (Glycerine) - 2.5L
S0001293-500ML   Glycerol (Glycerine) - 500ml
S0001763-500ML   Glycerol Triacetate - 500ml
S0001570-100G   Glycine - 100g
SEP-200-100   Goggles - Basic
SEP-250-150   Goggles, Direct Vented - Standard
SEP-250-100   Goggles, Indirectly Vented - Standard
SEP-270-100   Goggles, Sealed - New
SEP-300-100   Goggles, Sealed - Superior
SEP-300-150   Goggles, Vented - Superior
ECT-100-150   Gold Leaf (For Electroscopes)
ECT-100-100   Gold Leaf Electroscope
BSN-400-110   Grade A Shallow Form Evaporating Basin - 110ml
BSN-400-055   Grade A Shallow Form Evaporating Basin - 55ml
TAP-200-100   Graduated Adhesive Tape
CEN-200-150   Graduated Glass Centrifuge Tube
PIP-100-250   Graduated Pipette Type 1 - 10ml
PIP-100-100   Graduated Pipette Type 1 - 1ml
PIP-100-300   Graduated Pipette Type 1 - 25ml
PIP-100-150   Graduated Pipette Type 1 - 2ml
PIP-100-200   Graduated Pipette Type 1 - 5ml
PIP-150-250   Graduated Pipette Type 2 - 10ml
PIP-150-100   Graduated Pipette Type 2 - 1ml
PIP-150-300   Graduated Pipette Type 2 - 25ml
PIP-150-150   Graduated Pipette Type 2 - 2ml
PIP-150-200   Graduated Pipette Type 2 - 5ml
CEN-200-200   Graduated Polythene Centrifuge Tubes
BSP-300-100   Graduated Sample Pots
BUN-200-100   Graduated Universal Bottles
MCB-170-100   Gram Stain Kit
S0001146-100ML   Gram's Iodine Solution - 100ml
BAW-010-150   Grant JB Academy 12L Water Bath
BAW-010-200   Grant JB Academy 18L Water Bath
BAW-010-100   Grant JB Academy 5L Water Bath
BAW-030-150   Grant JB Nova 12L Water Bath
BAW-030-200   Grant JB Nova 18L Water Bath
BAW-030-250   Grant JB Nova 26L Water Bath
BAW-030-100   Grant JB Nova 5L Water Bath
STA-800-150   Graph Paper A4 Ream
MIC-900-550   Graticule
MIC-900-560   Graticule Holder for 18mm eyepiece
OLE-075-100   Gratings & Slits
TLY-000-000   Gratnells Build Charge
TRY-250-100   Gratnells Insert 3-Section
TRY-250-150   Gratnells Insert 4-Section
TRY-250-200   Gratnells Insert 6-Section
TRY-250-250   Gratnells Insert 8-Section
STP-860-150   Gratnells Lockable Cupboard Deep Trays
STP-860-100   Gratnells Lockable Cupboard Shallow Trays
TLY-010-150   Gratnells Rover Trolley With 2 Jumbo Trays
TLY-010-050   Gratnells Rover Trolley With 3 Deep Trays
TLY-010-100   Gratnells Rover Trolley With 3 Extra Deep Trays
STP-820-100   Gratnells Tall Frames With Shelves - Mixed Trays
STP-820-150   Gratnells Tall Frames With Shelves - Shallow Trays
TRY-100-100   Gratnells Tray - Blue Deep
TRY-150-100   Gratnells Tray - Blue Extra Deep
TRY-050-100   Gratnells Tray - Blue Shallow
TRY-100-050   Gratnells Tray - Brown Deep
TRY-050-050   Gratnells Tray - Brown Shallow
TRY-100-300   Gratnells Tray - Clear Deep
TRY-150-300   Gratnells Tray - Clear Extra Deep
TRY-050-300   Gratnells Tray - Clear Shallow
TRY-100-150   Gratnells Tray - Green Deep
TRY-150-150   Gratnells Tray - Green Extra Deep
TRY-050-150   Gratnells Tray - Green Shallow
TRY-050-400   Gratnells Tray - Orange Shallow
TRY-100-350   Gratnells Tray - Purple Deep
TRY-050-350   Gratnells Tray - Purple Shallow
TRY-100-200   Gratnells Tray - Red Deep
TRY-150-200   Gratnells Tray - Red Extra Deep
TRY-050-200   Gratnells Tray - Red Shallow
TRY-100-250   Gratnells Tray - Yellow Deep
TRY-150-250   Gratnells Tray - Yellow Extra Deep
TRY-050-250   Gratnells Tray - Yellow Shallow
TRY-100-710   Gratnells Tray Deep - Blueberry Jelly
TRY-100-450   Gratnells Tray Deep - Charcoal
TRY-100-600   Gratnells Tray Deep - Cornflower Blue
TRY-100-630   Gratnells Tray Deep - Cyan Blue
TRY-100-680   Gratnells Tray Deep - Deep Sea Blue
TRY-100-620   Gratnells Tray Deep - Forest Green
TRY-100-660   Gratnells Tray Deep - Fuchsia Pink Pink
TRY-100-750   Gratnells Tray Deep - Grape Jelly
TRY-100-580   Gratnells Tray Deep - Jet Black
TRY-100-550   Gratnells Tray Deep - Jolly Lime
TRY-100-720   Gratnells Tray Deep - Kiwi Jelly
TRY-100-740   Gratnells Tray Deep - Lemon Jelly
TRY-100-500   Gratnells Tray Deep - Light Grey
TRY-100-610   Gratnells Tray Deep - Magnolia
TRY-100-700   Gratnells Tray Deep - Maroon
TRY-100-570   Gratnells Tray Deep - Midnight Blue
TRY-100-560   Gratnells Tray Deep - Olive Green
TRY-100-400   Gratnells Tray Deep - Orange
TRY-100-760   Gratnells Tray Deep - Pale Blue
TRY-100-770   Gratnells Tray Deep - Pale Green
TRY-100-780   Gratnells Tray Deep - Pale Pink
TRY-100-790   Gratnells Tray Deep - Pale Yellow
TRY-100-670   Gratnells Tray Deep - Silver
TRY-100-690   Gratnells Tray Deep - Steel Blue
TRY-100-730   Gratnells Tray Deep - Strawberry Jelly
TRY-100-650   Gratnells Tray Deep - Tan Brown
TRY-100-590   Gratnells Tray Deep - Tomato Red
TRY-100-640   Gratnells Tray Deep - White
TRY-050-710   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Blueberry Jelly
TRY-050-450   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Charcoal
TRY-050-600   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Cornflower Blue
TRY-050-630   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Cyan Blue
TRY-050-620   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Forest Green
TRY-050-660   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Fuchsia Pink
TRY-050-750   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Grape Jelly
TRY-050-500   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Grey
TRY-050-580   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Jet Black
TRY-050-550   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Jolly Lime
TRY-050-720   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Kiwi Jelly
TRY-050-740   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Lemon Jelly
TRY-050-610   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Magnolia
TRY-050-700   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Maroon
TRY-050-570   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Midnight Blue
TRY-050-560   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Olive
TRY-050-760   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Pale Blue
TRY-050-770   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Pale Green
TRY-050-780   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Pale Pink
TRY-050-790   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Pale Yellow
TRY-050-680   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Sea Blue
TRY-050-670   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Silver
TRY-050-690   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Steel Blue
TRY-050-730   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Strawberry Jelly
TRY-050-650   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Tan Brown
TRY-050-590   Gratnells Tray Shallow - Tomato
TRY-050-640   Gratnells Tray Shallow - White
TRY-150-710   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Blueberry Jelly
TRY-150-630   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Cyan Blue
TRY-150-660   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Fuchsia Pink
TRY-150-750   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Grape Jelly
TRY-150-580   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Jet Black
TRY-150-550   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Jolly Lime
TRY-150-720   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Kiwi Jelly
TRY-150-740   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Lemon Jelly
TRY-150-500   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Light Grey
TRY-150-610   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Magnolia
TRY-150-400   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Orange
TRY-150-760   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Pale Blue
TRY-150-770   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Pale Green
TRY-150-350   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Purple
TRY-150-690   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Steel Blue
TRY-150-730   Gratnells Tray X Deep - Strawberry Jelly
TRY-150-640   Gratnells Tray X Deep - White
TLY-350-150   Gratnells Underbench Trolleys Double
TLY-350-100   Gratnells Underbench Trolleys Single
TLY-350-200   Gratnells Underbench Trolleys Triple
STT-400-100   Gratnells Wire Test Tube Holder
AQU-050-160   Gravel 2kg Bag
BIO-900-150   Green & Blue Fluorescent Proteins
STA-430-250   Green Ball Point Pens
BIO-900-200   Green Fluorescent Proteins
OCO-200-150   Green Nuffield Colour Filter
EWE-550-100   Green Plastic Direct Rain Gauge
SNS-150-200   Green Plasticine
CEN-020-120   Greiner Micro-Centrifuge
STM-120-100   Greiner Mini Vortex Mixer
PIT-130-100   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 10μl 1 X 96
PIT-130-110   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 10μl 10 X 96
PIT-130-120   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 10μl 10 X 96 Refill Pk
PIT-130-170   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 1250μl 1 X 96
PIT-130-180   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 1250μl 8 X 96
PIT-130-190   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 1250μl 8 X 96 Refill Pk
PIT-130-130   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 200μl 1 X 96
PIT-130-140   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 200μl 10 X 96
PIT-130-150   Greiner Sapphire Pipette Tips 200μl 10 X 96 Refill Pk
FMF-150-100   Guinea & Feather Apparatus
FMF-450-100   Gyroscope
ECL-700-200   Habitat Guides - Gardens
ECL-700-150   Habitat Guides - Grasslands
ECL-700-250   Habitat Guides - Hedgerows
ECL-700-300   Habitat Guides - Ponds
ECL-700-100   Habitat Guides - Woodlands
MIH-300-100   Haemacytometer Disposable
FSC-250-100   Hair Sample Set
RAD-275-100   Half Life Demonstration
LAM-550-100   Halogen Lamp
TOL-270-100   Hammer
HEC-280-100   Hand Generator Set
OSC-500-100   Hand Held Oscilloscope
THM-250-100   Hand Held Thermometer
MGF-100-100   Hand Lens - Basic
MGF-120-100   Hand Lens - Standard (Rubber)
MGF-140-100   Hand Lens - Superior
MGF-200-150   Hand Magnifier - Double x4 and x6
MGF-200-100   Hand Magnifier - x3.5
MGF-200-200   Hand Magnifier - x5.0

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