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CLE-370-100   Hand Sanitiser
HOT-300-100   Hand Sprayer, Hozelock Spraymist
PUM-100-100   Hand Vacuum Pump
TMH-350-100   Handheld Stopwatch (Bulk Buy Available!)
FMF-310-100   Hanging Balance Beam Set
CON-100-150   Hanna Dist 3 Conductivity Tester
LAB-500-100   Hazard Floor Tape Yellow/Black
HHE-420-150   Health & Hygiene Project Pack
S0001698-5G   Heamatoxylin C.I.75290 - 5g
HBC-350-100   Heart & Circulation Model
MOD-450-100   Heart Model - Basic
MOD-500-100   Heart Model - Standard
HBC-400-100   Heart Rate Monitor
HTC-450-100   Heat Absorption & Radiation Apparatus
HTM-370-150   Heating Mantle - 100ml
HTM-370-200   Heating Mantle - 250ml
HTM-370-250   Heating Mantle - 500ml
TTU-470-100   Heavy Duty Pyrex Test Tubes - 125 x 16mm
TTU-470-150   Heavy Duty Pyrex Test Tubes - 150 x 24mm
MEA-100-100   Height Measure 'Invicta'
ELM-275-100   Helmholtz Coils With Support
TTT-150-150   Helmholz Coils
TOL-420-100   Helping Hand Magnifier
S0001572-100ML   Heptan-1-ol - 100ml
S3201571-500ML   Heptane Fraction from Petroleum - 500ml
HEC-250-100   Hero's Engine
S3101577-100ML   Hex-1-ene - 100ml
S0001148-250G   Hexadecan-1-ol - 250g
MAS-300-150   Hexagonal Mass - 100g
MAS-300-300   Hexagonal Mass - 1kg
MAS-300-200   Hexagonal Mass - 200g
MAS-300-350   Hexagonal Mass - 2kg
MAS-300-250   Hexagonal Mass - 500g
MAS-300-100   Hexagonal Mass - 50g
S6101576-500ML   Hexan-1-ol - 500ml
S3101149-500ML   Hexane Fraction from petroleum - 500ml
THM-340-100   Hi Temperature Infrared Thermometer
CON-150-200   HI-70031P Calibration Solution
BAW-003-100   Hi-Temp Gratnells Water Bath
ELP-350-110   High Voltage Electricity Transmission Simulation
STA-250-100   Highlighter Pens
MST-200-100   Hip Joint Model - Standard
FUG-450-050   Hirsch Funnel - 50mm
FUG-450-075   Hirsch Funnel - 75mm
TOL-200-100   Hobby Knife
ELY-060-100   Hoffman Voltameter Holder
OPR-300-100   Hollow Glass Prism
MTR-200-100   Hooke's Law Apparatus
SPR-350-050   Hooke's Law Spring Set
HOT-350-200   Hormone Rooting Powder
MAG-400-100   Horseshoe Magnet 75mm
CHR-400-100   Hot Air Dryer
BIO-860-160   Human PCR Tool Box™
MST-050-100   Human Skeleton - Superior
MST-150-100   Human Skull Model
MST-350-100   Human Torso - Superior
MST-300-100   Human Unisex Torso - Standard
HPG-450-100   Hydraulic Press
S8001450-1L   Hydrochloric Acid - 36% - 1L
S8001450-250ML   Hydrochloric Acid - 36% - 250ml
S8001450-6L   Hydrochloric Acid - 36% - 6x1L
S8001461-1L   Hydrochloric Acid - 36% AR - 1L
S0001417-2.5L   Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M (0.1N) - 2.5L
S0001417-5L   Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M (0.1N) - 5L
S8001416-2.5L   Hydrochloric Acid 1.0M (1.0N) - 2.5L
S8001959-PK6   Hydrochloric Acid 1.0M (1.0N) - Pack of 6
S8001418-2.5L   HYDROCHLORIC ACID 2M -LQ 1789 - 2.5L
S8001699-1L   Hydrochloric Acid 4M (4N) - 1L
S0001958-PK6   Hydrochloric Acid CVS 0.1M - Pack of 10
SMP-250-100   Hydrogel
S0003050-500G   Hydrogel - 500g
S5101155-1L   Hydrogen Peroxide 100 vols - 1L
S5101866-500ML   Hydrogen Peroxide 100 vols - 500ml
S5101155-6L   Hydrogen Peroxide 100 vols - 6x1L
S0001154-2L   Hydrogen Peroxide 20 vols - 2L
S0001154-8L   Hydrogen Peroxide 20 vols - 4x2L
HYD-050-100   Hydrometer 0.7-2.0
S0001521-100G   Hydroxylammonium Chloride - 100g
HEC-300-100   Hyman Fire Piston Mk2
HEC-300-250   Hyman Fire Piston Mk2 - Lubricant
HEC-300-150   Hyman Fire Piston Mk2 - Spare Cylinder
HEC-300-200   Hyman Fire Piston Mk2 - Tinder
SRG-350-100   Hypodermic Needles - No.1
SRG-350-150   Hypodermic Needles - No.15
SRG-350-200   Hypodermic Needles - No.20
TRY-350-100   Ice Cube Tray
HTC-250-100   Ice Melting Kit
DRY-200-350   Ice Pour
OPL-270-100   Image Screen
HCA-200-100   Immersion Heater
MIC-900-900   Immersion Oil 5ml
EZY-270-110   Immobilised Enzyme Kit
BIO-650-200   In Search of My Father
FMF-200-100   Inclined Plane & Friction Board
INC-050-100   Incubator 18L
INC-050-150   Incubator 18L - Clear Door
INC-100-100   Incubator 30L
INC-100-150   Incubator 30L - Clear Door.
INC-150-100   Incubator 40L
INC-150-150   Incubator 40L - Clear Door
INC-200-100   Incubator 50L
INC-200-150   Incubator 50L - Clear Door
INC-250-100   Incubator 75L
INC-250-150   Incubator 75L - Clear Door
INC-300-100   Incubator/Steriliser 18L
INC-350-100   Incubator/Steriliser 30L
INC-400-100   Incubator/Steriliser 40L
INC-450-100   Incubator/Steriliser 50L
INC-500-100   Incubator/Steriliser 75L
S0001700-5G   Indigo Carmine C.I.73015 - 5g
S0001579-1G   Indol-3-ylacetic Acid - 1g
THM-100-100   Infrared Forehead Thermometer
THM-330-100   Infrared Pen Type Thermometer
HTC-320-100   Infrared Probe
THM-345-100   Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
THM-300-100   Infrared Thermometer
HTC-300-100   Ingenhauze's Conductivity Apparatus
CHR-100-300   Ink For Chromatography - Blue/Black
CHR-100-100   Ink For Chromatography - Brown
CHR-100-250   Ink For Chromatography - Green
CHR-100-150   Ink For Chromatography - Royal Blue
CHR-100-200   Ink For Chromatography - Scarlet
DIN-200-100   Inoculating Loops x10
ELT-100-150   Insulated Black Crocodile Clips
HCA-300-100   Insulated Calorimeter
HCA-300-150   Insulated Calorimeter Heating Coil
ELT-100-100   Insulated Red Crocodile Clips
ELT-200-150   Insulated Socket - Black
ELT-200-100   Insulated Socket - Red
WAS-050-250   Integral Wash Bottle - 250ml
WAS-050-500   Integral Wash Bottle - 500ml
MPS-400-100   Introductory Slide Set
EWE-500-100   Invicta Direct Rain Gauge
S6101158-100G   Iodine - 100g
S0002055-2.5L   Iodine 0.05M (0.1N) Solution - 2.5L
S0001159-2.5L   Iodine 1% Solution in KI - 2.5L
S0001159-500ML   Iodine 1% Solution in KI - 500ml
S6101582-25ML   Iodoethane - 25ml
POW-070-140   IPC E.H.T. Power Supply
POW-070-120   IPC High Tension Power Supply
POW-070-030   IPC LoVolt Power Supply
SNS-260-100   IPC Signal Generator & Amplifier
POW-070-020   IPC Student Power Supply
POW-070-100   IPC Varivolt Power Supply
S8001164-250G   Iron (II) Chloride 4-Water - 250g
S0003066-100G   Iron (II) Oxalate - 100g
S0001165-500G   Iron (II) Sulphate 7-Water - 500g
S0001166-500G   Iron (II) Sulphide Lump - 500g
S8001167-500G   Iron (III) Chloride 6-Water - 500g
S8001168-250G   Iron (III) Chloride Anhydrous - 250g
S5101169-250G   Iron (III) Nitrate 9-Water - 250g
S5101169-500G   Iron (III) Nitrate 9-Water - 500g
S0001170-500G   Iron (III) Oxide - red/brown - 500g
S0001171-500G   Iron (III) Sulphate Hydrated Tech - 500g
HTC-100-200   Iron Conductivity Rods
S0001162-500G   Iron Filings - Coarse - 500g
S0001161-3KG   Iron Filings - Fine - 3kg
S0001161-500G   Iron Filings - Fine - 500g
MFL-200-100   Iron Filings in Bubble
MFL-250-100   Iron Filings in Drum
MAS-250-150   Iron Mass - 100g
MAS-250-300   Iron Mass - 1kg
MAS-250-200   Iron Mass - 200g
MAS-250-350   Iron Mass - 2kg
MAS-250-250   Iron Mass - 500g
MAS-250-400   Iron Mass - 5kg
MAS-250-100   Iron Mass Hanger - 1kg
S0001163-50PK   Iron Nails
S0001782-500G   Iron Powder reduced by Hydrogen - 500g
EWE-150-100   Iron Test Strips
ELW-450-022   Iron Wire - 22 SWG
ELW-450-025   Iron Wire - 25 SWG
S3301415-500ML   Iso-Amyl Acetate - 500ml
S3301400-500ML   iso-Amyl Alcohol - 500ml
S3201647-500ML   Iso-Octane - 500ml
S3101879-250ML   Iso-Pentane - 250ml - ADR
CLE-550-100   J Cloths
PLB-100-100   J-Tube
S0002005-100ML   Janus Green Solution - 100ml
BPL-050-002   Jerry Can Style Bottle 2.5L
BPL-050-005   Jerry Can Style Bottle 5L
TPS-050-100   Johnson Indicator Books - Cobalt Chloride
TPS-050-150   Johnson Indicator Books - Comparator 3.6-5.1
TPS-050-200   Johnson Indicator Books - Comparator 5.2-6.7
TPS-050-250   Johnson Indicator Books - Comparator 6.8-8.3
TPS-050-300   Johnson Indicator Books - Comparator 8.4-10.0
TPS-050-700   Johnson Indicator Books - Full Range Indicator pH 1-14
TPS-050-350   Johnson Indicator Books - Lead Acetate
TPS-050-400   Johnson Indicator Books - Litmus Blue
TPS-050-450   Johnson Indicator Books - Litmus Neutral
TPS-050-500   Johnson Indicator Books - Litmus Red
TPS-050-550   Johnson Indicator Books - Phenolphthalein
TPS-050-600   Johnson Indicator Books - Starch/Iodide
TPS-050-650   Johnson Indicator Books - Universal Indicator pH 1-11
TPS-100-100   Johnson Indicator Reels - Full Range pH 1-14
TPS-100-150   Johnson Indicator Reels - Litmus Blue
TPS-100-200   Johnson Indicator Reels - Litmus Red
TPS-100-250   Johnson Indicator Reels - Universal pH 1-11
CLI-250-250   Joint Clip Blue
CLI-250-300   Joint Clip Green

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