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TPS-100-250   Johnson Indicator Reels - Universal pH 1-11
CLI-250-250   Joint Clip Blue
CLI-250-300   Joint Clip Green
CLI-250-100   Joint Clip Mint
CLI-250-350   Joint Clip Red
CLI-250-150   Joint Clip Violet
CLI-250-200   Joint Clip Yellow
KET-050-100   Jug Kettle
DES-200-150   Jumbo Artstraws 6mm
TOL-500-100   Junior Hacksaw
SEP-800-100   Junior Stealth Spectacles
SEP-800-200   Junior Wrap-Around Spectacles
S0001503-1KG   Kaolin Light - 1kg
FUP-100-100   Kartell H.D.P.E. Funnel - 100mm
FUP-100-080   Kartell H.D.P.E. Funnel - 80mm
BAK-350-100   Kern ADB 100-4 Balance
BAK-350-150   Kern ADB 200-4 Balance
BAK-150-300   Kern EMB 2000-2 Balance
BAK-200-100   Kern EMB 500-1S Balance
BAK-150-250   Kern EMB 600-2 Balance
BAK-200-500   Kern EMB Range Power Supply
BAK-150-100   Kern EMB-200-2 Balance
BAK-150-150   Kern EMB-200-3 Balance
BAK-150-200   Kern EMB-500-1 Balance
BAK-250-100   Kern EMS 300-3 Balance
BAK-250-150   Kern EMS 3000-2 Balance
BAK-250-200   Kern EMS 6000-1 Balance
MIC-760-100   Kern Eyepiece Camera 1.3MP
MIC-760-150   Kern Eyepiece Camera 3MP
MIC-760-200   Kern Eyepiece Camera 5MP
BAK-170-100   Kern FOB Balance - FOB500-1S
BAK-170-150   Kern FOB Balance - FOB5K-1S
MIC-210-300   Kern OBE-111 Microscope
MIC-900-893   Kern Objective - 100x/1.25
MIC-900-890   Kern Objective - 60X/0.85
MIC-210-100   Kern OBS-102 Microscope
MIC-210-110   Kern OBS-102 Microscope
MIC-210-150   Kern OBS-103 Microscope
MIC-210-200   Kern OBS-105 Microscope
MIC-210-250   Kern OBS-106 Binocular Microscope
MIC-210-275   Kern OSF-439 Stereo Microscope
BAK-400-150   Kern PFB 1200-2 Balance
BAK-400-100   Kern PFB 200-3 Balance
BAK-400-200   Kern PFB 3000-2 Balance
BAK-400-250   Kern PFB 6000-1 Balance
MIC-900-897   Kern Replacement LED Bulb
ELL-200-100   Kettle Lead
SMP-300-100   Kevlar Woven Fabric
SLA-200-100   Kick Stool
MOD-660-100   Kidney 3 Part Structure Model
MOD-550-100   Kidney Model - Basic
MOD-600-100   Kidney Model - Standard
BEG-270-001   Kimble Heavy Duty Beaker - 1000ml
BEG-270-150   Kimble Heavy Duty Beaker - 150ml
BEG-270-250   Kimble Heavy Duty Beaker - 250ml
BEG-270-400   Kimble Heavy Duty Beaker - 400ml
BEG-270-600   Kimble Heavy Duty Beaker - 600ml
FCO-120-100   Kimble Kimax Conical Flask 100ml
FCO-120-250   Kimble Kimax Conical Flask 250ml
FCO-120-500   Kimble Kimax Conical Flask 500ml
FCO-220-100   Kimble Kimax Conical Wide Mouth Flask 100ml
FCO-220-250   Kimble Kimax Conical Wide Mouth Flask 250ml
FCO-220-500   Kimble Kimax Conical Wide Mouth Flask 500ml
BEG-320-001   Kimble Kimax Tall Form Beaker - 1000ml
BEG-320-100   Kimble Kimax Tall Form Beaker - 100ml
BEG-320-250   Kimble Kimax Tall Form Beaker - 250ml
BEG-320-400   Kimble Kimax Tall Form Beaker - 400ml
BEG-320-600   Kimble Kimax Tall Form Beaker - 600ml
BEG-170-100   Kimble Squat Beaker - 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BEG-170-010   Kimble Squat Beaker - 10ml
BEG-170-150   Kimble Squat Beaker - 150ml
BEG-170-001   Kimble Squat Beaker - 1L
BEG-170-250   Kimble Squat Beaker - 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BEG-170-025   Kimble Squat Beaker - 25ml
BEG-170-002   Kimble Squat Beaker - 2L
BEG-170-400   Kimble Squat Beaker - 400ml
BEG-170-050   Kimble Squat Beaker - 50ml
BEG-170-005   Kimble Squat Beaker - 5L
BEG-170-600   Kimble Squat Beaker - 600ml
TTU-350-200   Kimble Test Tubes - 100 x 16mm
TTU-350-250   Kimble Test Tubes - 125 x 16mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
TTU-350-300   Kimble Test Tubes - 150 x 16mm
TTU-350-350   Kimble Test Tubes - 150 x 18mm
TTU-350-400   Kimble Test Tubes - 150 x 24mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
TTU-350-150   Kimble Test Tubes - 75 x 12mm
HPG-550-100   Kinetic Theory Model
S0003048-1G   Kinetin - 1g
MST-200-150   Knee Joint Model - Standard
MPS-500-100   KS3 & KS4 Slide Set
SWA-100-100   Kundt's Resonance Tube - Basic
SWA-150-100   Kundt's Resonance Tube - Standard
S0001120-500G   L-(+)-Tartaric Acid - 500g
S0001659-5G   L-Alanine - 5g
S0001673-5G   L-Arginine - 5g
S0001036-100G   L-Ascorbic Acid - 100g
S0001940-25G   L-Aspartic Acid - 25g
S0001956-100G   L-Glutamic Acid - 100g
S0001781-25G   L-Leucine - 25g
S0001963-25G   L-Lysine Monohydrochloride - 25g
S0001715-5G   L-Proline - 5g
S0001719-5G   L-Serine - 5g
MRB-250-200   L-Shaped Sterile Spreaders - Individually Wrapped
S0001739-25G   L-Tyrosine - 25g
S0001740-5G   L-Valine - 5g
BDR-170-100   Lab.Dropping Bottle Spares 100ml
BDR-170-050   Lab.Dropping Bottle Spares 50ml
LAB-800-100   Label Remover
LAB-050-150   Labels 19x19mm
LAB-050-260   Labels 37x24mm
LAB-050-300   Labels 40x19mm
LAB-050-360   Labels 50x25mm
LAB-050-400   Labels 89x36mm
PRM-100-100   LabExpert Prep Room Management Software
PRM-100-150   LabExpert Prep Room Management Starter Pack
BRE-250-100   Laboratory (Reagent) Bottle 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BRE-250-001   Laboratory (Reagent) Bottle 1L (Bulk Buy Available!)
BRE-250-250   Laboratory (Reagent) Bottle 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BRE-250-500   Laboratory (Reagent) Bottle 500ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BRE-250-010   Laboratory (Reagent) Bottle Spare Cap
BRE-250-020   Laboratory (Reagent) Bottle Spare Outlet Rings
BRE-275-100   Laboratory Bottle Silicone Tags
BDR-150-100   Laboratory Dropping Bottle Amber 100ml
BDR-150-050   Laboratory Dropping Bottle Amber 50ml
BDR-100-100   Laboratory Dropping Bottle Clear 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BDR-100-050   Laboratory Dropping Bottle Clear 50ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
EZY-050-300   Lactase, B Galactosidase
MRB-150-400   Lactobacillus Bulgaricus
MRB-150-450   Lactobacillus Casei
S0001585-500G   Lactose - 500g
SPC-200-100   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 100cm
SPC-200-108   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 108cm
SPC-200-112   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 112cm
SPC-200-116   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 116cm
SPC-200-124   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 124cm
SPC-200-128   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 128cm
SPC-200-088   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 88cm
SPC-200-092   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 92cm
SPC-200-096   Ladies' Laboratory Coat - 96cm
STA-820-100   Laminating Pouches
STA-300-100   Large Black Marker Pen
BUK-050-100   Large Bucket
SPI-150-150   Large Disposable Spill Trays
STA-300-200   Large Red Marker Pen
SPI-150-250   Large Reusable Spill Trays
ELP-105-100   Lascells 'Super C' Capacitor
ORA-410-120   Lascells 3 LED Object
HEC-525-110   Lascells A.C. Generator
ELP-265-100   Lascells AC Waveform Demo
SWA-175-150   Lascells Acoustic Probe for Resonance Tube
ECO-415-110   Lascells ADC/DAC System
MPR-365-100   Lascells Adjustable Magnet
ELM-575-100   Lascells Aluminium Foil Support Bar
SNS-315-100   Lascells Audio Signal Generator
SNS-315-250   Lascells Audio Signal Generator PSU
ELM-595-100   Lascells B.I.L. COIL
FMF-535-100   Lascells Bartons Pendulums
HPG-245-110   Lascells Boyles Law Digital Apparatus
ELP-315-100   Lascells Bridge Rectifier System
ELP-085-110   Lascells Capacitance Selector
ELP-095-120   Lascells Capacitor Investigation
FMF-545-110   Lascells Centre of Gravity Shapes
RAD-595-100   Lascells Cloud Chamber
OCO-060-100   Lascells Colour Filter pack
OCO-370-110   Lascells Colour Mixer
OCO-510-110   Lascells Colour Wheel
FMF-235-120   Lascells Compact Ramp Kit
FMF-235-140   Lascells Compact Ramp Kit Spare Surfaces
ELR-225-100   Lascells Decade Resistance Box
HEC-535-110   Lascells Demonstration Electric Motor
EMD-085-100   Lascells Digital Ammeter
EMD-085-500   Lascells Digital Ammeter - Pack of 10
HPG-255-100   Lascells Digital Joly Bulb
SNS-325-100   Lascells Digital Signal Generator
EMD-085-150   Lascells Digital Voltmeter
EMD-085-550   Lascells Digital Voltmeter - Pack of 10
SWA-045-200   Lascells Doppler Ball
FMF-335-100   Lascells Double Compound Pendulum
OLE-175-120   Lascells Dual Colour Laser
HEC-085-100   Lascells Dynamo
ELM-150-200   Lascells Earth Neutral & Live Demo
HEC-225-100   Lascells Electro Mechanical System
ELY-355-100   Lascells Electrode Holder
ELM-265-100   Lascells Electromagnetic System
ECT-115-100   Lascells Electrostatics Plate
ELM-515-100   Lascells Faraday's Law Apparatus
OPL-255-150   Lascells Fibre Optic Probe
OPL-265-100   Lascells Fibre Optics
OPL-265-120   Lascells Fibre Optics Polymer 20mtrs
FMF-405-100   Lascells Flexi Ramp
ELM-565-100   Lascells Force on a Conductor Apparatus
FMF-415-100   Lascells Free Fall Tube
FMF-425-100   Lascells Friction Investigation
FMF-435-100   Lascells g by Free Fall
MFL-135-100   Lascells Gauss Gun
FMF-445-100   Lascells Gravity Well
MFL-555-100   Lascells Hall Effect Probe
MTR-275-100   Lascells Hardness Tester
MTR-275-120   Lascells Hardness Tester Materials
FMF-455-100   Lascells Hardwood Dynamics Trolleys Unsprung

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