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CUP-050-030   Lids for Polystyrene Cups
CON-050-100   Liebig Condenser 250mm
CON-050-150   Liebig Condenser 500mm
EST-100-100   Light & Moisture Meter
ECO-150-100   Light Dependent Resistor Pack
TMH-650-100   Light Gate
TMH-660-100   Light Gate Timer
TMH-660-150   Light Gate Timer USB Lead
LIG-100-100   Light Meter - Lux
S0001072-2.5L   Lime Water - 2.5L
S3303032-25ML   Limonene (R)-(+)- - 25ml
S3303033-25ML   Limonene (S)-(-)- - 25ml
S3301820-250ML   Limonene - 250ml
FMD-180-100   Linear Air Track Kit
ECO-200-150   Linear Potentiometer 10K
ECO-200-100   Linear Potentiometer 1K
STA-800-100   Lined Paper A4 Ream
EZY-245-110   Lipase Project Pack
EZY-050-325   Lipase, Powder
HPL-250-100   Liquid Level Apparatus.
BAT-120-200   Lithium Batteries AA - Pack of 4
BAT-120-300   Lithium Batteries AAA - Pack of 5
BAT-120-400   Lithium Battery PP3
S0001187-100G   Lithium Carbonate - 100g
S0001188-100G   Lithium Chloride Anhydrous - 100g
BAT-300-100   Lithium Coin Cells - CR2016
BAT-300-150   Lithium Coin Cells - CR2025
BAT-300-200   Lithium Coin Cells - CR2032
BAT-300-120   Lithium Coin Cells Multi Pack - CR2016
BAT-300-170   Lithium Coin Cells Multi Pack - CR2025
BAT-300-220   Lithium Coin Cells Multi Pack - CR2032
S8001876-100G   Lithium Hydroxide - 100g
S4301186-25G   Lithium Metal in Liquid Paraffin - 25g - ADR
S5101877-100G   Lithium Nitrate Anhydrous - 100g
S0001189-25G   Litmus - Granulated - 25g
S0001190-500ML   Litmus 1% Solution (pH Indicator) - 500ml
ELK-650-950   Locktronics 250 Ohm Potentiometer
ELK-550-100   Locktronics Ammeter 1A - Large Carrier
ELK-600-100   Locktronics Automotive Lamp Holder - Small Carrier
ELK-350-250   Locktronics Battery Contact
ELK-400-150   Locktronics Blank Carrier - Small Carrier - Pack of 20
ELK-400-200   Locktronics Blank Diode - Small Carrier
ELK-550-600   Locktronics Bridge Rectifier Diode
ELK-500-100   Locktronics Buzzer 6V - Small Carrier
ELK-450-150   Locktronics Capacitor 10μF - Small Carrier
ELK-450-100   Locktronics Capacitor 100μF - Small Carrier
ELK-450-200   Locktronics Capacitor 1000μf - Small Carrier
ELK-450-220   Locktronics Capacitor 2200μf - Large Carrier
ELK-450-050   Locktronics Capacitor 2Uf - Small Carrier
ELK-450-300   Locktronics Capacitor 4700μf - Large Carrier
ELK-800-100   Locktronics Change Over Switch (Strip) - Large Carrier
ELK-800-150   Locktronics Change Over Switch (Toggle) - Large Carrier
ELK-350-100   Locktronics Connecting Link
ELK-700-100   Locktronics Diode 0A91 - Small Carrier
ELK-700-150   Locktronics Diode IN4001 - Small Carrier
ELK-250-100   Locktronics Electrical & Electronics Principles Kit
ELK-300-100   Locktronics Electricity Magnetism & Materials Kit
ELK-500-200   Locktronics Fleming's Motor Rule Apparatus
ELK-550-320   Locktronics Hand Cranked Generator
ELK-350-150   Locktronics LK 3000 Baseboard
ELK-350-200   Locktronics LK 8900 Baseboard
ELK-600-150   Locktronics MES Lamp Holder - Small Carrier
ELK-500-150   Locktronics Motor 3/6V - Large Carrier
ELK-800-250   Locktronics On/Off Switch (Toggle) - Large Carrier
ELK-750-250   Locktronics Phototransistor
ELK-350-350   Locktronics Pillar & Screw
ELK-700-350   Locktronics Power Diode
ELK-550-350   Locktronics Power Supply
ELK-550-400   Locktronics Power Supply Carrier
ELK-600-200   Locktronics Red LED - Small Carrier
ELK-650-250   Locktronics Resistor 10Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-650-150   Locktronics Resistor 100Ω (1W) - Small Carrier
ELK-650-050   Locktronics Resistor 100KΩ - Small Carrier
ELK-650-200   Locktronics Resistor 10KΩ - Small Carrier
ELK-650-800   Locktronics Resistor 12Ω (1W) 5% - Small Carrier
ELK-650-350   Locktronics Resistor 180Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-650-400   Locktronics Resistor 1KΩ - Small Carrier
ELK-650-450   Locktronics Resistor 220Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-650-420   Locktronics Resistor 22KΩ - Small Carrier
ELK-650-550   Locktronics Resistor 3.9Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-650-620   Locktronics Resistor 330KΩ - Small Carrier
ELK-650-650   Locktronics Resistor 50Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-650-670   Locktronics Resistor 500Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-650-700   Locktronics Resistor 68Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-750-150   Locktronics Thermistor 4.7KΩ - Small Carrier
ELK-750-200   Locktronics Thermistor 470Ω - Small Carrier
ELK-650-870   Locktronics Variable Resistor 100K Ω - Large Carrier
ELK-650-850   Locktronics Variable Resistor 10KΩ - Large Carrier
ELK-550-150   Locktronics Voltmeter 15V - Large Carrier
ELK-700-300   Locktronics Zener Diode 4.7V - Small Carrier
MFL-300-100   Lodestone
DAT-350-030   LogIT 1 Volt Sensor Adaptor
DAT-350-025   LogIT 100mV Signal Adaptor
DAT-400-200   LogIT Adjustable pH Sensor and Probe
DAT-350-075   LogIT Air Pressure Sensor
DAT-350-100   LogIT Balance Adaptor
DAT-350-125   LogIT Barometric Air Pressure Sensor
DAT-100-150   LogIT Black Box 5 Set
DAT-100-100   LogIT Black Box Starter Set
DAT-350-150   LogIT Carbon Dioxide Sensor
DAT-350-175   LogIT Colorimeter Sensor
DAT-350-200   LogIT Conductivity Sensor
DAT-350-225   LogIT Current Sensor
DAT-350-240   LogIT Designer Sensor Set
EMD-060-100   LogIT Digital Ammeter
EMD-060-110   LogIT Digital Ammeter 10pk
EMD-060-150   LogIT Digital Voltmeter
EMD-060-160   LogIT Digital Voltmeter 10pk
DAT-350-250   LogIT Electrosmog Sensor
DAT-350-275   LogIT Force Sensor
DAT-350-285   LogIT Heart Rate Sensor
DAT-400-425   LogIT Hitemp Temperature Sensor
DAT-350-300   LogIT Humidity Sensor
DAT-350-325   LogIT Infrared Sensor
DAT-350-525   LogIT Light Gates Pair
DAT-350-500   LogIT Light Gates Single
DAT-350-350   LogIT Light Level Sensor
DAT-350-400   LogIT Light Lux Sensor
DAT-350-375   LogIT Light Smarteye Sensor
DAT-350-425   LogIT Light Spx Lux Sensor
DAT-350-050   LogIT Linear Accelerometer Sensor
DAT-400-025   LogIT Magnetic Field Sensor
DAT-400-050   LogIT Motion Sensor
DAT-320-100   LogIT Observer
DAT-320-200   LogIT Observer - Pack of 10
DAT-320-150   LogIT Observer - Pack of 5
DAT-320-500   LogIT Observer to USB Lead
DAT-400-075   LogIT Oxygen Sensor And Probe
DAT-400-125   LogIT pH Sensor
DAT-400-150   LogIT pH Sensor and Probe
DAT-400-225   LogIT Pressure Mat Set
DAT-400-450   LogIT Protemp Temperature Sensor
DAT-400-250   LogIT Pulse Sensor
DAT-400-275   LogIT Push Switch
DAT-400-300   LogIT Radioactivity Sensor
DAT-350-475   LogIT Reflective Light Switch Sensor
DAT-400-325   LogIT Rotation Sensor
DAT-400-550   LogIT Sensor Extension Lead 1M
DAT-400-575   LogIT Sensor Extension Lead 3M
DAT-400-375   LogIT Sound Level Sensor
DAT-400-400   LogIT Sound Wave Sensor
DAT-400-100   LogIT Spare Oxygen Probe Membranes
DAT-400-500   LogIT Ultraviolet Sensor
DAT-400-525   LogIT Voltage Sensor
DES-450-100   Lolly Sticks - Coloured
DES-450-150   Lolly Sticks - Natural
TOL-240-100   Long Nose Pliers
SWA-920-100   Longitudinal Wave Demonstration
ECO-080-100   Loudspeaker Miniature 8 Ωs 0.5W 50Mm Dia.
S0002007-100ML   Lugol's Iodine Solution - 100ml
S0001491-1G   Luminol - 1g
HRE-070-100   Lung Demonstration
HRE-050-100   Lung Volume Kit
HRE-050-150   Lung Volume Kit - Spare Bags
HRE-050-200   Lung Volume Kit - Spare Plastic Mouthpieces
S4101191-50G   Lycopodium Powder - 50g
CUL-050-325   M.R.S. Agar
BIO-050-150   M12 Electrophoresis Tank
BIO-050-100   M36 Electrophoresis Tank
CUL-050-200   Macconkeys Agar
OCO-150-350   Magenta Colour Filter Sheet
OCO-200-300   Magenta Nuffield Colour Filter
SMP-350-100   Magic Snow
MFL-350-100   Magnaprobe Mk.II
S0001195-500G   Magnesium Carbonate Basic - Heavy - 500g
S0001704-250G   Magnesium Carbonate Basic - Light - 250g
S0001196-500G   Magnesium Chloride 6-Water - 500g
S0001197-250G   Magnesium Hydroxide - 250g
S4301192-100G   Magnesium Metal Powder - 100g - ADR
S4301192-500G   Magnesium Metal Powder - 500g - ADR
S5101198-500G   Magnesium Nitrate 6-Water - 500g
S0001201-250G   Magnesium Oxide Heavy - 250g
S0001200-250G   Magnesium Oxide Light - 250g
S4101193-25G   Magnesium Ribbon - High Purity - 25g
S4102079-25G   Magnesium Ribbon - Standard Grade - 25g
S0001202-500G   Magnesium Sulphate - Dried - 500g
S0001203-1KG   Magnesium Sulphate 7-Water - 1kg
S0003069-500G   Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous - 500g
S4101194-100G   Magnesium Turnings - 100g
S4101194-250G   Magnesium Turnings - 250g
MFL-400-100   Magnetic Field Pattern
MFL-450-100   Magnetic Field Tube
MPR-220-100   Magnetic Pole Marbles 20 Pack
MOL-800-100   Magnetic Sodium Chloride Molecule Kit
STI-150-100   Magnetic Stirrer AS-01
MOL-850-100   Magnetic Water Molecule Kit
ELM-250-100   Magnetising & Demagnetising Coil
BAO-050-300   Mains Adapter 220/240V
BAB-100-200   Mains Adaptor for MFKS Basic Balances
ELW-150-200   Mains Cable - 10A
ELW-150-250   Mains Cable - 13A
ELW-150-100   Mains Cable - 3A
ELW-150-150   Mains Cable - 6A
ELF-150-250   Mains Fuse 13A
ELF-150-100   Mains Fuse 2A
ELF-150-150   Mains Fuse 3A
ELF-150-200   Mains Fuse 5A
LAM-200-100   Mains Powered UV Lamp
TOL-360-100   Mains Tester Screwdriver
BLO-100-250   Maize Seeds

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