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MAG-550-100   Major Magnet
S0001204-5G   Malachite Green C.I.42000 - 5g
S8001587-100G   Maleic Acid - 100g
S0001705-25G   Malonic Acid - 25g
CUL-050-225   Malt Extract 100g
CUL-050-250   Malt Extract 500g
CUL-050-275   Malt Extract Broth
S0001206-100G   Maltose - 100g
BLO-550-250   Mammal Eyes
S0001764-250G   Manganese (II) Carbonate - 250g
S0001507-250G   Manganese (II) Chloride 4-Water - 250g
S0001207-500G   Manganese (II) Sulphate 1-Water - 500g
S0002534-500G   Manganese (IV) Oxide - Granular - 500g
S5101482-500G   Manganese (IV) Oxide - Tech - 500g
S5101208-250G   Manganese (IV) Oxide for O2 Preparation - 250g
S0001209-100G   Mannitol - 100g
HPG-650-100   Manometer Mounted
S0001211-3KG   Marble Chips 2-4mm - 3kg
S0001685-3KG   Marble Chips 9-12mm - 3kg
SPR-100-150   Marbles
STA-350-100   Marker Pen - Fine
TAP-250-100   Masking Tape - 19mm
TAP-250-150   Masking Tape - 25mm
MTR-250-100   Materials Sample Kit
MTR-300-100   Materials Solid Kit
THM-550-100   Max / Min Thermometer - Auto
THM-600-100   Max / Min Thermometer - Manual
BSP-100-014   McCartney Specimen Bottle
MEA-150-001   Measuring Jug - 1L
MEA-150-250   Measuring Jug - 250ml
MEA-150-002   Measuring Jug - 2L
MEA-150-500   Measuring Jug - 500ml
MEA-150-005   Measuring Jug - 5L
SPS-220-100   Measuring Spoons - 5ml
MEA-230-100   Measuring Tape
GAS-300-100   Mechanical Gas Lighter
GAS-300-150   Mechanical Gas Lighter - Spare Flints
TMB-250-100   Mechanical Stopclock
MIH-250-100   Medical Swabs
S0001339-450G   Medium Steel Wool - 450g
HOT-750-100   Medline Hotplate
STI-750-100   Medline Hotplate/Stirrer
STI-760-100   Medline Magnetic Stirrer
STI-700-100   Medline Mini Vortex Mixer
BIO-870-034   Melt & Pour UltraSpec-Agarose® x 5
MEL-050-150   Melting Point Thermometer
MEL-150-150   Melting Point Tubes - 100mm
MEL-150-100   Melting Point Tubes - 75mm
MEL-160-150   Melting Point Tubes Sealed One End
SMS-050-100   Memory Wire
SPC-150-100   Men's Laboratory Coat - 100cm
SPC-150-108   Men's Laboratory Coat - 108cm
SPC-150-112   Men's Laboratory Coat - 112cm
SPC-150-116   Men's Laboratory Coat - 116cm
SPC-150-124   Men's Laboratory Coat - 124cm
SPC-150-128   Men's Laboratory Coat - 128cm
SPC-150-132   Men's Laboratory Coat - 132cm
SPC-150-136   Men's Laboratory Coat - 136cm
SPC-150-092   Men's Laboratory Coat - 92cm
SPC-150-096   Men's Laboratory Coat - 96cm
S0001921-25G   Menthol - 25g
WAT-300-100   Merit Water Still
WAT-300-150   Merit Water Still Boiler
WAT-300-200   Merit Water Still Heater
ELB-520-100   MES Bulb Holder (Parallel)
ELB-520-150   MES Bulb Holder (Series)
ELB-050-100   MES Bulbs 1.25V
ELB-050-150   MES Bulbs 1.5V
ELB-050-400   MES Bulbs 12V
ELB-050-200   MES Bulbs 2.5V
ELB-050-250   MES Bulbs 3.5V
ELB-050-300   MES Bulbs 6.0V
ELB-050-350   MES Bulbs 6.5V
ELB-400-250   MES Plastic Surface Mount
MTR-350-100   Metal Cube Set - 10mm
MTR-350-150   Metal Cube Set - 20mm
MTR-400-150   Metal Discs Blank Set
HPL-150-100   Metal Displacement Vessel
CLI-150-100   Metal Hoffman Clip 20mm
CLI-150-150   Metal Hoffman Clip 25mm
CLI-150-200   Metal Hoffman Clip 30mm
MTR-450-100   Metal Piece Set
S3201214-1L   Methanol - 1L
S0001923-50G   Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate - 50g
S3201592-500ML   Methyl Acetate - 500ml
S6101216-100ML   Methyl Benzoate - 100ml
S6101216-500ML   Methyl Benzoate - 500ml
S0001217-25G   Methyl Blue C.I.42780 - 25g
S3201594-500ML   Methyl Methacrylate Monomer - 500ml
S0001223-5G   Methyl Orange - Xylene Cyanol - 5g
S3201224-500ML   Methyl Orange - Xylene Cyanol 0.36% Soln - 500ml
S3301222-500ML   Methyl Orange 0.04% Solution - 500ml
S0001221-25G   Methyl Orange C.I.13025 - 25g
S3201224-100ML   Methyl Orange-Xylene Cyanol - 100ml
S0001228-500ML   Methyl Red 0.01% Aqueous Solution - 500ml
S0001227-5G   Methyl Red C.I.13020 - 5g
S3201385-1L   Methylated Spirit - Industrial - 1L
S3201385-6L   Methylated Spirit - Industrial - 6x1L
S3201488-1L   Methylated Spirit - Mineralised - 1L
S0001220-500ML   Methylene Blue 1% Aqueous Solution - 500ml
S0001219-25G   Methylene Blue C.I.52015 - 25g
BAB-150-150   MFGL-3000 Basic Balance
BAB-150-100   MFGL-600 Basic Balance
BAB-100-100   MFKS-600 Basic Balance
BAB-100-150   MFKS-6000 Basic Balance
BRN-150-100   Micro Bunsen Burner N.G.
CHR-070-100   Micro Capillary Tubes - Pack of 100
SPS-070-100   Micro Chattaway Spatula - Superior 100mm
SPS-070-150   Micro Chattaway Spatula - Superior 150mm
SPS-070-200   Micro Chattaway Spatula - Superior 200mm
PLB-040-100   Micro Respirometer
CEN-350-100   Micro Test Tube Racks
BUN-160-100   Micro Universal Tube 2ml
CEN-050-050   Micro-Centrifuge Tubes 0.5ml
CEN-050-150   Micro-Centrifuge Tubes 1.5ml
PLB-150-100   Microburette
CEN-210-250   Microcentrifuge Tube Stand (32 x 1.5ml)
MRB-150-500   Micrococcus Luteus
MIC-855-100   Microdot Kit
SEP-770-100   Microfibre Goggles Pouch - Pack of 10
SEP-770-150   Microfibre Spectacles Pouch - Pack of 10
AUT-120-100   Microjet Microwave Autoclave
TOL-190-100   Micrometer Digital
MIC-900-590   Micrometer Eyepiece - Euromex BioBlue Series
MIC-900-580   Micrometer Eyepiece - Euromex EcoBlue Series
MIC-900-570   Micrometer Eyepiece - Euromex MicroBlue Series
MIC-900-515   Micrometer Eyepiece - Motic B1-Elite Series
MIC-900-540   Micrometer Eyepiece - Motic BA50
MIC-900-640   Micrometer Eyepiece - Optika B-150 and B-190 Series
MIC-900-680   Micrometer Eyepiece - Zenith Ultra 400
MIC-900-530   Micrometer Eyepiece Motic 18/28 Series
MIC-900-510   Micrometer Eyepiece Motic B1 Series
MIC-900-500   Micrometer Eyepiece Motic F11 and SFC100 Series
MIC-900-520   Micrometer Eyepiece Motic Swift Series
TOL-180-100   Micrometer Screw Gauge
SWA-220-100   Microphone
MSL-400-100   Microscope Cavity Slides
CLE-700-010   Microscope Cleaning Kit
MSL-450-150   Microscope Slide Box - 50 Slide
MSL-500-100   Microscope Slide Folder
MIB-160-160   Microslide Set - Animal Mitosis
MIB-160-290   Microslide Set - Cells of Plants
MIB-160-120   Microslide Set - Cells Of Plants & Animals
MIB-160-200   Microslide Set - Cells Of Your Body
MIB-160-230   Microslide Set - Chromosomes & Genes In Action
MIB-160-270   Microslide Set - Flower Of A Flowering Plant
MIB-160-180   Microslide Set - Harmful Bacteria
MIB-160-170   Microslide Set - Helpful Bacteria
MIB-160-220   Microslide Set - Human Blood
MIB-160-150   Microslide Set - Meiosis
MIB-160-280   Microslide Set - Monocots & Dicots
MIB-160-260   Microslide Set - Photosynthesis
MIB-160-300   Microslide Set - Plant Mitosis
MIB-160-210   Microslide Set - Reproduction (Human)
MIB-160-130   Microslide Set - The Cell Structure
MIB-160-240   Microslide Set - The Circulatory System
MIB-160-250   Microslide Set - The Endocrine System
MIB-160-190   Microslide Set - The Virus
MIB-160-140   Microslide Set - Ultra Structure Of Animal Cells
MIB-110-100   Microslide Viewer
MIB-110-110   Microslide Viewer - Class Set
MIB-150-145   Microslides® Ultra Structure Of Animal Cells
OPL-870-150   Microwave Accessory Set
RAD-400-100   Microwave Detector
KTN-350-100   Microwave Oven
MTR-500-200   Mild Steel Strip
TON-050-100   Mild Steel Tongs - Bowed 150mm
TON-050-150   Mild Steel Tongs - Bowed 200mm
TON-050-200   Mild Steel Tongs - Straight 150mm
TON-050-250   Mild Steel Tongs - Straight 200mm
ELW-460-026   Mild Steel Wire - 250G
CUL-050-300   Milk Agar
TMH-670-150   Millisecond Timer
CLE-380-100   Milton Fluid
CLE-380-150   Milton Tablets
S0001757-500G   Mineral Wool - 500g
ESC-250-100   Mineralogy & Petrology Set
EWE-355-100   Mini Anemometer
TMB-300-100   Mini Bench Stopclock
EMI-070-100   Mini Dipping Nets
MOD-150-100   Mini DNA 12 Layer Model Kit
MOD-150-150   Mini DNA 22 Layer Model Kit
TOL-110-100   Mini G-Clamp Set
HPG-580-100   Mini Magdeburg Hemispheres
EST-150-100   Mini Moisture Tester
EST-200-100   Mini pH Tester
BSP-350-100   Mini Polypropylene Pots - Pack of 12
RAD-300-200   Mini Spark Counter
EWE-730-100   Mini Wind Turbine
ECO-130-100   Miniature Light Dependent Resistor
TOL-410-150   Miniature Soldering Iron
MOL-700-150   Minit ProView C60 & C70 Fullerenes Kit
MPS-050-100   Mitosis & Meiosis Slide Set
BLO-050-120   Mixed Algae - Live
BLO-500-150   Mixed Protozoa - Live
CHR-150-250   Mixture of three Amino Acids
BAB-350-150   MKL-2000 Precision Balance
BAB-350-100   MKL-620 Precision Balance
EMI-100-150   Modualr Net Frame 450mm
BUR-250-100   Modular Burette - Standard

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