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BUR-250-200   Modular Burette - Standard - Spare Jets
BUR-250-250   Modular Burette - Standard - Spare Stopcock & Jet
BUR-250-150   Modular Burette - Standard - Spare Tube
BUR-200-100   Modular Burette - Superior
BUR-200-200   Modular Burette - Superior - Spare Jets
BUR-200-250   Modular Burette - Superior - Spare Tube
EMI-100-100   Modular Net Handle 1.2m
EMI-110-100   Modular Net System - Frame & Handle
EMI-110-200   Modular Net System - Sweep Net
EMI-110-150   Modular Net System - Water Net
EMI-100-200   Modular Pond Net 200mm
EMI-100-250   Modular Sweep Net 400mm
CLI-200-150   Mohr Clip
TPS-200-100   Moisture Indicator Paper
MTR-540-100   Mole Set
MOL-520-500   Molymod Metal Spare
MOL-300-100   Molymod® Biochemistry Student Set
MOL-350-100   Molymod® Biochemistry Teacher Set
MOL-270-100   Molymod® Biological Sciences Student Set
MOL-050-150   Molymod® Buckminster Carbon 60 Model
MOL-520-050   Molymod® Carbon
MOL-050-100   Molymod® Copper, Iron & Zinc Models
MOL-050-200   Molymod® Diamond Model
MOL-100-100   Molymod® DNA 2 Layer Model
MOL-100-200   Molymod® Fat Model
MOL-520-800   Molymod® Flat BeigeżLone Pair Paddles
MOL-520-810   Molymod® Flat Orbital Lobe Paddles
MOL-100-150   Molymod® Glucose Model
MOL-050-250   Molymod® Graphite Model
MOL-520-080   Molymod® Halogen
MOL-520-100   Molymod® Hydrogen
MOL-050-300   Molymod® Ice Model
MOL-150-100   Molymod® Introductory Organics Set
MOL-370-100   Molymod® Key Stage 3 Chemistry Set
MOL-520-400   Molymod® Long Flexible Link
MOL-520-410   Molymod® Long Purple Flexible Link
MOL-520-350   Molymod® Medium Grey Link
MOL-520-360   Molymod® Medium Purple Link
MOL-520-150   Molymod® Nitrogen
MOL-100-250   Molymod® Nylon-66 Model
MOL-450-100   Molymod® Organic Set - Teacher
MOL-400-100   Molymod® Organic Student Set
MOL-200-100   Molymod® Organic/Inorganic Set - Student
MOL-250-100   Molymod® Organic/Inorganic Set - Teacher
MOL-520-200   Molymod® Oxygen
MOL-520-250   Molymod® Phosphorous
MOL-100-300   Molymod® Polypropylene Model
MOL-100-350   Molymod® Polystyrene Model
MOL-100-400   Molymod® PVC Model
MOL-050-350   Molymod® Quartz Model
MOL-500-100   Molymod® Shapes Of Molecules Set
MOL-520-450   Molymod® Short Link Removal Tool
MOL-520-320   Molymod® Short White Link
MOL-050-400   Molymod® Sodium Chloride Model
MOL-100-450   Molymod® Starch/Cellulose Model
MOL-100-500   Molymod® Sucrose Model
MOL-520-300   Molymod® Sulphur
FMF-325-100   Moments Kits
MOR-100-150   Mortar & Pestle - 100mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
MOR-100-200   Mortar & Pestle - 130mm
MOR-100-250   Mortar & Pestle - 160mm
MOR-100-100   Mortar & Pestle - 80mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
MOR-050-100   Mortar & Wooden Pestle
MIC-280-050   Motic 1801 Microscope
MIC-280-100   Motic 1802 Microscope
MIC-280-150   Motic 1802 Semi Plan Microscope
MIC-280-200   Motic 1820 Binocular Microscope
MIC-280-230   Motic 2801 Microscope
MIC-280-250   Motic 2802 Microscope
MIC-280-300   Motic 2802 Semi Plan Microscope
MIC-340-100   Motic B1-211E-SP Microscope
MIC-340-200   Motic B1-220E-SP Binocular Microscope
MIC-340-300   Motic B1-223E-SP Trinocular Microscope
MIC-140-100   Motic BA50 Microscope
MIC-140-110   Motic BA50 Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-140-150   Motic BA50X Cordless Digital Microscope
MIC-220-200   Motic DM111 Digital Microscope
MIC-280-450   Motic DM1802 Digital Microscope
MIC-800-400   Motic Dust Cover - Size A
MIC-800-410   Motic Dust Cover - Size B
MIC-800-420   Motic Dust Cover - Size C
MIC-220-100   Motic F11-10 Microscope
MIC-220-150   Motic F11-15 Microscope
MIC-900-130   Motic Halogen Bulb for B1 Series and DM1802
MIC-900-210   Motic LED Assembly bottom light for Swift Stereo
MIC-900-200   Motic LED Assembly top light for Swift Stereo
MIC-900-180   Motic LED incident light assembly for ST30 Series
MIC-900-190   Motic LED transmitted light assembly for ST30 Series
MIC-900-825   Motic Objective - 60X/0.85/S for F11 Series
MIC-900-835   Motic Objective - EA 60X/0.85/S for 18/28 Series
MIC-900-830   Motic objective 100X/1.25/S - Oil for F11 Series
MIC-900-840   Motic Objective EA 100X/1.25/S - Oil for 18/28 Series
MIC-900-110   Motic Optional Mechanical Stage
MIC-920-100   Motic Power Supply for B1 Elite Series
MIC-920-150   Motic Power Supply for LED microscopes
MIC-460-100   Motic S-10-P Stereo Microscope
MIC-460-200   Motic S-20-LO Stereo Microscope
MIC-900-865   Motic Semi Plan Objective - 100x/1.25/S for B1-Elite Series
MIC-900-850   Motic Semi Plan Objective 100X/1.25/S - Oil for 18/28 Series
MIC-120-150   Motic SFC-100F LED Microscope
MIC-120-160   Motic SFC-100F LED Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-120-100   Motic SFC-100FL Microscope
MIC-120-110   Motic SFC-100FL Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-370-100   Motic ST-30C-6LED Stereo Microscope
MIC-090-200   Motic Student SFC-3 Series Mirror
MIC-090-250   Motic Student SFC-3 Series Sub Stage Illumination
MIC-090-100   Motic Student SFC-3A Coarse Microscope
MIC-090-110   Motic Student SFC-3A Coarse Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-090-150   Motic Student SFC-3AF Fine Microscope
MIC-090-160   Motic Student SFC-3AF Fine Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-900-140   Motic Tungsten Bulb for SFC-100FL
MIC-900-170   Motic Tungsten Bulb for ST30 Series
MIC-700-180   Moticam 1
MIC-700-110   Moticam 2
MIC-720-520   Moticam BTU10
MIC-720-500   Moticam BTU8
MIC-720-540   Moticam BTW
MIC-720-510   Moticam BTX8
MIC-700-150   Moticam X
MIC-700-190   Moticam X3
HEC-200-100   Motor / Generator Unit
ELC-150-100   Motor 1.5-3V
ELC-150-150   Motor 3-6V
ELC-300-100   Motor Mounts
ELC-350-100   Motor Pulley
ELC-150-200   Motor With Gears
MOD-610-100   Mounted Skin Model
MRB-200-150   Mucor Hiemalis +ve
BAT-350-100   Multi Battery Charger
ELA-200-100   Multi Block Extension Lead
ELA-210-100   Multi-Block 6 Way Surge Protected Extension
ELA-250-100   Multi-Tester
EMD-370-100   Multimeter - Autoranging
EMD-250-100   Multimeter - Basic
EMD-320-100   Multimeter - Standard
EMD-300-100   Multimeter - Superior
BLO-100-300   Mung Bean Seeds
PLB-200-100   Murashige & Skoog Medium
S0001598-5G   Murexide - 5g
BLO-550-150   Mus Musculus (Mouse) Formalin Free
BLO-550-200   Mus Musculus (Mouse) Frozen
MPA-450-250   Muscular Tissue - Cardiac Muscle, LS for Striations (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-450-300   Muscular Tissue - Human Cardiac Muscle (Prepared Slide)
MPA-450-200   Muscular Tissue - Non-Striated (Smooth) Muscle (Prepared Slide)
MPA-450-150   Muscular Tissue - Striated Muscle, LS (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-450-100   Muscular Tissue - Striated Muscle, TS Showing Muscle Spindles (Prepared Slide)
BLO-100-350   Mustard Seeds
SWA-205-100   Mylar Loudspeaker
COL-250-120   Mystrica Colorimeter 2.0
COL-250-250   Mystrica Colorimeter Set
S3201756-500ML   n-Butyl Acetate - 500ml
S3201546-250ML   n-Butylamine - 250ml
S3101574-100ML   n-Hexane - 100ml
S3101574-500ML   n-Hexane - 500ml
S3201435-100ML   n-Octane - 100ml
S3101252-500ML   n-Pentane - 500ml
S4101233-500G   Napthalene Crystals - 500g
BPL-100-100   Narrow Mouth Bottle 100ml
BPL-100-001   Narrow Mouth Bottle 1L
BPL-100-250   Narrow Mouth Bottle 250ml
BPL-100-500   Narrow Mouth Bottle 500ml
BPL-100-050   Narrow Mouth Bottle 50ml
DIN-150-100   Needle Holder
DIN-100-100   Needle with Plastic Handle
DIN-100-150   Needle with Stainless Steel Handle
MAG-300-100   Neodymium Magnet 10mm
TUF-100-003   Neoprene Tubing - N3
TUF-100-005   Neoprene Tubing - N5
TUF-100-006   Neoprene Tubing - N6.5
TUF-100-008   Neoprene Tubing - N8
TUF-100-108   Neoprene Tubing - N8 (10m)
HWN-120-100   Nervous System Model
MPA-500-300   Nervous Tissue - Human Cerebellum, Section (Prepared Slide)
MPA-500-100   Nervous Tissue - Nerve Cells (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-500-150   Nervous Tissue - Peripheral Nerve, TS for General Structure (Prepared Slide)
MPA-500-200   Nervous Tissue - Peripheral Nerve, TS Myelin Sheath (Prepared Slide)
MPA-500-250   Nervous Tissue - Spinal Cord TS (Prepared Slide)
S0001599-5G   Neutral Red C.I.50040 - 5g
BAL-050-150   Newton Bathroom Scales
OCO-450-100   Newton's Colour Disc - Hand Driven
OCO-500-100   Newton's Colour Disc - Motorised
FMD-220-100   Newton's Cradle (Collision Apparatus)
FMF-160-100   Newton's Tube Plexiglass (Guinea & Feather)
ECT-260-100   Newtons/Coulombs Law Kit
ELW-550-018   Nichrome Wire - 18 SWG
ELW-550-020   Nichrome Wire - 20 SWG
ELW-550-022   Nichrome Wire - 22 SWG
ELW-550-024   Nichrome Wire - 24 SWG
ELW-550-026   Nichrome Wire - 26 SWG
ELW-550-028   Nichrome Wire - 28 SWG
ELW-550-030   Nichrome Wire - 30 SWG
ELW-550-032   Nichrome Wire - 32 SWG
ELW-550-034   Nichrome Wire - 34 SWG
ELW-550-036   Nichrome Wire - 36 SWG
ELW-550-040   Nichrome Wire - 40 SWG
FLM-150-050   Nichrome Wire with Loop
S0001238-100G   Nickel (II) Carbonate Basic - 100g
S0001239-250G   Nickel (II) Chloride 6-Water - 250g
S5101600-250G   Nickel (II) Nitrate 6-Water - 250g
S0001601-100G   Nickel (II) Oxide Black Tech - 100g

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