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S0001240-250G   Nickel (II) Sulphate Hydrated - 250g
CRM-050-150   Nickel Crucible 15ml
CRM-050-200   Nickel Crucible 25ml
CRM-050-250   Nickel Crucible 30ml
CRM-050-350   Nickel Crucible Lid 15ml
CRM-050-400   Nickel Crucible Lid 25ml
CRM-050-450   Nickel Crucible Lid 30ml
S0001236-100G   Nickel Foil 0.15mm - 100g
FIU-050-100   Nickel Plated Brass Filter Pump
BRN-300-150   Night Light Stand
S0001708-5G   Nigrosin C.I.50420 - 5g
S0001808-5G   Ninhydrin - 5g
S3203038-100ML   Ninhydrin Spray - 100ml
EWE-200-100   Nitrate Test Strips
S0003009-1L   Nitric Acid 1.0M Solution - 1L
S0003008-1L   Nitric Acid 2.0M Solution - 1L
S8001451-1L   Nitric Acid 69% - 1L
S8001451-250ML   Nitric Acid 69% - 250ml
SGL-550-200   Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves Type A - Large
SGL-550-150   Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves Type A - Medium
SGL-550-100   Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves Type A - Small
SGL-550-250   Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves Type A - X Large
SGL-220-250   Nitrile Gloves Type B - Extra Large
SGL-220-200   Nitrile Gloves Type B - Large
SGL-220-150   Nitrile Gloves Type B - Medium
SGL-220-100   Nitrile Gloves Type B - Small
SGL-250-250   Nitrile Gloves - Extra Large
SGL-250-200   Nitrile Gloves - Large
SGL-250-150   Nitrile Gloves - Medium
SGL-250-100   Nitrile Gloves - Small
SGL-200-250   Nitrile Gloves Extra Large Disposable
SGL-200-200   Nitrile Gloves Large Disposable
SGL-200-150   Nitrile Gloves Medium Disposable
SGL-200-100   Nitrile Gloves Small Disposable
STP-000-010   No.10 Solid Stopper
STP-100-010   No.10 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-011   No.11 Solid Stopper
STP-100-011   No.11 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-013   No.13 Solid Stopper (Bulk Buy Available!)
STP-100-013   No.13 Stopper with 1 Hole (Bulk Buy Available!)
STP-050-013   No.13 Stopper with Glass Tube
STP-000-015   No.15 Solid Stopper
STP-100-015   No.15 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-015   No.15 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-017   No.17 Solid Stopper
STP-100-017   No.17 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-017   No.17 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-019   No.19 Solid Stopper
STP-100-019   No.19 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-019   No.19 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-021   No.21 Solid Stopper (Bulk Buy Available!)
STP-100-021   No.21 Stopper with 1 Hole (Bulk Buy Available!)
STP-200-021   No.21 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-050-021   No.21 Stopper with Glass Tube
STP-000-023   No.23 Solid Stopper
STP-100-023   No.23 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-023   No.23 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-050-023   No.23 Stopper with Glass Tube
STP-000-025   No.25 Solid Stopper
STP-100-025   No.25 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-025   No.25 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-027   No.27 Solid Stopper
STP-100-027   No.27 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-027   No.27 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-050-027   No.27 Stopper with Glass Tube
STP-000-029   No.29 Solid Stopper
STP-100-029   No.29 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-029   No.29 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-031   No.31 Solid Stopper (Bulk Buy Available!)
STP-100-031   No.31 Stopper with 1 Hole (Bulk Buy Available!)
STP-200-031   No.31 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-050-031   No.31 Stopper with Glass Tube
STP-000-033   No.33 Solid Stopper
STP-100-033   No.33 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-033   No.33 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-035   No.35 Solid Stopper
STP-100-035   No.35 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-035   No.35 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-037   No.37 Solid Stopper
STP-100-037   No.37 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-037   No.37 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-039   No.39 Solid Stopper
STP-100-039   No.39 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-039   No.39 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-041   No.41 Solid Stopper
STP-100-041   No.41 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-200-041   No.41 Stopper with 2 Holes
STP-000-043   No.43 Solid Stopper
STP-100-043   No.43 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-045   No.45 Solid Stopper
STP-100-045   No.45 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-049   No.49 Solid Stopper
STP-100-049   No.49 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-005   No.5 Solid Stopper
STP-100-005   No.5 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-053   No.53 Solid Stopper
STP-000-057   No.57 Solid Stopper
STP-000-006   No.6 Solid Stopper
STP-100-006   No.6 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-062   No.62 Solid Stopper
STP-000-007   No.7 Solid Stopper
STP-100-007   No.7 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-071   No.71 Solid Stopper
STP-000-008   No.8 Solid Stopper
STP-100-008   No.8 Stopper with 1 Hole
STP-000-009   No.9 Solid Stopper
STP-100-009   No.9 Stopper with 1 Hole
COT-200-100   Non-Absorbent Cotton Wool
MRB-100-300   Non-Impregnated Control Discs
FIU-200-100   Non-Return Valve
ECO-370-050   NTC Disc Thermistors 100Ω
COM-300-100   Nuffield Combustion Spoon
SPS-140-100   Nuffield Pattern Spatulas - Standard (Bulk Buy Available!)
SPS-160-100   Nuffield Pattern Spatulas - Superior
SCR-250-100   Nuffield Screen
CUL-050-400   Nutrient Agar 100 Tablets
CUL-050-350   Nutrient Agar 100g
CUL-050-375   Nutrient Agar 500g
CUL-150-100   Nutrient Agar in Petri Dishes
CUL-050-450   Nutrient Broth 100g
CUL-050-475   Nutrient Broth 500g
CUL-050-500   Nutrient Broth No.2
S0002531-100G   Nylon 6/6 Pellets - 100g
BRU-100-150   Nylon Bottle Brush 65mm
BRU-100-350   Nylon Bottle Brush 65mm
BRU-100-250   Nylon Bottle Brush 75mm
ECT-250-350   Nylon Friction Rod
ECT-600-100   Nylon Line For Electrostatics
BRU-450-150   Nylon Test Tube Brushes 10mm
BRU-450-250   Nylon Test Tube Brushes 16mm
S0001931-100G   O-Acetylsalicylic Acid - 100g
BLO-100-400   Oat Seeds
S3201967-100ML   Oct-1-ene - 100ml
BPL-150-010   Octagonal Bottle 10L
BPL-150-005   Octagonal Bottle 5L
S0001603-500ML   Octan-1-ol - 500ml
BLO-600-100   Odourless Preserving Fluid
BAO-150-500   Ohaus Balance Mains Adaptor
BAO-050-150   Ohaus CL2000 Balance
BAO-050-100   Ohaus CL201 Balance
BAO-050-200   Ohaus CL501 Balance
BAO-450-300   Ohaus CR Balance Mains PSU
BAO-450-200   Ohaus CR2200 Balance
BAO-450-100   Ohaus CR221 Balance
BAO-450-250   Ohaus CR5200 Balance
BAO-450-150   Ohaus CR621 Balance
BAO-100-100   Ohaus CS200 Balance
BAO-100-150   Ohaus CS2000 Balance
BAO-100-200   Ohaus CS5000 Balance
BAO-400-500   Ohaus Gold Series YA Balance
BAO-310-100   Ohaus Pioneer Plus - PAP124
BAO-310-400   Ohaus Pioneer Plus - PAP2202
BAO-310-300   Ohaus Pioneer Plus - PAP223
BAO-310-150   Ohaus Pioneer Plus - PAP224
BAO-310-500   Ohaus Pioneer Plus - PAP4201
BAO-310-450   Ohaus Pioneer Plus - PAP4202
BAO-310-350   Ohaus Pioneer Plus - PAP423
BAO-320-150   Ohaus PX224E Balance
BAO-320-250   Ohaus PX3202E Balance
BAO-320-200   Ohaus PX523E Balance
BAO-220-500   Ohaus Scout SKX Balance Density Determination Kit
BAO-220-100   Ohaus Scout SKX123 Balance
BAO-220-150   Ohaus Scout SKX2201 Balance
BAO-220-200   Ohaus Scout SKX222 Balance
BAO-220-250   Ohaus Scout SKX421 Balance
BAO-220-300   Ohaus Scout SKX422 Balance
BAO-220-350   Ohaus Scout SKX621 Balance
BAO-220-400   Ohaus Scout SKX622 Balance
BAO-200-350   Ohaus SPU2001 Balance
BAO-150-400   Ohaus TA3001 Balance
BAO-150-200   Ohaus TA301 Balance
BAO-150-150   Ohaus TA302 Balance
BAO-150-250   Ohaus TA501 Balance
BAO-150-300   Ohaus TA502 Balance
ELM-100-100   OHP Field Pattern Model - Solenoid
S6101597-100ML   Oil of Wintergreen - 100ml
S6101597-500ML   Oil of Wintergreen - 500ml
S0001247-500ML   Olive Oil - 500ml
S0003043-1G   ONPG - 1g
FUG-050-100   Open Dropping Funnel - 100ml
FUG-050-025   Open Dropping Funnel - 25ml
FUG-050-050   Open Dropping Funnel - 50ml
OPL-400-100   Optical Pins
OPL-380-100   Optical Source
MIC-290-100   Optika B-151 Microscope
MIC-290-200   Optika B-151R Microscope
MIC-290-250   Optika B-155 Microscope
MIC-290-350   Optika B-155R Microscope
MIC-320-100   Optika B-191 Microscope
MIC-320-150   Optika B-192 Microscope
MIC-160-200   Optika B-20R Microscope
MIC-160-210   Optika B-20R Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-800-100   Optika Dust Cover
MIC-900-870   Optika Objective - 100x/1.25 for B-150 & B-190 Series
MIC-900-895   Optika Objective - 60� Plan
MIC-900-867   Optika Objective - 60X/0.8 for B-150 Series
S0003031-10G   Orange G - 10g
SNS-150-250   Orange Plasticine
MOL-650-100   Orbit Basic Structures Set
MOL-550-200   Orbit Carbon 60 Model

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