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MOL-550-100   Orbit Diamond Model
MOL-550-150   Orbit Graphite Model
MOL-600-100   Orbit Organic Foundation Set
ESP-200-100   Orbit Orrery
MOL-550-250   Orbit Sodium Chloride Model
ESP-250-100   Orbit Tellerium
S8001250-100ML   Orcein Acetic - 100ml
S8002059-100ML   Orcein Propionic - 100ml
S0001249-5G   Orcein Synthetic - 5g
QSC-510-100   Organic Chemistry (B14/23) Set
QSC-520-100   Organic Chemistry (Multi-Joint) Set
S8001268-500ML   Orthophosphoric Acid - 500ml
OSC-050-100   Oscilloscope - Basic
OSC-450-100   Oscilloscope 20Mhz Dual Trace
OVE-050-100   Oven 18L Capacity
OVE-100-100   Oven 30L Capacity
OVE-150-100   Oven 40L Capacity
OVE-200-100   Oven 50L Capacity
THM-800-100   Oven Thermometer Stainless Steel
S6101433-250G   Oxalic Acid 2-Water - 250g
S6101433-500G   Oxalic Acid 2-Water - 500g
BIO-700-100   P&P of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
ROD-100-150   Paddle End Stirring Rods - 150mm
ROD-100-200   Paddle End Stirring Rods - 200mm
ROD-100-300   Paddle End Stirring Rods - 300mm
BRU-300-100   Paint Brush 12mm
BRU-300-150   Paint Brush 25mm
S0001710-100G   Palmitic Acid - 100g
S0001710-500G   Palmitic Acid - 500g
S0001968-25G   Pancreatin from Pig Pancrease - 25g
STA-400-100   Paper Clips
CUP-100-100   Paper Cups
BSP-400-100   Paper Sample Pots
DES-350-250   Paper Straws
S0001251-2.5L   Paraffin Liquid Light - 2.5L
S0001251-500ML   Paraffin Liquid Light - 500ml
S3301248-2.5L   Paraffin Oil - 2.5L
S0001363-500G   Paraffin Wax 56-58°C - 500g
SNS-100-150   Parafilm - 100mm
SNS-100-100   Parafilm - 50mm
ELP-040-100   Parallel Plate Capacitor
BLO-500-130   Paramecium Caudatum - Live
PIP-300-100   Pasteur Pipettes - 145mm
BIO-540-100   Paternity Testing DNA Kit
BIO-540-150   Paternity Testing Dye Kit
BIO-870-012   PCR 0.2ml Tubes
BLO-100-450   Pea Seeds
OCO-200-350   Peacock Blue (Cyan) Nuffield Colour Filter
HRE-100-100   Peak Flow Meter
HRE-100-110   Peak Flow Meter - Spare Mouth Pieces x10
HRE-100-200   Peak Flow Meter - Spare Mouth Pieces x100
EZY-050-350   Pectinase
BAG-200-200   Pedal Bin Liners
HHE-600-100   Pedometer With Calorie Counter
THM-400-150   Pen Thermometer
THM-150-100   Pen Type Oral Thermometer
THM-390-100   Pen-Type Thermometer
THM-460-100   Pen-Type Thermometer
STA-425-100   Pencils
FMF-305-100   Pendulum Kit
MRB-100-050   Penicillin 1 Unit
MRB-100-200   Penicillin 10 Units
MRB-100-150   Penicillin 5 Units
MRB-200-250   Penicillium Roqueforti
S3301596-500ML   Pentan-1-ol - 500ml
S3301969-100ML   Pentan-2-ol - 100ml
EZY-050-380   Pepsin Powder 100g
EZY-050-370   Pepsin Powder 25g
S0001253-100G   Peptone Bacteriological - 100g
POS-250-100   Periodic Table Poster
POS-100-100   Periodic Table Poster - Clear
POS-200-100   Periodic Table Poster - Wipe Clean
ECT-250-150   Perspex Friction Rod
MOR-100-350   Pestle only for 100mm Mortar
MOR-100-300   Pestle only for 80mm Mortar
PER-150-100   Petri Dishes - 50mm x20
PER-150-150   Petri Dishes - 50mm x600
PER-150-200   Petri Dishes - 90mm x20
PER-150-240   Petri Dishes - 90mm x480
S3101257-500ML   Petroleum Ether 100-120°C - 500ml
S3101254-500ML   Petroleum Ether 40-60°C - 500ml
S3101255-500ML   Petroleum Ether 60-80°C - 500ml
S3101256-500ML   Petroleum Ether 80-100°C - 500ml
S0001258-500G   Petroleum Jelly - White - 500g
PHM-150-100   pH Bench Meter - Standard
PHM-100-100   pH Bench Meter - Superior
PHM-050-100   pH Checker
PHM-050-150   pH Checker - Spare Electrode
PHM-500-100   pH Cleaning Solution
PHM-450-100   pH Electrode - Standard
PHM-400-100   pH Electrode - Superior
PHM-500-150   pH Storage Solution
S6101259-250G   Phenol (Hydroxybenzene) - 250g
S0001610-5G   Phenol Red - 5g
S3302061-100ML   Phenol Red 0.02% Indicator Solution - 100ml
S0001260-25G   Phenolphthalein - 25g
S3201261-500ML   Phenolphthalein 1% Solution - 500ml
S0001265-100G   Phenyl Salicylate (Salol) - 100g
S0001265-250G   Phenyl Salicylate (Salol) - 250g
PHM-300-100   pHep 4 pH Tester
PHM-250-100   pHep Plus Tester
PHM-200-100   pHep Tester
S0003018-100ML   Phloroglucinol 5% Solution - Alcoholic - 100ml
S4101269-25G   Phosphorus - Red - 25g
S8001713-25G   Phosphorus Pentachloride
S8001712-250G   Phosphorus Pentoxide - 250g
HOT-350-150   Phostrogen Soluble Plant Food
TMH-770-100   Photo Timing Gate
OPL-315-100   Photodiode
PLB-250-100   Photosynthesis Apparatus
OPL-325-100   Phototransistor
S0001842-250G   Phthalic Acid - 250g
S8001843-500G   Phthalic Anhydride - 500g
ESP-150-100   Physical Globe
PIF-100-150   Pi-Pump Pipetter Filler - 10ml Green
PIF-100-200   Pi-Pump Pipetter Filler - 25ml Red (Bulk Buy Available!)
PIF-100-100   Pi-Pump Pipetter Filler - 2ml Blue
PIF-100-250   Pi-Pump Pipetter Filler - Spare Nozzle
OSC-350-100   Picoscope 2204
OSC-350-150   Picoscope 2205A
CLE-300-100   Pine Disinfectant
OPL-455-100   Pinhole Camera Kit
DES-500-150   Pipe Cleaners 30cm
BRU-400-100   Pipecleaner 15m Roll
PIF-050-150   Pipette Pump - 10ml Green
PIF-050-200   Pipette Pump - 25ml Red (Bulk Buy Available!)
PIF-050-100   Pipette Pump - 2ml Blue
STB-345-100   Pipette Stand
GAU-050-125   Plain Gauzes 125mm
GAU-050-150   Plain Gauzes 150mm
CEN-200-100   Plain Glass Centrifuge Tubes
ATQ-400-100   Planck's Constant Apparatus
OMR-200-250   Plane Mirror Blocks - 100mm
OMR-200-100   Plane Mirror Blocks - 25mm
OMR-200-150   Plane Mirror Blocks - 50mm
OMR-200-200   Plane Mirror Blocks - 75mm
OMR-150-200   Plane Mirrors - 100 x 50mm
OMR-150-300   Plane Mirrors - 100 x 75mm
OMR-150-350   Plane Mirrors - 150 x 100mm
OMR-150-250   Plane Mirrors - 150 x 50mm
OMR-150-150   Plane Mirrors - 50 x 75mm
OMR-150-100   Plane Mirrors - 75 x 25mm
OLE-400-200   Planoconcave Cylindrical Lens - 60mm
OLE-400-250   Planoconvex Cylindrical Lens - 60mm
PLB-490-100   Plant Hormones Set
HOT-150-100   Plant Pot 100mm
HOT-150-125   Plant Pot 125mm
HOT-150-150   Plant Pot 150mm
HOT-150-075   Plant Pot 75mm
OPL-500-100   Plasma Ball
CUP-050-150   Plastic Cups
COL-300-050   Plastic Cuvettes - UV Range
HPL-150-250   Plastic Displacement Vessel
FMD-050-100   Plastic Dynamics Trolley
MIH-050-100   Plastic Eyepiece Graticules
PIT-300-010   Plastic Graduated Serological Pipettes 10ml
PIT-300-001   Plastic Graduated Serological Pipettes 1ml
PIT-300-025   Plastic Graduated Serological Pipettes 25ml
PIT-300-002   Plastic Graduated Serological Pipettes 2ml
CLI-100-100   Plastic Hoffman Clip
PIP-350-100   Plastic Pasteur Pipettes - 1ml
PIP-350-150   Plastic Pasteur Pipettes - 3ml
PIP-350-350   Plastic Pasteur Pipettes - Extra Long
RUL-150-100   Plastic Rule - 1m Horizontal
RUL-250-100   Plastic Rule - 1m Vertical
RUL-350-100   Plastic Rule - 300mm
BSP-070-060   Plastic Specimen Bottles 60ml
STP-050-200   Plastic Stopper 14.5/23
STP-050-250   Plastic Stopper 16/16
STP-050-350   Plastic Stopper 19/26
STP-050-400   Plastic Stopper 24/29
STP-050-450   Plastic Stopper 24/29
STP-050-500   Plastic Stopper 29/32
BSP-450-100   Plastic Tray With 6 Pots
BSP-450-150   Plastic Tray With 8 Pots
MTR-550-100   Plastics Sample Pack
ESC-560-100   Plate Tectonics Kit
ELR-500-100   Plates For Simple Cells - Carbon
ELR-500-150   Plates For Simple Cells - Copper
ELR-500-200   Plates For Simple Cells - Lead
ELR-500-250   Plates For Simple Cells - Zinc
STB-400-100   Platform Stand - 100mm
STB-400-150   Platform Stand - 150mm
STB-400-200   Platform Stand - 200mm
ELY-100-300   Platinum Electrodes
ELY-050-170   Platinum Electrodes In Stoppers - For Basic Voltameter
FLM-150-100   Platinum Wire
COM-400-100   Plotting Compasses 16mm
COM-450-100   Plotting Compasses 19mm
ELA-050-100   Plug 13A
WAT-150-100   PMP Watch Glass - 100mm
WAT-150-060   PMP Watch Glass - 60mm
WAT-150-080   PMP Watch Glass - 80mm
COM-500-100   Pocket Compass
LIG-125-100   Pocket Light Meter
PHM-070-100   Pocket pH Meter
HRE-220-100   Pocket Spirometer
HRE-220-150   Pocket Spirometer Replacement Mouthpieces
ECL-520-100   Point Frame Quadrat
ECL-520-150   Point Frame Quadrat Replacement Pins

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