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DIF-350-100   Pointed Forceps 115mm
DIF-350-150   Pointed Forceps 125mm
STP-300-100   Poisons Cupboard
OPL-550-100   Polarisation Model
OPL-650-100   Polaroid Squares
OPL-600-200   Polaroid Squares, Mounted
BAW-350-250   Polycarbonate Lid For 22/28L Bath
MTR-600-100   Polymer Identification Set
SMP-500-100   Polymorph - 100g
SMP-500-150   Polymorph - 250g
SMP-600-100   Polyox
FUB-150-043   Polypropylene Büchner Funnel - 43mm
FUB-150-055   Polypropylene Büchner Funnel - 55mm
FUB-150-070   Polypropylene Büchner Funnel - 70mm
STP-400-300   Polypropylene Chemical Storage Cabinet - Large
STP-400-200   Polypropylene Chemical Storage Cabinet - Medium
STP-400-100   Polypropylene Chemical Storage Cabinet - Small
FCO-500-100   Polypropylene Conical Flask - 100ml
FCO-500-250   Polypropylene Conical Flask - 250ml
FCO-500-500   Polypropylene Conical Flask - 500ml
TUB-050-100   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - 90 Degree
TUB-050-150   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Bung Top
TUB-050-300   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Double Bend
TUB-050-400   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Large U-Bend
TUB-050-350   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Medium U Bend
TUB-050-450   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Small U Bend
TUB-050-250   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Straight
TUB-050-500   Polypropylene Delivery Tubes - Test Tube Side Arm
FIU-150-100   Polypropylene Filter Pump
FUP-150-100   Polypropylene Powder Funnel - 100mm
FUP-150-120   Polypropylene Powder Funnel - 120mm
FUP-150-150   Polypropylene Powder Funnel - 150mm
FUP-150-080   Polypropylene Powder Funnel - 80mm
ROD-200-150   Polypropylene Stirring Rod - 150mm
ROD-200-200   Polypropylene Stirring Rod - 200mm
ROD-200-250   Polypropylene Stirring Rod - 250mm
BAA-100-300   Polypropylene Weighing Bottle 200ml
BAA-100-150   Polypropylene Weighing Bottle 30ml
BDR-250-100   Polystop Dropping Bottle Amber 100ml
BDR-250-050   Polystop Dropping Bottle Amber 50ml
BDR-200-100   Polystop Dropping Bottle Clear 100ml
BDR-200-030   Polystop Dropping Bottle Clear 30ml
BDR-200-050   Polystop Dropping Bottle Clear 50ml
BDR-300-350   Polystop Pipette & Stopper for 100ml Bottle
BDR-300-150   Polystop Pipette & Stopper for 30ml Bottle
BDR-300-250   Polystop Pipette & Stopper for 50ml Bottle
BDR-300-300   Polystop Pipette for 100ml Bottle
BDR-300-100   Polystop Pipette for 30ml & 50ml Bottle
BRE-200-100   Polystop Reagent Bottle Amber 100ml
BRE-200-250   Polystop Reagent Bottle Amber 250ml
BRE-150-100   Polystop Reagent Bottle Clear 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BRE-150-001   Polystop Reagent Bottle Clear 1L
BRE-150-250   Polystop Reagent Bottle Clear 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BRE-150-030   Polystop Reagent Bottle Clear 30ml
BRE-150-500   Polystop Reagent Bottle Clear 500ml
BRE-150-050   Polystop Reagent Bottle Clear 50ml
BDR-300-400   Polystop Vinyl Teat
CUP-050-020   Polystyrene Cups
SPR-150-160   Polystyrene Spheres 35mm
SPR-150-210   Polystyrene Spheres 50mm
SPR-150-250   Polystyrene Spheres 70mm
TTU-500-150   Polystyrene Test Tubes - 100mm
TTU-500-200   Polystyrene Test Tubes - 125mm
TTU-500-100   Polystyrene Test Tubes - 75mm
FUP-050-100   Polythene Funnel - 100mm
FUP-050-160   Polythene Funnel - 160mm
FUP-050-037   Polythene Funnel - 35mm
FUP-050-065   Polythene Funnel - 65mm
FUP-050-090   Polythene Funnel - 90mm
SGL-300-150   Polythene Gloves - Medium
SGL-300-100   Polythene Gloves - Small
FUP-250-100   Polythene Thistle Funnel Head
S0001971-250G   Polyvinyl Alcohol - 250g
EMI-150-100   Pond Dipper Kit
EMI-200-100   Pond Net
EMI-200-200   Pond Net with Extendable Handle
EMI-350-100   Pond Tray
ECL-350-100   Pooters
FSF-060-250   Poppit Beads - Blue
FSF-060-200   Poppit Beads - Green
FSF-060-300   Poppit Beads - Mixed
FSF-060-100   Poppit Beads - Red
FSF-060-150   Poppit Beads - Yellow
FUB-100-070   Porcelain Büchner Funnel - 70mm
FUB-100-090   Porcelain Büchner Funnel - 90mm
AUT-110-100   Portable Electric Autoclave 15 Litre
S5101611-100G   Potassium Bromate - 100g
S0001273-500G   Potassium Bromide - 500g
S0001481-500G   Potassium Carbonate Anhydrous - 500g
S5101275-500G   Potassium Chlorate - 500g
S0001276-500G   Potassium Chloride - 500g
S0001279-500G   Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate - 500g
S0001280-250G   Potassium Hexacyanoferrate (II) 3-Water - 250g
S0001281-250G   Potassium Hexacyanoferrate (III) - 250g
S0001380-500G   Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate - 500g
S0001773-250G   Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate - 250g
S8001426-250G   Potassium Hydrogen Sulphate - 250g
S0001479-250G   Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate - 250g
S0003012-2.5L   Potassium Hydroxide 1.0M - ADR - 2.5L
S8001748-500G   Potassium Hydroxide Flake - 500g
S8001283-500G   Potassium Hydroxide Pellets - 500g
S8001612-500G   Potassium Hydroxide Pellets - AR - 500g
S5101284-100G   Potassium Iodate (V) - 100g
S5101810-100G   Potassium Iodate (VII) - 100g
S0001285-100G   Potassium Iodide - 100g
S0001285-500G   Potassium Iodide - 500g
S0002064-2.5L   Potassium Manganate Solution 0.2M (1.0N) - 2.5L
S4301272-25G   Potassium Metal in Liquid Paraffin - 25g - ADR
S5101286-500G   Potassium Nitrate - 500g
S5101480-100G   Potassium Nitrite - 100g
S6101377-100G   Potassium Oxalate 1-Water - 100g
S5101381-500G   Potassium Permanganate - 500g
S0002063-2.5L   Potassium Permanganate 0.02M (0.1N) - 2.5L
S0001972-PK6   Potassium Permanganate 0.02M (0.1N) CVS - Pack of 6
S5101287-500G   Potassium Persulphate - 500g
S0001288-500G   Potassium Sodium Tartrate - 500g
S0001289-500G   Potassium Sulphate - 500g
S0001378-250G   Potassium Thiocyanate - 250g
CUL-050-575   Potato Dextrose Agar
ELR-050-100   Potentiometer and Jockey
ELR-050-150   Potentiometer Spare Jockey
SWA-240-100   Power Amplifier with Speaker
POW-100-100   Power Station 1.5A
POW-100-150   Power Station 3A
FMD-240-100   Powered Racing Cars
BAT-550-100   PP3 Type Snap with Leads
BIO-870-014   Pre-cast Polyacrylamide Gels 12% - 3 Gels
MIH-080-100   Precision Stage Micrometer - S1
MIH-080-150   Precision Stage Micrometer - S8
THR-050-800   Precision Thermometer Lo-Tox™ -1 to 101
THR-050-700   Precision Thermometer Lo-Tox™ -1 to 50 x0.1
THR-050-750   Precision Thermometer Lo-Tox™ -1 to 51 x0.2
AUT-050-100   Pressure Cooker Autoclave
AUT-150-150   Prestige 12 Litre Media Autoclave
AUT-150-100   Prestige 9 Litre Media Autoclave
OCO-150-100   Primary Blue Colour Filter Sheet
OCO-150-150   Primary Green Colour Filter Sheet
OCO-150-200   Primary Red Colour Filter Sheet
BIO-710-100   Principles of Thin Layer Chromatography Kit
OPR-150-150   Prism Equilateral - Large
OPR-150-100   Prism Equilateral - Small
OPR-200-100   Prism Right Angle - 38mm
OPR-200-150   Prism Right Angle - 50mm
ADH-050-270   Pritt Stick, 40g
MEA-300-100   Professional Tape Measure - 5m
S3201291-500ML   Propan-1-ol - 500ml
S3201292-1L   Propan-2-ol - 1L
S3201290-250ML   Propanal - 250ml
S0001613-500ML   Propane-1-2-diol - 500ml
DES-550-100   Propeller 3-Blade
DES-550-200   Propeller 5 Blade
S8001614-250ML   Propionic Acid - 250ml
RAD-150-100   Protactinium Generator
EZY-050-425   Protease S.A.
EZY-050-400   Protease, Bacterial
HHE-700-250   Protein Test Strips
ECO-550-100   Prototyping Board
ECO-500-100   Prototyping Board Jumper Wire Pack
MPM-150-150   Protozoa - Amoeba Proteus (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPM-150-200   Protozoa - Euglena Viridis (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPM-150-100   Protozoa - Mixed Protozoa (Prepared Slide)
MPM-150-250   Protozoa - Paramecium Caudatum (Prepared Slide)
DRA-200-100   Protractor 180
MRB-150-550   Pseudomonas Fluorescens
POW-560-100   PSU Base Volt Variable 24V Power Supply
HHE-250-100   PTC Genetic Taste Test Strips
BUR-150-150   PTFE Stopcock Burette - Standard
BUR-150-100   PTFE Stopcock Burette - Superior
TAP-100-100   PTFE Tape
PUL-250-100   Pulley Rod & Bench Mounting
PUL-300-100   Pulley Rod Mounting
SWA-620-100   Pump Plate
COM-220-100   Pure Silica Combustion Tube
ELS-100-100   Push Button Switch
BAL-300-200   Push Pull Balance 1kg/10N
BAL-300-100   Push Pull Balance 250g/2.5N
BAL-300-250   Push Pull Balance 2kg/20N
BAL-300-300   Push Pull Balance 3kg/30N
BAL-300-150   Push Pull Balance 500g/5N
BAL-300-400   Push Pull Balances - Set of all 6
ADH-050-310   PVA Glue 1L
ADH-050-300   PVA Glue 5L
SPC-100-150   PVC Apron - Large
SPC-100-100   PVC Apron - Small
DIS-600-100   PVC Dissecting Roll
ELA-300-100   PVC Insulating Tape Black
ELA-300-300   PVC Insulating Tape Blue
ELA-300-350   PVC Insulating Tape Green
ELA-300-150   PVC Insulating Tape Red
ELA-300-200   PVC Insulating Tape White
ELA-300-400   PVC Insulating Tape Yellow
PIF-350-050   PVC Pipette Teat x10
PIF-350-100   PVC Pipette Teat x100
TUF-150-010   PVC Tubing - 10mm
TUF-150-012   PVC Tubing - 12.5mm
TUF-150-016   PVC Tubing - 16mm
TUF-150-020   PVC Tubing - 20mm
TUF-150-003   PVC Tubing - 3mm
TUF-150-303   PVC Tubing - 3mm (30m)
TUF-150-005   PVC Tubing - 5mm

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