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BAT-100-100   Alkaline Batteries - PP3 (Bulk Buy Available!)
BUR-050-200   All Glass Burette 50ml
DIB-050-100   All-in-One Scalpel 35mm
DIB-050-150   All-in-One Scalpel 45mm
DIB-050-200   All-in-One Scalpel 50mm
TOL-020-100   Allen Keys Set
MPP-300-300   Allium (Onion) Leaf Showing Stomata WM (Prepared Slide)
MAS-050-100   Alloy Slotted Mass Set - 100g
MAS-050-150   Alloy Slotted Mass Set - 1kg
MAG-050-100   Alnico Bar Magnet 50mm
MAG-050-150   Alnico Bar Magnet 75mm
MAG-350-100   Alnico Horseshoe Magnet
MAG-560-100   Alnico Major Magnet
EZY-050-180   Alpha Amylase Contains Reducing Sugars 25G
EZY-050-175   Alpha Amylase, Free From Reducing Sugars
RAD-500-100   Alpha Particle Counter/Spark Counter
RAD-050-100   Alpha Particle Scattering Apparatus
HEC-050-100   Alternator / Dynamo Demonstration
HCA-150-100   Aluminium Block
HCA-050-150   Aluminium Calorimeters 100 x 75mm
S0001017-100G   Aluminium Chloride 6-Water - 100g
S8001664-100G   Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous - 100g
HTC-100-100   Aluminium Conductivity Rods
ALF-050-130   Aluminium Foil - 300mm
ALF-050-160   Aluminium Foil - 450mm
S0001830-250G   Aluminium Foil 0.1mm - 250g
S5101018-250G   Aluminium Nitrate 9-Water - 250g
S0001019-500G   Aluminium Oxide Calcined - 500g
S0001020-500G   Aluminium Potassium Sulphate 12-Water - 500g
S4301016-250G   Aluminium Powder Fine - 250g
STR-600-100   Aluminium Rod - 500mm
STR-600-150   Aluminium Rod - 600mm
STR-600-200   Aluminium Rod - 750mm
S0001021-500G   Aluminium Sulphate 16-Water - 500g
S0001932-SET   Amino Acid Set - 17x1g
S8001484-1L   Ammonia Solution ~33% - 1L
S8001484-250ML   Ammonia Solution ~33% - 250ml
S0001536-100G   Ammonium Acetate - 100g
S0001667-250G   Ammonium Bromide - 250g
S0001026-500G   Ammonium Carbonate - 500g
S0001027-500G   Ammonium Chloride - 500g
S0001537-500G   Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate - 500g
S0001029-500G   Ammonium Iron (II) Sulphate 6-Water - 500g
S0001937-100G   Ammonium Iron (III) Citrate - 100g
S0003034-100G   Ammonium Iron (III) Citrate - Green - 100g
S0001030-500G   Ammonium Iron (III) Sulphate 12-Water - 500g
S0004123-500G   Ammonium Iron (III) Sulphate 12-Water - 500g
S6101031-50G   Ammonium Metavanadate - 50g
S0001032-100G   Ammonium Molybdate (VI) 4-Water - 100g
S5102020-500G   Ammonium Nitrate - 500g
S6101374-100G   Ammonium Oxalate 1-Water - 100g
S0001391-500G   Ammonium Sulphate - 500g
S0001495-100G   Ammonium Thiocyanate - 100g
BLO-500-100   Amoeba Proteus
SWA-230-100   Amplifier
EZY-050-125   Amylase, Bacterial
EZY-050-150   Amylase, Working Solution
MEL-050-100   Analogue Melting Point Apparatus SMP11
EWE-300-100   Anemometer Invicta
MPP-350-100   Angiospermae - Allium (Onion), Root Tip (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPP-250-350   Angiospermae - Cucurbita (Cucumber), LS Stem for Sieve Tubes (Prepared Slide)
MPP-250-300   Angiospermae - Cucurbita (Cucumber), TS Stem for Sieve Tubes (Prepared Slide)
MPP-250-250   Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS & LS Stem (Prepared Slide)
MPP-150-300   Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Leaf (Prepared Slide)
MPP-250-150   Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Older Stem (Prepared Slide)
MPP-250-200   Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Stem, Old Secondary Thickening (Prepared Slide)
MPP-200-300   Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Young Root (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPP-250-100   Angiospermae - Helianthus (Sunflower), TS Young Stem (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPP-150-100   Angiospermae - Ligustrum (Privet), TS Leaf (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPP-400-100   Angiospermae - Lilium Anthers, TS Mature Pollen (Prepared Slide)
MPP-400-250   Angiospermae - Lilium Regale Anthers, TS Second Division (Prepared Slide)
MPP-400-150   Angiospermae - Mixed Pollen, Wind & Insect Borne, Differently Stained, 'E' (Prepared Slide)
MPP-100-150   Angiospermae - Monocot & Dicot Stem TS (Prepared Slide)
MPP-100-200   Angiospermae - Monocot and Dicot Leaf TS (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPP-100-100   Angiospermae - Monocot and Dicot Root TS (Prepared Slide)
MPP-150-250   Angiospermae - Nerium (Oleander), TS Leaf Sunken Stomata (Prepared Slide)
MPP-150-350   Angiospermae - Nymphaea (Water Lily), TS Floating Leaf (Prepared Slide)
MPP-200-100   Angiospermae - Ranunculus (Buttercup), TS Mature Root (Prepared Slide)
MPP-250-400   Angiospermae - Ranunculus (Buttercup), TS Stem (Prepared Slide)
MPP-200-150   Angiospermae - Ranunculus, TS Young Root (Prepared Slide)
MPP-200-250   Angiospermae - Vicia, Root Tip for Mitosis (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPP-300-200   Angiospermae - Zea Mays (Maize), TS Leaf (Prepared Slide)
SCR-050-100   Angled Safety Screen
SCR-100-100   Angled Safety Screen with Integral Supports
S6101262-100ML   Aniline - 100ml
S6101263-100G   Aniline Hydrochloride - 100g
S0001022-100G   Anthranilic Acid - 100g
S0001035-250G   Anti-Bumping Granules - 250g
TAP-400-300   Anti-Siphon Device
MRB-050-100   Antibiotic Multi-Test Discs
S0001079-100G   Aquadag - 100g
AQU-050-110   Aquarium
AQU-050-250   Aquarium Pump 180L
AQU-050-200   Aquarium Pump 90L
ADH-050-100   Araldite Rapid
DIF-050-100   Artery Forceps
MPA-050-150   Arthropoda - Locust Testis Squash (Prepared Slide)
MPA-050-100   Arthropoda - Mites, 'E' (Prepared Slide)
BRU-350-100   Artist Brush No.4
MRB-200-100   Aspergillus Oryzae
ASP-050-150   Aspirator - 10 Litre
ASP-050-100   Aspirator - 5 Litre
COR-200-050   Assorted Corks - Pack of 50
MOL-620-100   Atomic Orbital Set
STT-050-100   Autoclavable Test Tube Rack - 16mm
STT-050-150   Autoclavable Test Tube Rack - 20mm
STT-050-200   Autoclavable Test Tube Rack - 25mm
STT-050-250   Autoclavable Test Tube Rack - 30mm
AUT-200-100   Autoclave Bags
AUT-300-300   Autoclave Pouches - 135 x 255mm
AUT-250-100   Autoclave Tape
TOL-480-100   Automatic Wire Stripper
DIN-300-100   Awl with Aluminium Handle
DIN-300-150   Awl with Wooden Handle
SEP-500-100   Axis Spectacles
BEP-100-001   Azlon Plastic Beaker - 1000ml
BEP-100-100   Azlon Plastic Beaker - 100ml
BEP-100-002   Azlon Plastic Beaker - 2000ml
BEP-100-250   Azlon Plastic Beaker - 250ml
BEP-100-400   Azlon Plastic Beaker - 400ml
BEP-100-050   Azlon Plastic Beaker - 50ml
BEP-100-600   Azlon Plastic Beaker - 600ml
BEP-250-001   Azlon Plastic Beaker with Handle - 1000ml
BEP-250-002   Azlon Plastic Beaker with Handle - 2000ml
BEP-250-250   Azlon Plastic Beaker with Handle - 250ml
BEP-250-003   Azlon Plastic Beaker with Handle - 3000ml
BEP-250-005   Azlon Plastic Beaker with Handle - 5000ml
BEP-250-500   Azlon Plastic Beaker with Handle - 500ml
BEP-150-100   Azlon PMP Beaker - 100ml
BSP-150-100   Azlon Specimen Bottle 100ml
FUB-050-125   Büchner Funnel - 125mm
FUB-050-055   Büchner Funnel - 55mm
FUB-050-070   Büchner Funnel - 70mm
FUB-050-090   Büchner Funnel - 90mm
HOT-350-100   Baby Bio Original Plant Food
MRB-150-100   Bacillus Megaterium
MRB-150-150   Bacillus Subtilis
MPM-100-400   Bacteria - Escherichia Coli, Gram Stain (Prepared Slide)
MPS-450-100   Bacteria Slide Set
EZY-240-110   Bacterial Amylase Project Pack
CLE-360-100   Bacterial Liquid Soap
HTM-050-100   Ball & Ring Set
SPR-050-150   Ball Bearings 12mm
SPR-050-200   Ball Bearings 16mm
SPR-050-250   Ball Bearings 20mm
SPR-050-300   Ball Bearings 25mm
SPR-050-100   Ball Bearings 6mm
BAL-400-100   Balloon Pump
SEP-550-100   Bandido Spectacles
HTM-100-100   Bar & Gauge Set
HTM-150-110   Bar Breaking Apparatus
HTM-150-150   Bar Breaking Apparatus - Spare Bars
MAG-200-150   Bar Magnet 100x15mm
MAG-200-100   Bar Magnet 75x13mm
MAG-100-100   Bar Magnets - Ferrite
MAG-120-100   Bar Magnets - Painted Ferrite
MAG-150-100   Bar Magnets - Plastic Coated
S6101517-500G   Barium Carbonate - 500g
S6101038-250G   Barium Chloride 2-Water - 250g
S6101038-500G   Barium Chloride 2-Water - 500g
S6101518-500G   Barium Hydroxide 8-Water - 500g
S4302078-10G   Barium Metal in liquid paraffin - 10g
S5101039-250G   Barium Nitrate - 250g
S6101983-50G   Barium Oxide - 50g
S5101841-100G   Barium Peroxide - 100g
S0001040-500G   Barium Sulphate Precipitated - 500g
BLO-100-100   Barley Seeds
EWE-450-100   Barometer Aneroid
SWA-225-100   Base Mounted Loudspeaker
OPR-100-100   Basic Biconcave Block
OPR-100-200   Basic Biconvex Block - Large
OPR-100-150   Basic Biconvex Block - Small
HBC-050-120   Basic Blood Pressure Monitor - UA651
BRN-100-100   Basic Bunsen Burner 13mm N.G. (Bulk Buy Available!)
CAL-050-200   Basic Calculator Class Set
FCO-070-100   Basic Conical Flask 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
FCO-070-250   Basic Conical Flask 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
FCO-070-500   Basic Conical Flask 500ml
CRP-050-100   Basic Crucible 15ml & Lid
CRP-050-150   Basic Crucible 25ml & Lid
ELK-120-100   Basic Electricity Kit
ELK-120-110   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Bulb Holder
ELK-120-112   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Buzzer
ELK-120-114   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Cell Holder
ELK-120-116   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Change Over Switch
ELK-120-118   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Electrode Holder
ELK-120-119   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Motor
ELK-120-120   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Push Switch
ELK-120-122   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Rheostat
ELK-120-124   Basic Electricity Kit - Spare Universal Clip
EZY-220-100   Basic Enzymology Kit
OPR-100-250   Basic Equilateral Block
FFI-100-001   Basic Filter Flask 1000ml
FFI-100-100   Basic Filter Flask 100ml
FFI-100-250   Basic Filter Flask 250ml
FFI-100-500   Basic Filter Flask 500ml
FPA-050-110   Basic Filter Paper - 110mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
FPA-050-125   Basic Filter Paper - 125mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
FPA-050-150   Basic Filter Paper - 150mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
FPA-050-185   Basic Filter Paper - 185mm

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