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TOL-280-100   Sandpaper Sheets
TMH-200-100   Satz School Event Timer
TMH-250-100   Satz School Stopwatch
ELB-400-300   SBC Brass Cord Grip Holder
ELB-400-350   SBC Brass Surface Mount
ELB-100-150   SBC Bulb 21W (Horizontal)
ELB-100-175   SBC Bulb 21W (Vertical)
ELB-100-200   SBC Bulb 24W
ELB-100-250   SBC Bulb 36W
ELB-100-300   SBC Bulb 48W
ELB-100-100   SBC Bulb 5W
ELB-500-100   SBC Mounted Bulb Holder
TMH-700-100   Scaler Timer - Standard
TMH-760-100   Scaler Timer Frequency Meter
DIB-300-100   Scalpel Blade No.10
DIB-300-150   Scalpel Blade No.10A
DIB-300-200   Scalpel Blade No.11
DIB-300-250   Scalpel Blade No.15
DIB-350-100   Scalpel Blade No.20
DIB-350-150   Scalpel Blade No.21
DIB-350-200   Scalpel Blade No.22
DIB-350-250   Scalpel Blade No.22A
DIB-350-300   Scalpel Blade No.23
DIB-350-350   Scalpel Blade No.24
DIB-350-400   Scalpel Blade No.25
DIB-350-450   Scalpel Blade No.26
DIB-400-100   Scalpel Blade Remover
DIB-410-200   Scalpel Blade Remover Unit - Pack of 10
DIB-250-100   Scalpel Handle No.3 Basic
DIB-200-100   Scalpel Handle No.3 Swann Morton
DIB-250-150   Scalpel Handle No.4 Basic
DIB-200-150   Scalpel Handle No.4 Swann Morton
BLO-050-140   Scenedesmus Algae - Live
S6101468-500ML   Schiff's Reagent - 500ml
S8001926-100ML   Schultze's Solution - 100ml
SCI-050-100   Scissors - 125mm
SCI-050-150   Scissors - 150mm
SCI-050-200   Scissors - 175mm
SPS-200-200   Scoop 100ml
SPS-200-250   Scoop 250ml
SPS-200-100   Scoop 25ml
SPS-200-300   Scoop 500ml
SPS-200-150   Scoop 50ml
STR-620-500   Scott Retort Rod™ - 500mm
STR-620-750   Scott Retort Rod™ - 750mm
CLE-560-100   Scourers Flat Green
BAO-220-550   Scout SKX Replacement AC Adapter
VIA-150-150   Screw Neck Vials - Squat Form 14.0 ml
VIA-150-200   Screw Neck Vials - Squat Form 28.25 ml
VIA-150-100   Screw Neck Vials - Squat Form 7.0 ml
TOL-320-150   Screwdriver - Large
TOL-320-100   Screwdriver - Small
TOL-340-100   Screwdriver / Wirestripper
TOL-300-100   Screwdriver No.1
TOL-300-150   Screwdriver No.2
MFL-375-150   Search Coil - Standard
S8001616-25ML   Sebacoyl Chloride - 25ml
S3102014-100ML   Sebacoyl Chloride 5% in Cyclohexane - 100ml
HOT-450-100   Secateurs
DIS-450-100   Section Lifter
DIN-350-150   Section Razor
DIS-500-100   Seeker with Plastic Handle
DIS-500-150   Seeker with Stainless Steel Handle
AUT-300-100   Self Seal Autoclave Pouches - 60 x 100mm
AUT-300-150   Self Seal Autoclave Pouches - 90 x 140mm
AUT-300-200   Self Seal Autoclave Pouches - 90 x 200mm
AUT-300-250   Self Seal Autoclave Pouches - 90 x 230mm
OPR-050-400   Semicircular Block
DAT-450-100   Sensorlab Plus Single User License
DAT-450-150   Sensorlab Plus Unlimited Site License
DAT-450-200   Sensorlab Plus Upgrade From LogIT Lab
EST-420-100   Set of 6 Soil Sieves
OPR-050-450   Set of 7 Blocks in Wooden Box
DRA-350-150   Set Square 60
DIN-400-100   Setting Pins
BSN-300-100   Shallow Form Evaporating Basin - 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BSN-300-125   Shallow Form Evaporating Basin - 125ml
BSN-300-035   Shallow Form Evaporating Basin - 35ml
BSN-300-050   Shallow Form Evaporating Basin - 50ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BSN-300-075   Shallow Form Evaporating Basin - 75ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
SDI-200-100   Sharps Disposal Bin
BLO-550-400   Sheep Hearts
MST-200-250   Shoulder Joint Model
BIO-860-310   Sickle Cell Gene Detection (DNA-based) Kit
TOL-260-100   Side Cutting Pliers
SNS-450-100   Signal Generator With Amplifier & Digital Display
S0001301-500G   Silica Gel - 500g
S0001302-500G   Silica Gel Self-Indicating (Blue-Pink) - 500g
S0002035-500G   Silica Gel Self-Indicating (Orange) - 500g
S0001618-250G   Silicon (VI) Oxide - 250g
LUB-100-150   Silicone Grease High Vacuum
LUB-100-100   Silicone Grease Normal
SGL-650-100   Silicone Heat Mitt
MEL-270-100   Silicone Oil - 500ml
TUF-300-003   Silicone Tubing - N3
TUF-300-103   Silicone Tubing - N3 (10m)
TUF-300-005   Silicone Tubing - N5
TUF-300-105   Silicone Tubing - N5 (10m)
TUF-300-006   Silicone Tubing - N6.5
TUF-300-106   Silicone Tubing - N6.5 (10m)
TUF-300-008   Silicone Tubing - N8
TUF-300-108   Silicone Tubing - N8 (10m)
ECT-200-200   Silk Electrostatic Cloth
S5101303-100G   Silver Nitrate - 100g
S5101303-10G   Silver Nitrate - 10g
S5101303-25G   Silver Nitrate - 25g
S0001419-2.5L   Silver Nitrate 0.1M (0.1N) Solution - 2.5L
S0001419-500ML   Silver Nitrate 0.1M (0.1N) Solution - 500ml
S0001622-10G   Silver Sulphate - 10g
S0002066-10G   Silver Wire - 10g
BEG-150-001   Simax Squat Beaker - 1000ml
BEG-150-010   Simax Squat Beaker - 10ml
BEG-150-250   Simax Squat Beaker - 250ml
BEG-150-025   Simax Squat Beaker - 25ml
ELY-170-100   Simple Cell Student Kit
MEL-200-100   Simple Melting Point Apparatus
PLB-350-100   Simple Potometer
HOT-650-100   Single Boiling Ring
STB-250-100   Single Burette Clamp - Wedged
STB-300-100   Single Burette Stand
MIH-200-200   Single Cell Counting Chamber - for Haemacytometer Set
MIH-200-100   Single Cell Haemacytometer Set
TLY-050-100   Single Column Gratnells Trolley
TLY-050-110   Single Column Gratnells Trolley With Trays
ELW-600-010   Single Core Wire - 100m Black
ELW-600-100   Single Core Wire - 100m Blue
ELW-600-150   Single Core Wire - 100m Green
ELW-600-200   Single Core Wire - 100m Red
PUL-200-100   Single Hanging Pulley
TAP-400-200   Single Pillar Bib Tap
ELS-150-100   Single Pole Switch (SPST)
TAP-400-100   Single Swan Neck - Fixed
TAP-400-150   Single Swan Neck - Swivel
DRA-120-100   Sinksafe
MST-100-100   Skeleton Model - Basic
BCR-100-100   Sloping Shoulder Bottles 100ml
BCR-100-150   Sloping Shoulder Bottles 150ml
BCR-100-200   Sloping Shoulder Bottles 200ml
BCR-100-300   Sloping Shoulder Bottles 300ml
BCR-100-500   Sloping Shoulder Bottles 500ml
SCR-300-100   Slotted Base - Standard
SCR-300-150   Slotted Base - Wide
ELF-050-100   Slow Blow Fuse 100mA
ELF-050-250   Slow Blow Fuse 1A
ELF-050-150   Slow Blow Fuse 250mA
ELF-050-300   Slow Blow Fuse 2A
ELF-050-350   Slow Blow Fuse 3.15A
ELF-050-200   Slow Blow Fuse 500mA
SPI-150-100   Small Disposable Spill Trays
AQU-050-300   Small Net
SPI-150-200   Small Reusable Spill Trays
SMC-300-150   Smart Acrylic Base
SMC-300-200   Smart Colours - Black
SMC-300-250   Smart Colours - Blue
SMC-300-300   Smart Colours - Brilliant Green
SMC-300-350   Smart Colours - Glow-In-The-Dark Pigment
SMC-300-450   Smart Colours - Magenta
SMC-300-100   Smart Colours Starter Pack
SMC-350-100   Smart Film - Non Adhesive
SMP-700-100   Smart Fluid
SMP-750-150   Smart Putty
SMS-150-100   Smart Spring
SMS-200-100   Smart Wire
KTN-500-100   Smeg Glass Washer - Complete Education Set
RAD-020-100   Smoke Alarm
BRN-400-100   Smoke Matches
DRY-250-200   Smoking Vortex Ring Kit
POW-620-100   Smoothing & Regulating Unit
S3201304-1L   Soap Solution Clark's - 1L
S3201305-1L   Soap Solution Wanklyn's - 1L
TUG-150-300   Soda Glass Tubing - 10mm
TUG-150-050   Soda Glass Tubing - 4mm
TUG-150-100   Soda Glass Tubing - 5mm
TUG-150-150   Soda Glass Tubing - 6mm
S8001308-500G   Soda Lime - Self Indicating - 500g
S8001307-500G   Soda Lime Granulated - 500g
S0001310-500G   Sodium Acetate 3-Water - 500g
S0001490-500G   Sodium Acetate Anhydrous - 500g
S0001311-100G   Sodium Alginate - 100g
S0001422-250G   Sodium Benzoate - 250g
HHE-250-150   Sodium Benzoate Genetic Taste Test Strips
S0002533-25G   Sodium Borohydride - 25g - ADR
S5101623-100G   Sodium Bromate - 100g
S0001312-250G   Sodium Bromide - 250g
S0001314-1KG   Sodium Carbonate 10-Water - 1kg
S0001313-3KG   Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous - 3kg
S0001313-500G   Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous - 500g
S0001489-500G   Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous - AR - 500g
S5101315-500G   Sodium Chlorate (V) - 500g
S0001316-1KG   Sodium Chloride - 1kg
S0001316-3KG   Sodium Chloride - 3kg
S0001409-500G   Sodium Chloride - AR - 500g
S0001903-5KG   Sodium Chloride - Granular - 5kg
S0001899-500G   Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate 2-Water - 500g
S0001898-500G   Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous - 500g
S0001724-250G   Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate - 250g
S6101625-100G   Sodium Fluoride - 100g
S0001626-250G   Sodium Formate - 250g
S0001318-1KG   Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate - 1kg
S0001318-3KG   Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate - 3kg

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