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S8001477-500G   Sodium Hydrogen Sulphate - 500g
S0001418-2.5L   Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M (0.1N) - 2.5L
S0001418-5L   Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M (0.1N) - 5L
S8001415-2.5L   Sodium Hydroxide 1.0M (1.0N) - 2.5L
S8001976-PK6   Sodium Hydroxide 1.0M (1.0N) CVS - Pack of 6
S8001726-1L   Sodium Hydroxide 2.0M (2.0N) - 1L
S8001412-1L   Sodium Hydroxide 40% Solution - 1L
S8001379-500G   Sodium Hydroxide Pearl - 500g
S8001320-1KG   Sodium Hydroxide Pellets - 1kg
S8001320-500G   Sodium Hydroxide Pellets - 500g
S8001321-500G   Sodium Hydroxide Pellets - AR - 500g
S8001322-1L   Sodium Hypochlorite Solution - 1L
S5101728-50G   Sodium Iodate - 50g
S0001324-100G   Sodium Iodide - 100g
S0001325-500G   Sodium Metabisulphite - 500g
S4301309-25G   Sodium Metal in Liquid Paraffin - 25g - ADR
S5101326-500G   Sodium Nitrate - 500g
S5101327-500G   Sodium Nitrite - 500g
S6101475-250G   Sodium Oxalate - 250g
S5101730-250G   Sodium Persulphate - 250g
S0001631-250G   Sodium Salicylate - 250g
S0001632-500G   Sodium Silicate Powder - 500g
S0001328-2.5L   Sodium Silicate Solution - 2.5L
S0001330-500G   Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous - 500g
S8001331-100G   Sodium Sulphide - 100g
S0001332-500G   Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous - 500g
S0002068-2.5L   Sodium Thiosulphate 0.1M (0.1N) - 2.5L
S0002068-5L   Sodium Thiosulphate 0.1M (0.1N) - 5L
S0002069-2.5L   Sodium Thiosulphate 1M (1N) - 2.5L
S0002069-5L   Sodium Thiosulphate 1M (1N) - 5L
S0001335-3KG   Sodium Thiosulphate 5-Water - 3kg
S0001335-500G   Sodium Thiosulphate 5-Water - 500g
S0001447-500G   Sodium Thiosulphate Anhydrous - 500g
MFL-500-100   Soft Iron Rod
TOR-350-100   Soft Touch LED Torch 2xAA
EST-250-100   Soil pH Meter
EST-550-100   Soil Test Kit 'pH NPK' - 80 Tests
EST-550-350   Soil Test Kit - Spare K1 Solution
EST-550-450   Soil Test Kit - Spare N2 Powder
EST-450-100   Soil Thermometer
CAL-150-100   Solar Calculator
HSE-100-250   Solar Cell 1000mA
HSE-100-100   Solar Cell 200mA
HSE-100-150   Solar Cell 400mA
HSE-100-200   Solar Cell 800mA
HSE-140-100   Solar Cell Mounted
HSE-150-100   Solar Education Kit 1
HSE-200-100   Solar Education Kit 2
HSE-350-100   Solar Motor - Low Inertia
HSE-130-100   Solar Motor Mounted
POS-300-100   Solar System Poster
TOL-410-200   Soldering Iron
TOL-410-250   Soldering Iron Stand
HSE-700-100   Solid Fuel Tablets
VIS-280-100   Solo Spark Visualiser
SWA-500-100   Sonometer - Mini
SWA-605-100   Sound Level Meter - Digital
SWA-080-100   Sound Switches
MAS-100-450   Spare Alloy Slotted Mass Hangers - 100g
MAS-100-300   Spare Alloy Slotted Mass Hangers - 10g
MAS-100-350   Spare Alloy Slotted Mass Hangers - 20g
MAS-100-400   Spare Alloy Slotted Mass Hangers - 50g
MAS-100-250   Spare Alloy Slotted Masses - 100g
MAS-100-100   Spare Alloy Slotted Masses - 10g
MAS-100-150   Spare Alloy Slotted Masses - 20g
MAS-100-200   Spare Alloy Slotted Masses - 50g
ECT-400-150   Spare Belt For V.D.G. - Standard
BUN-050-100   Spare Caps For Universal Bottle - BUN-050-025
AUT-050-150   Spare Gasket for Pressure Cooker
TOL-200-150   Spare Hobby Blades
ORA-150-200   Spare Metal Slit Plate - Basic
TLY-050-250   Spare Runners For Gratnells Trolleys & Units
AUT-150-200   Spare Sealing Gasket
MAS-400-450   Spare Steel Slotted Mass Hangers - 100g
MAS-400-300   Spare Steel Slotted Mass Hangers - 10g
MAS-400-350   Spare Steel Slotted Mass Hangers - 20g
MAS-400-400   Spare Steel Slotted Mass Hangers - 50g
MAS-400-250   Spare Steel Slotted Masses - 100g
MAS-400-100   Spare Steel Slotted Masses - 10g
MAS-400-150   Spare Steel Slotted Masses - 20g
MAS-400-200   Spare Steel Slotted Masses - 50g
ASP-050-300   Spare Tap for 25 Litre Aspirator
ASP-050-200   Spare tap for 5 & 10 Litre Aspirators
TLY-100-300   Spare Trolley Trays
STP-260-500   Spare White Shelf for 2 Door Cupboards
BRN-450-150   Spare Wick for Spirit Burner
BRN-460-150   Spare Wicks for Stainless Steel Spirit Burner
STP-260-550   Spare Yellow Shelf for 2 Door Cupboards
TUB-150-150   Specimen Tube - 50 x 19mm
TUB-150-200   Specimen Tube - 50 x 25mm
TUB-150-250   Specimen Tube - 75 x 25mm
OPL-840-150   Spectral Tube - Helium
OPL-840-200   Spectral Tube - Hydrogen
OPL-840-250   Spectral Tube - Mercury
OPL-840-300   Spectral Tube - Neon
OPL-840-350   Spectral Tube - Nitrogen
OPL-840-400   Spectral Tube - Oxygen
OPL-820-100   Spectral Tube Unit
SPS-500-100   Spectrometer - Standard
OPL-800-100   Spectroscope - Basic
OPL-700-100   Spectroscope - Standard
OPL-750-100   Spectroscope - Superior
FUG-350-100   Spherical Separating Funnel - 100mm
FUG-350-050   Spherical Separating Funnel - 50mm
OPL-970-100   Spiral Light Guide
BRN-460-100   Spirit Burner Stainless Steel
BRN-450-100   Spirit Burner with Screw Cap
TOL-440-100   Spirit Level
BLO-050-150   Spirogyra Varians Algae - Live
SPS-350-100   Spoon End Spatula - 150mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
SPS-350-150   Spoon End Spatula - 210mm
SPS-370-150   Spoon End Spatulas - 150mm
SPS-370-200   Spoon End Spatulas - 200mm
TIL-100-100   Spotting Tile Polypropylene
TIL-100-110   Spotting Tile Polypropylene
TIL-100-150   Spotting Tile Polypropylene
TIL-150-100   Spotting Tile Porcelain
TIL-150-050   Spotting Tile Porcelain - Basic
BDR-350-100   Spouted Dropping Bottle 100ml
BDR-350-050   Spouted Dropping Bottle 50ml
BSP-220-100   Spray Bottle 750ml - Blue
BSP-220-150   Spray Bottle 750ml - Green
BSP-220-200   Spray Bottle 750ml - Red
BSP-220-250   Spray Bottle 750ml - Yellow
BAL-250-200   Spring Balance with Transparent Body 1kg/10N
BAL-250-100   Spring Balance with Transparent Body 250g/2.5N
BAL-250-250   Spring Balance with Transparent Body 2kg/20N
BAL-250-300   Spring Balance with Transparent Body 3kg/30N
BAL-250-150   Spring Balance with Transparent Body 500g/5N
BAL-250-350   Spring Balance with Transparent Body 5kg/50N
BAL-250-400   Spring Balances with Transparent Bodies - Set of all 6
CEN-040-100   Sprout Micro-Centrifuge
CYG-200-100   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 100ml
CYG-200-010   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 10ml
CYG-200-001   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 1L
CYG-200-250   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 250ml
CYG-200-025   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 25ml
CYG-200-002   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 2L
CYG-200-500   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 500ml
CYG-200-050   Squat Glass Measuring Cylinders Duran 50ml
BDR-400-125   Squeezy Dropping Bottle 125ml
BDR-400-030   Squeezy Dropping Bottle 30ml
BDR-400-060   Squeezy Dropping Bottle 60ml
BEP-210-100   Stackable Beaker - 100ml
BEP-210-001   Stackable Beaker - 1L
BEP-210-250   Stackable Beaker - 250ml
BEP-210-500   Stackable Beaker - 500ml
MEA-170-200   Stackable Measuring Jug 1L
MEA-170-100   Stackable Measuring Jug 250ml
MEA-170-150   Stackable Measuring Jug 500ml
MSL-700-100   Staining Block 40x40mm
MSL-750-100   Staining Trough
CRM-100-100   Stainless Steel Crucible 30mm
CRM-100-150   Stainless Steel Crucible 35mm
CRM-100-200   Stainless Steel Crucible 40mm
CRM-100-250   Stainless Steel Crucible 50mm
CRM-100-300   Stainless Steel Crucible Lid 30mm
CRM-100-350   Stainless Steel Crucible Lid 35mm
CRM-100-400   Stainless Steel Crucible Lid 40mm
CRM-100-450   Stainless Steel Crucible Lid 50mm
BSN-500-080   Stainless Steel Evaporating Basin - 80ml
GAU-300-125   Stainless Steel Gauzes 125mm
GAU-300-150   Stainless Steel Gauzes 150mm
TON-100-100   Stainless Steel Tongs - Bowed 150mm
TON-100-150   Stainless Steel Tongs - Bowed 200mm
TRI-200-100   Stainless Steel Tripod Stand - 125mm
QSC-650-100   Standard Air condenser - 14/23 - 14/23
QSC-650-150   Standard Air condenser - 19/26 - 19/26
DES-200-100   Standard Artstraws 4mm
MAT-100-150   Standard Bench Mat - 150mm
MAT-100-230   Standard Bench Mat - 230mm
MAT-100-300   Standard Bench Mat - 300mm
QSC-540-100   Standard Cone/Screw Thread Adaptor - 13 - 14/23
QSC-540-150   Standard Cone/Screw Thread Adaptor - 13 - 19/26
QSC-750-150   Standard Conical Flask - 14/23 - 100ml
QSC-750-100   Standard Conical Flask - 14/23 - 50ml
QSC-750-200   Standard Conical Flask - 19/26 - 100ml
QSC-750-250   Standard Conical Flask - 19/26 - 250ml
FCO-100-001   Standard Conical Flask 1000ml
FCO-100-100   Standard Conical Flask 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
FCO-100-250   Standard Conical Flask 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
FCO-100-500   Standard Conical Flask 500ml
FCO-200-100   Standard Conical Wide Mouth Flask 100ml
FCO-200-250   Standard Conical Wide Mouth Flask 250ml
CRP-150-150   Standard Crucible 11ml
CRP-150-200   Standard Crucible 15ml
CRP-150-250   Standard Crucible 25ml
CRP-150-300   Standard Crucible 50ml
CRP-150-100   Standard Crucible 6ml
CRP-250-100   Standard Crucible Lid 30mm
CRP-250-150   Standard Crucible Lid 35mm
CRP-250-200   Standard Crucible Lid 40mm
CRP-250-250   Standard Crucible Lid 45mm
CRP-250-350   Standard Crucible Lid 60mm
QSC-760-100   Standard Distillation Flask - 25ml
QSC-760-150   Standard Distillation Flask - 50ml
QSC-550-100   Standard Double Adaptor - 14/23 - 14/23
QSC-850-150   Standard Dropping Funnel - 14/23 - 14/23 - 100ml
QSC-850-100   Standard Dropping Funnel - 14/23 - 14/23 - 50ml
QSC-850-200   Standard Dropping Funnel - 19/26 - 19/26 - 100ml

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