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TMH-800-100   Time Machine Basic Pack
TMH-800-200   Time Machine Class Pack
TMH-800-300   Time Machine Impact Switch
TMH-800-150   Time Machine Starter Pack
TMH-800-350   Time Machine Timing Cards
TMH-800-400   Time Machine Timing Cards Pack
TMH-800-450   Time Machine USB Cable
TMH-500-100   Timer - Basic
TMH-450-100   Timer - Standard
TMH-400-100   Timer - Superior
FMF-100-300   Timer For "G" By Free Fall System
S0001351-100G   Tin (II) Chloride 2-Water - 100g
S0001746-100G   Tin (II) Oxide - 100g
S8001733-100G   Tin (IV) Chloride 5-Water - 100g
S0001747-100G   Tin (IV) Oxide - 100g
S0001350-100G   Tin Metal - Granulated - 100g
S0001644-100G   Tin Metal Foil 0.035mm - 100g
S0001735-100G   Tin Metal Powder - 100g
TOL-400-100   Tin Snips
ELW-350-026   Tinned Copper - 26 SWG
CLE-650-100   Tissues
S0004775-1G   Titanium Metal Powder - 1g
ELY-100-350   Titanium Rod Electrodes
CHR-450-250   TLC Plates 200 x 200mm
CHR-450-150   TLC Plates 50 x 200mm
CHR-450-100   TLC Plates 80 x 40mm
S3201215-500ML   Toluene Reagent - 500ml
S0001353-100ML   Toluidine Blue 1% Aqueous Solution - 100ml
S0001352-5G   Toluidine Blue C.I.52040 - 5g
HHE-200-100   Tongue Depressors
TOL-620-100   Tool Kit
BIO-885-012   Tracking Dye
MPP-150-400   Tradescantia Epidermis Showing Stomata E (Prepared Slide)
HBC-200-100   Traditional Blood Pressure Monitor - UA705
SWA-760-100   Transmission of Sound and Light Apparatus
TAP-300-100   Transparent Cellulose Tape
TRY-400-250   Tray Extra Large - Shallow
TRY-400-200   Tray Large - Shallow
TRY-400-300   Tray Medium - Deep
TRY-400-150   Tray Medium - Shallow
TRY-400-100   Tray Small - Shallow
STA-900-100   Treasury Tag Plastic Ends 51mm
STA-900-150   Treasury Tag Plastic Ends 76mm
TRI-050-100   Triangle 39mm
TRI-050-150   Triangle 50mm
TRI-050-200   Triangle 63mm
OPR-050-350   Triangular Block - Right Angle
BSP-200-100   Trigger Spray
CLE-350-150   Trionic Spray
CLE-350-175   Trionic Spray
BLO-200-150   Triops
OLE-160-150   Triple Beam Laser
TLY-050-200   Triple Column Gratnells Trolley
TLY-050-210   Triple Column Gratnells Trolley With Trays
PUL-200-200   Triple Hanging Pulley
TRI-250-100   Tripod Short Suitable For Spirit Burner
TRI-250-150   Tripod With Gauze Suitable For A Spirit Burner
S0001890-500G   Tripotassium Citrate - 500g
BIO-870-032   Tris-glycine Powdered Buffer
BIO-870-030   Tris-glycine-SDS Powdered Buffer
S0001323-500G   Trisodium Citrate 2-Water - 500g
S0001927-500G   Trisodium Phosphate 12-Water - 500g
HOT-500-100   Trowel
SPS-400-100   Trulla Spatula (Bulk Buy Available!)
MEA-450-100   Trundle Wheel 'Invicta'
MEA-500-100   Trundle Wheel Counter
EZY-050-475   Trypsin Powder (Porcine) 25g
TMH-900-100   TSA & GM Counter
TMH-900-150   TSA Light Gate Source & Reciever
TMH-900-200   TSA Reaction Timers
FMF-120-200   TSA Timing Plate
BRU-550-100   Tube Brush 3mm
BRU-550-150   Tube Brush 6mm
MIH-200-400   Tubing & Mouthpiece - for Haemacytometer Set
SWA-800-100   Tuning Forks Set - Aluminium
STP-230-013   Turnover Stoppers - Size 13
STP-230-017   Turnover Stoppers - Size 17
STP-230-021   Turnover Stoppers - Size 21
STP-230-025   Turnover Stoppers - Size 25
STP-230-029   Turnover Stoppers - Size 29
STP-230-009   Turnover Stoppers - Size 9
S3301607-500ML   Turpentine Oil - 500ml
ECL-600-100   Two Way Viewer
SMS-350-100   Two-Way Memory Spring
TAP-400-250   Two-Way Pillar Bib Tap
SMA-250-050   Type IIR Non-Sterile Surgical Mask(10pk)
SMA-250-100   Type IIR Non-Sterile Surgical Mask(50pk)
ABS-050-200   U-Form Absorption Tube - 125 x 15mm
ABS-050-250   U-Form Absorption Tube - 150 x 20mm
ABS-050-300   U-Form Absorption Tube with Side Arms - 125 x 15mm
ABS-050-350   U-Form Absorption Tube with Side Arms - 150 x 20mm
STI-140-150   UC151 - Magnetic Stirrer
STI-190-150   UC152 - Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate
MIC-040-200   UK Power Supply For Novex Junior LED Microscope
DAT-150-500   uLog Carbon Dioxide Sensor
DAT-150-350   uLog Light Gate (Pair) Sensor
DAT-150-150   uLog Light Level Sensor
DAT-150-400   uLog Microsense Sensor Adaptor
DAT-150-200   uLog pH Sensor
DAT-150-250   uLog Sound Sensor
DAT-150-100   uLog Temperature Sensor
DAT-150-300   uLog Ultrasonic Movement Sensor
MIC-130-200   Ultra 400LA Microscope Spare Bulb
BAU-130-150   Ultrasonic Bath - XUBA1
BAU-130-100   Ultrasonic Bath - XUBA3
BAU-130-200   Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning Solution
FMF-345-100   Unbalanced Rod
STP-270-100   Underbench White Chemical Cupboard
STP-270-200   Underbench Yellow Chemical Cupboard
SPC-250-100   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 100cm
SPC-250-108   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 108cm
SPC-250-112   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 112cm
SPC-250-116   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 116cm
SPC-250-124   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 124cm
SPC-250-132   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 132cm
SPC-250-080   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 80cm
SPC-250-088   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 88cm
SPC-250-092   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 92cm
SPC-250-096   Unisex Laboratory Coat - 96cm
BUN-050-025   Universal Glass Bottle - Aluminium Cap
BUN-100-025   Universal Glass Bottle - Polypropylene Cap
S0001823-PK10   Universal Indicator Colour Cards pH 1-14 - Pack of 10
S0001822-PK10   Universal Indicator Colour Cards pH 4-11 - Pack of 10
S3201769-500ML   Universal Indicator Full Range pH1-14 - 500ml
S3201769-1L   Universal Indicator Solution pH1-14 - 1L
S3201358-1L   Universal Indicator Solution pH4-11 - 1L
S3201358-500ML   Universal Indicator Solution pH4-11 - 500ml
BUN-150-030   Universal Plastic Bottle
S5102000-1G   Uranyl Nitrate - 1g
S0001359-500G   Urea - 500g
EZY-050-500   Urease Active Meal
EZY-050-525   Urease Tablets
HHE-700-200   Urine Test Strips, Multiple - MUT101
MPA-750-350   Uriogenitary System - Human Spermatozoa Smear (Prepared Slide)
MPA-750-150   Uriogenitary System - Kidney, LS Entire (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-750-100   Uriogenitary System - Kidney, VS Thin Section (Prepared Slide)
MPA-750-200   Uriogenitary System - Ovary, TS (Prepared Slide)
MPA-750-300   Uriogenitary System - Testis, Rat, TS Spermatogenesis (Prepared Slide)
STI-140-100   US151 - Magnetic Stirrer
STI-190-100   US152 - Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate
ELK-900-500   USB Mains Plug & Lead for Electricity Modules
OPL-850-100   UV Beads Pack
SMC-500-100   UV Fluid
LAM-450-100   UV Lamp 254nm & 380mm
LAM-150-100   UV Lamp 365 to 370nm
FSC-350-100   UV Pen
LAM-300-100   UV Torch - Basic
LAM-350-100   UV Torch - Standard
VIS-300-100   V500S Autofocus Visualiser
PUM-120-100   Vacuum Pump - Basic
PUM-130-100   Vacuum Pump - Standard
PUM-150-100   Vacuum Pump - Superior CCL-141
PUM-150-150   Vacuum Pump Oil
PUM-150-151   Vacuum Pump Oil - 1 Litre
ECT-450-100   Van de Graaff Accessories Kit
ECT-430-100   Van De Graaff Generator - Basic
ECT-400-100   Van de Graaff Generator - Standard
ECT-415-100   Van De Graaff Generator Hand & Motor
S0004630-100G   Vanillin - 100g
TOL-140-100   Vernier Calliper Gauge
BIO-050-250   Vertical Protein Electrophoresis MV10
SWA-900-100   Vibration Generator - 3B
SWA-850-100   Vibration Generator - Standard
SWA-870-100   Vibration Generator - Superior
SGL-500-250   Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free Extra Large
SGL-500-200   Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free Large
SGL-500-150   Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free Medium
SGL-500-100   Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free Small
SGL-450-250   Vinyl Gloves Extra Large - Powdered
SGL-450-200   Vinyl Gloves Large - Powdered
SGL-450-150   Vinyl Gloves Medium - Powdered
SGL-450-100   Vinyl Gloves Small - Powdered
SEP-700-150   Viper Spectacles - Anti Scratch and Anti Fog
SEP-700-100   Viper Spectacles - Antiscratch
CLE-450-150   Virkon Disinfectant 500g
CLE-450-100   Virkon Disinfectant 50g
CLE-450-200   Virkon Disinfectant Tablets - Pack of 50
POW-540-100   Volt E-M Westminster Power Supply
POW-520-100   Volt Lock Power Supply
POW-530-100   Volt Lock Smooth
POW-500-100   Volt Switch Power Supply
FVO-052-001   Volumetric Flask 1000ml
FVO-052-100   Volumetric Flask 100ml
FVO-052-010   Volumetric Flask 10ml
FVO-050-002   Volumetric Flask 2000ml
FVO-052-250   Volumetric Flask 250ml
FVO-052-025   Volumetric Flask 25ml
FVO-050-005   Volumetric Flask 5000ml
FVO-052-050   Volumetric Flask 50ml
FVO-052-995   Volumetric Flask 5ml
FVO-200-001   Volumetric Flask Duran - 1000ml
FVO-200-100   Volumetric Flask Duran - 100ml
FVO-200-002   Volumetric Flask Duran - 2000ml
FVO-200-250   Volumetric Flask Duran - 250ml
FVO-200-500   Volumetric Flask Duran - 500ml
FVO-200-050   Volumetric Flask Duran 50ml
BLO-050-160   Volvox Algae - Live
WAS-100-250   Wash Bottle - 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
WAS-100-500   Wash Bottle - 500ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
WAS-150-100   Wash Bottle - Acetone

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