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FPA-050-270   Basic Filter Paper - 270mm
FPA-050-055   Basic Filter Paper - 55mm
FPA-050-070   Basic Filter Paper - 70mm
FPA-050-090   Basic Filter Paper - 90mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
ESC-050-100   Basic Fossil Set
CYG-050-100   Basic Glass Cylinder 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
CYG-050-010   Basic Glass Cylinder 10ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
CYG-050-001   Basic Glass Cylinder 1L
CYG-050-250   Basic Glass Cylinder 250ml
CYG-050-025   Basic Glass Cylinder 25ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
CYG-050-500   Basic Glass Cylinder 500ml
CYG-050-050   Basic Glass Cylinder 50ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
ELY-050-150   Basic Hoffman Voltameter Glassware
ELY-050-200   Basic Hoffman Voltameter Stand
HEM-250-100   Basic Mains Digital Joulemeter
MSL-300-100   Basic Microscope Slides
ESC-100-100   Basic Mineral Set
BEP-050-001   Basic Plastic Beakers - 1000ml
BEP-050-100   Basic Plastic Beakers - 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BEP-050-002   Basic Plastic Beakers - 2000ml
BEP-050-250   Basic Plastic Beakers - 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BEP-050-025   Basic Plastic Beakers - 25ml
BEP-050-500   Basic Plastic Beakers - 500ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BEP-050-050   Basic Plastic Beakers - 50ml
CYP-050-100   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
CYP-050-010   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 10ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
CYP-050-001   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 1L
CYP-050-250   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
CYP-050-025   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 25ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
CYP-050-002   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 2L
CYP-050-500   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 500ml
CYP-050-050   Basic Polypropylene Cylinder 50ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
OPR-100-300   Basic Rectangular Block
ESC-150-100   Basic Rock Set
OPR-100-400   Basic Semicircular Block
OPR-100-450   Basic Set Of 7 Blocks (10mm)
BEG-070-001   Basic Squat Beaker - 1000ml
BEG-070-100   Basic Squat Beaker - 100ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BEG-070-150   Basic Squat Beaker - 150ml
BEG-070-250   Basic Squat Beaker - 250ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
BEG-070-025   Basic Squat Beaker - 25ml
BEG-070-400   Basic Squat Beaker - 400ml
BEG-070-050   Basic Squat Beaker - 50ml
BEG-070-600   Basic Squat Beaker - 600ml
CAL-050-100   Basic Student Calculator
CRP-100-100   Basic Tall Form Crucible 18ml & Lid
CRP-100-150   Basic Tall Form Crucible 25ml & Lid
CAL-050-150   Basic Teacher Calculator
OPR-100-350   Basic Triangular Block - Right Angle
WAT-050-100   Basic Watch Glass - 100mm
WAT-050-050   Basic Watch Glass - 50mm
WAT-050-070   Basic Watch Glass - 70mm
WAT-050-080   Basic Watch Glass - 80mm
WAT-050-090   Basic Watch Glass - 90mm
FCO-075-100   Basic Wide Mouth Conical Flask 100ml
FCO-075-250   Basic Wide Mouth Conical Flask 250ml
BUR-400-300   Basket Extension Handle
BAW-570-100   Bath Armour
BAL-050-100   Bathroom Scales
BAT-800-100   Battery Tester
ELB-400-100   BC Cord Grip Plastic Holder
ELB-300-100   BC Infra Red Bulb
ELB-200-100   BC Low Energy Bulb 28W (Effectively 40W)
ELB-200-150   BC Low Energy Bulb 42W (Effectively 60W)
ELB-200-200   BC Low Energy Bulb 70W (Effectively 100W)
ELB-400-150   BC Plastic Surface Mount
BRU-050-100   Beaker Brush 150 x 70mm
TON-150-100   Beaker Tongs
GAS-050-100   Beehive Shelf 100mm
GAS-050-075   Beehive Shelf 75mm
S0001361-500G   Beeswax (White) - 500g
ELC-050-100   Bell
ELM-050-100   Bell Demonstration
SWA-625-100   Bell in a Bell Jar Apparatus
BEL-050-250   Bell Jar with Knob Top
BEL-050-200   Bell Jar with Socket Top Large
BEL-050-150   Bell Jar with Socket Top Medium
BEL-050-100   Bell Jar with Socket Top Small
ELW-050-100   Bell Wire
LAM-100-100   Bench Lamp (ES E27 Version)
LAM-100-150   Bench Lamp (SES E14 Version)
PUL-100-100   Bench Mounting Pulley - Horizontal
PUL-050-100   Bench Mounting Pulley - Vertical
POW-400-100   Bench PSU - Variable
TMB-050-090   Bench Stopclock - Brannan
TMB-050-100   Bench Stopclock - Brannan
TMB-350-100   Bench Stopclock - Compact
TMB-100-100   Bench Stopclock - Satz
TMB-150-100   Bench Stopclock - TM20 (Bulk Buy Available!)
S0001041-2.5L   Benedict's Solution Qualitative - 2.5L
S0001041-500ML   Benedict's Solution Qualitative - 500ml
S0002031-2.5L   Benedict's Solution Quantitative - 2.5L
S0002031-500ML   Benedict's Solution Quantitative - 500ml
S6101519-100ML   Benzaldehyde - 100ml
S6101519-500ML   Benzaldehyde - 500ml
S0003054-25G   Benzil - 25g
S0001046-250G   Benzoic Acid - 250g
S0001844-250G   Benzophenone - 250g
S8001047-100ML   Benzoyl Chloride - 100ml
S6101540-500ML   Benzyl Alcohol - 500ml
S0001048-500ML   Bicarbonate Indicator - 500ml
OPR-050-100   Biconcave Block
OLE-400-100   Biconcave Cylindrical Lens - 75mm
OLE-200-105   Biconcave Lenses 38mm - 100mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-200-155   Biconcave Lenses 38mm - 150mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-200-205   Biconcave Lenses 38mm - 200mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-200-255   Biconcave Lenses 38mm - 300mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-200-305   Biconcave Lenses 38mm - 500mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-250-155   Biconcave Lenses 50mm - 100mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-250-205   Biconcave Lenses 50mm - 150mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-250-255   Biconcave Lenses 50mm - 200mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-250-305   Biconcave Lenses 50mm - 250mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-250-355   Biconcave Lenses 50mm - 300mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-250-405   Biconcave Lenses 50mm - 500mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-250-105   Biconcave Lenses 50mm - 50mm FL - Pack of 5
OPR-050-200   Biconvex Block - Large
OPR-050-150   Biconvex Block - Small
OLE-400-150   Biconvex Cylindrical Lens - 75mm
OLE-300-105   Biconvex Lenses 38mm - 100mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-300-155   Biconvex Lenses 38mm - 150mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-300-205   Biconvex Lenses 38mm - 200mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-300-255   Biconvex Lenses 38mm - 300mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-300-305   Biconvex Lenses 38mm - 500mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-505   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 1000mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-155   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 100mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-205   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 150mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-255   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 200mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-305   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 250mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-355   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 300mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-405   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 500mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-105   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 50mm FL - Pack of 5
OLE-350-455   Biconvex Lenses 50mm - 750mm FL - Pack of 5
S0001909-25G   Bile Salts - 25g
HTM-200-100   Bimetallic Compound Bar
HTM-260-150   Bimetallic Strip Kit
BAG-200-100   Bin Liners Black
LAB-200-100   Bio-Hazard Tape
SPI-200-100   Biohazard Spill Kit
S5101796-25G   Bismuth Nitrate 5-Water - 25g
S0001049-500ML   Biuret Reagent - 500ml
STA-430-100   Black Ball Point Pens
BRU-370-150   Black Bristle Glue/Paste Brush - 12mm
BRU-370-100   Black Bristle Glue/Paste Brush - 6mm
STA-550-100   Black Card
CHR-180-100   Black Chromatography Pens
OPL-455-120   Black Paper for Pinhole Camera Kit
SNS-150-100   Black Plasticine
CLE-050-100   Bleach
BLO-500-110   Blepharisma - Live
SCI-150-100   Block of Scissors
MIH-100-100   Blood Lancets
HBC-300-100   Blood Typing ABO-Rh Kit
FSB-100-100   Blood Typing Kit
STA-430-150   Blue Ball Point Pens
BIO-080-100   Blue Light Transilluminator
TPS-030-100   Blue Litmus Paper
OCO-200-200   Blue Nuffield Colour Filter
SDI-100-050   Blue Paper Roll
SDI-100-100   Blue Paper Roll x6
SNS-150-150   Blue Plasticine
ADH-050-150   Blue Sticky Tac
DIF-100-100   Blunt Forceps 125mm
DIF-100-150   Blunt Forceps 150mm
DIF-100-200   Blunt Forceps 200mm
DIF-150-100   Blunt Forceps Plastic
ELL-150-100   BNC Plug to BNC Plug Lead
ELL-150-150   BNC Plug to Crocodile Clip Lead
ELL-150-200   BNC Plug to Stackable 4mm Plug Lead
ELT-150-100   BNC to 4mm Terminal Adaptor
RAD-350-200   BNC to TNC Lead
HHE-300-100   Body Fat Calliper
MPA-100-150   Bone - Compact (Hard) Bone, TS (Prepared Slide)
DIF-200-100   Bone Cutting Forceps
S0001356-500G   Boric Acid Crystals - 500g
S0001509-500G   Boric Acid Powder - 500g
TUG-100-100   Borosilicate Glass Tubing - Light Wall - 5mm
TUG-100-150   Borosilicate Glass Tubing - Light Wall - 6mm
TUG-100-200   Borosilicate Glass Tubing - Light Wall - 7mm
TUG-100-300   Borosilicate Glass Tubing - Medium Wall - 6mm
TUG-100-400   Borosilicate Glass Tubing - Medium Wall - 7mm
DIN-050-100   Borradaile Needle
STR-050-100   Bosshead - Basic (Bulk Buy Available!)
STR-100-100   Bosshead - Standard (Bulk Buy Available!)
STR-150-100   Bosshead - Superior (Bulk Buy Available!)
ADH-050-200   Bostick All Purpose
HPG-050-100   Bourdon Gauge
BOW-050-200   Bowl 400 x 320 x 145mm
HPG-100-100   Boyle's Law Apparatus
HPG-100-150   Boyle's Law Apparatus - Spare Red Oil
HPG-150-100   Boyle's Law Indicator
S8002775-50ML   Brady's Reagent - 50ml - ADR
SRG-100-100   Braided Nylon Cord - Black
SRG-100-150   Braided Nylon Cord - White
MOD-200-100   Brain Model
HHE-310-100   Brainlinks Digestion Card Game
ESC-270-100   Brainlinks Rock Cycle Card Game
ESP-220-100   Brainlinks Solar System
HCA-150-150   Brass Block
HTC-100-250   Brass Conductivity Rods
MAS-200-300   Brass Mass - 100g

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