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MAS-200-150   Brass Mass - 10g
MAS-200-200   Brass Mass - 20g
MAS-200-250   Brass Mass - 50g
MAS-200-100   Brass Mass - 5g
MAS-200-550   Brass Mass Hanger - 100g
MAS-200-400   Brass Mass Hanger - 10g
MAS-200-450   Brass Mass Hanger - 20g
MAS-200-500   Brass Mass Hanger - 50g
MAS-200-350   Brass Mass Hanger - 5g
FMF-250-013   Brass Pendulum 13mm
FMF-250-019   Brass Pendulum 19mm
FMF-250-025   Brass Pendulum 25mm
MAS-150-100   Brass Slotted Mass Set - 100g
MAS-150-150   Brass Slotted Mass Set - 1kg
MTR-500-100   Brass Strip
ELW-400-022   Brass Wire - 22 SWG
ELW-400-025   Brass Wire - 25 SWG
ELW-400-030   Brass Wire - 30 SWG
CHR-210-100   Breckland Blotting Paper
CHR-220-150   Breckland Chromatography Squares 13 x 13cm
CHR-220-100   Breckland Chromatography Strips 15 x 2cm
TPS-040-100   Breckland Indicator Strips
ELK-200-300   Breckland Locktronics - Complete Electricity Kit
ELK-200-200   Breckland Locktronics - Investigating Current
ELK-200-150   Breckland Locktronics - Investigating Potential Difference & Ohms Law
ELK-200-250   Breckland Locktronics - Investigating Resistance
ELK-200-100   Breckland Locktronics - Starter Kit
STA-600-100   Breckland Year Planner
ATM-100-100   BRIGHT Atom
ATM-100-350   BRIGHT Classroom Kit
ATM-100-300   BRIGHT Science Kit
ATM-100-150   BRIGHT Teacher Atom
ATM-100-250   BRIGHT Teacher Kit
ATM-100-200   BRIGHT Teacher Molecule
BLO-150-150   Brine Shrimp Eggs (Artemia)
BLO-150-100   Brine Shrimp Kit
BRU-100-100   Bristle Bottle Brush 65mm
BRU-100-200   Bristle Bottle Brush 75mm
BRU-450-100   Bristle Test Tube Brushes 10mm
BRU-450-200   Bristle Test Tube Brushes 16mm
BLO-100-150   Broad Bean Seeds
BIO-890-016   Broad Range DNA Ladder, 100Bp-10Kbp, 1 x 500ml Vial
S8002548-PK10   Bromine - Ampoules - Pack of 10 - ADR
S8002545-200ML   Bromine Water ~0.2M - 200ml - ADR
S0001054-5G   Bromo Phenol Blue - 5g
S0001055-500ML   Bromo Phenol Blue Aqueous 0.04% - 500ml
S3301542-100ML   Bromobenzene - 100ml
S0001053-100ML   Bromocresol Green 0.04% Aqueous Solution - 100ml
S0001544-5G   Bromocresol Purple - 5g
S0001056-5G   Bromothymol Blue - 5g
S0001057-500ML   Bromothymol Blue Aqueous 0.04% - 500ml
HPG-200-100   Brownian Motion Kit
BUK-150-200   Bucket 10L with Lid
BUK-150-100   Bucket 2.5L with Lid
BUK-150-150   Bucket 5L with Lid
S0002045-500ML   Buffer Solution Borate pH10 - 500ml
S0002043-500ML   Buffer Solution Borate pH8 - 500ml
S0002044-500ML   Buffer Solution Borate pH9 - 500ml
S0002037-500ML   Buffer Solution Glycine pH2 - 500ml
S0002041-500ML   Buffer Solution Phosphate pH6 - 500ml
S0002042-500ML   Buffer Solution Phosphate pH7 - 500ml
S0002038-500ML   Buffer Solution Phthalate pH3 - 500ml
S0002039-500ML   Buffer Solution Phthalate pH4 - 500ml
S0002040-500ML   Buffer Solution Phthalate pH5 - 500ml
S0001058-PK50   Buffer Tablets pH 4.0 - Pack of 50
S0001059-PK50   Buffer Tablets pH 7.0 - Pack of 50
S0001060-PK50   Buffer Tablets pH 9.2 - Pack of 50
ECL-050-100   Bug Pots
PIP-200-450   Bulb Pipette - 100ml
PIP-200-250   Bulb Pipette - 10ml
PIP-200-100   Bulb Pipette - 1ml
PIP-200-300   Bulb Pipette - 20ml
PIP-200-350   Bulb Pipette - 25ml (Bulk Buy Available!)
PIP-200-150   Bulb Pipette - 2ml
PIP-200-400   Bulb Pipette - 50ml
PIP-200-200   Bulb Pipette - 5ml
CLI-050-100   Bulldog Clips
BRN-050-150   Bunsen Burner L.P.G. 13mm
BRN-050-100   Bunsen Burner N.G. 11mm
BRN-050-200   Bunsen Burner N.G. 13mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
TUF-050-600   Bunsen Burner Tube - 600mm
TUF-050-750   Bunsen Burner Tube - 750mm
TUF-050-900   Bunsen Burner Tube - 900mm
BUR-400-200   Burette Basket
BRU-150-100   Burette Brush 100 x 19mm
STB-050-100   Burette Clamp - One Piece
STB-150-100   Burette Clamp - Spring Clip
STB-200-100   Burette Clamp - Spring Loaded
BUR-400-250   Burette Soaking Vessel
BUR-400-100   Burette Washer System
BUR-400-150   Burette Washer Unit
HPL-050-100   Bursting Bottle Demonstration
HPL-050-150   Bursting Bottle Replacement
S3301062-500ML   Butan-1-ol - 500ml
S3301063-2.5L   Butan-2-ol - 2.5L - ADR
S3301063-500ML   Butan-2-ol - 500ml
S3201547-100ML   Butanal - 100ml
BRN-570-150   Butane Gas For Gas Lighters
S8001678-100ML   Butanoic Acid - 100ml
BAT-250-350   Button Cells - LR41
BAT-250-150   Button Cells - LR43
BAT-250-170   Button Cells - LR43
BAT-250-070   Button Cells - LR44
BAT-250-210   Button Cells - LR54
BAT-250-300   Button Cells - SR41
BAT-250-100   Button Cells - SR44
BAT-250-250   Button Cells - SR54
ELC-100-100   Buzzer
ELP-160-240   C-Core & Clip Coil C Core & Clip
ELP-160-220   C-Core & Clip Coil Set of 5 Turns
PER-110-100   C-Fold Paper Towels Blue
MIC-750-150   C-mount camera adapter - Motic B1-223A/E-SP Trinocular
TOL-680-100   Cable Ties - 100 x 2.5mm
TOL-680-150   Cable Ties - 200 x 4.8mm
S0001683-10G   Caesium Chloride - 10g
S6101548-25G   Caffeine - 25g
S0001684-250G   Calcium Acetate - 250g
S0002032-100G   Calcium Bromide - 100g
S4301066-100G   Calcium Carbide - 100g
S0001067-1KG   Calcium Carbonate - Precipitated - 1kg
S0001067-3KG   Calcium Carbonate - Precipitated - 3kg
S0003046-500G   Calcium Chloride 2-Water - 500g
S0001068-500G   Calcium Chloride 6-Water - 500g
S0001069-2KG   Calcium Chloride Anhydrous - Granular - 2kg
S0001069-500G   Calcium Chloride Anhydrous - Granular - 500g
S0001071-1KG   Calcium Hydroxide - 1kg
S5101050-500G   Calcium Hypochlorite - 500g
S4301065-100G   Calcium Metal - Granular - 100g
S4301065-25G   Calcium Metal - Granular - 25g
S5101073-500G   Calcium Nitrate 4-Water - 500g
S8001549-500G   Calcium Oxide - Fine Powder - 500g
S0001076-5KG   Calcium Sulphate - 5kg
S0001075-500G   Calcium Sulphate 2-Water - Precipitate - 500g
S0002080-500G   Calcium Tetrahydrogen Phosphate - 500g
PHM-350-100   Calibration Kit - pH 4 and 7
PHM-350-150   Calibration Kit - pH 7 and 10
TLY-060-100   Callero Plus Double Trolley 16 Shallow Trays
TLY-060-150   Callero Plus Double Trolley 8 Deep Trays
TLY-060-200   Callero Plus Double Trolley 8 Shallow & 4 Deep Trays
TLY-060-300   Callero Plus Treble Trolley 12 Deep Trays
TLY-060-350   Callero Plus Treble Trolley 16 Shallow & 4 Deep Trays
TLY-060-250   Callero Plus Treble Trolley 24 Shallow Trays
TOL-120-100   Calliper Gauge
HCA-110-150   Calorimeter Jackets 50mm
HCA-110-170   Calorimeter Jackets 70mm
HCA-120-100   Calorimeter Stirrers
HCA-115-155   Calorimeter Tops 50mm
HCA-115-175   Calorimeter Tops 70mm
S3301550-25ML   Canada Balsam in Xylene -LQ 1307 - 25ml
DIS-550-100   Canvas Dissecting Roll
ELP-070-100   Capacitance Substitution Box
ECO-050-100   Capacitors Pack
ECO-070-100   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 1.0Uf
ECO-070-550   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 1000Uf
ECO-070-400   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 100Uf
ECO-070-250   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 10Uf
ECO-070-150   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 2.2Uf
ECO-070-600   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 2200Uf
ECO-070-450   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 220Uf
ECO-070-300   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 22Uf
ECO-070-200   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 4.7Uf
ECO-070-650   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 4700Uf
ECO-070-500   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 470Uf
ECO-070-350   Capacitors Radial Electrolytic 47Uf
TUG-050-100   Capillary Tubing - 0.4mm
TUG-050-150   Capillary Tubing - 0.5mm
TUG-050-300   Capillary Tubing - 0.8mm
TUG-050-200   Capillary Tubing - 1.0mm
TUG-050-350   Capillary Tubing - 1.2mm
ELY-100-100   Carbon Electrodes
ELY-050-180   Carbon Electrodes In Stoppers - For Basic Voltameter
SMP-050-100   Carbon Fibre Sheet
MOL-700-100   Carbon Nanotube
S0001078-1KG   Carbon Powder (Graphite) - 1kg
ELY-100-200   Carbon Rod Electrodes - Large
ELY-100-150   Carbon Rod Electrodes - Small
S0001551-1G   Carmine C.I.75470 - 1g
HPG-220-100   Cartesian Diver
MPA-150-100   Cartilage - Hyaline Cartilage, Costal Rib Section or TS Trachea (Prepared Slide)
S0001082-100G   Casein Powder - 100g
CAL-100-100   Casio FX83 Scientific Calculator
LAB-250-100   Casio Label Printer - KL-60L
LAB-250-150   Casio Labelling Tapes - Black on White
LAB-250-200   Casio Labelling Tapes - Black on Yellow
S0001245-500ML   Castor Oil - 500ml
EZY-050-200   Catalase
S6101042-100G   Catechol - 100g
PLB-460-100   Cauliflower Cloning Kit
PLB-460-200   Cauliflower Cloning Kit - Repalcement Medium
PLB-460-150   Cauliflower Cloning Kit - Replacement Vials
PLB-030-100   Cellular Respiration Box
EZY-050-225   Cellulase
SDI-100-500   Centre Feed Blue Roll Dispenser
FMF-510-100   Centrifugal Force Apparatus
PER-100-100   Ceramic Fibre Paper
MAG-500-100   Ceramic Magnet Pack
TIL-050-150   Ceramic Plate (Tile), 150mm
S0002052-25G   Cerium (IV) Sulphate - 25g
FLM-050-100   Charcoal Block
S4201686-500G   Charcoal Granular - Activated - 500g

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