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S4201083-500G   Charcoal Powder - Activated - 500g
S4201688-1KG   Charcoal Wood Lump - 1kg
HPG-250-100   Charles Law Apparatus
HPG-275-100   Charles' Law Graduated Tube
HPG-265-100   Charles' Law Mounted
HPG-265-110   Charles' Law Mounted - Class Set
SPS-050-200   Chattaway Spatula - Standard
SPS-100-100   Chattaway Spatula - Superior
BRE-350-020   Chemical Resistant Cap Liner
STP-840-100   Chemical Store Double Frame With Trays & Runners
STP-840-150   Chemical Store Triple Frame With Trays & Runners
DRA-150-050   Chemistry Stencil
LAB-300-050   Chinagraph Pencils Black
BLO-050-080   Chlamydomonas Nivalis Algae - Live
BLO-050-100   Chlorella - Live
S0002506-500ML   Chlorine Water - 500ml
S3301555-100ML   Chlorobenzene - 100ml
S6101355-500ML   Chloroform - 500ml
CHR-190-100   Chromatography Beaker 1L
CHR-230-100   Chromatography Card
CHR-050-050   Chromatography Column - Superior
CHR-250-100   Chromatography Paper 10 x 30cm
CHR-250-150   Chromatography Paper 20 x 20cm
CHR-300-100   Chromatography Paper CRL Pattern
CHR-350-350   Chromatography Paper Reels 100mm
CHR-350-100   Chromatography Paper Reels 10mm
CHR-350-150   Chromatography Paper Reels 20mm
CHR-350-200   Chromatography Paper Reels 30mm
CHR-350-250   Chromatography Paper Reels 40mm
CHR-350-300   Chromatography Paper Reels 50mm
CHR-110-100   Chromatography Separation Ink
CHR-200-100   Chromatography Tank
CHR-200-150   Chromatography Tank Lid
S0001087-100G   Chromium (III) Chloride 6-Water - 100g
S5101689-100G   Chromium (III) Nitrate 9-Water - 100g
S0001788-100G   Chromium (III) Oxide - 100g
S0001088-500G   Chromium (III) Potassium Sulphate 12-Water - 500g
S0001089-100G   Chromium (III) Sulphate Basic - 100g
S0004770-25G   Chromium Metal - 25g
CHR-250-200   Chromotography Paper 25 x 25cm
S0001989-100G   Cinnamic Acid - 100g
BOW-050-100   Circular Bowl 250mm
BOW-050-150   Circular Bowl 280mm
MFL-388-100   Circular Coil
MPA-200-100   Circulatory System - Artery and Vein, Section (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-200-250   Circulatory System - Entire Heart, LS Small Mammal (Prepared Slide)
MPA-200-500   Circulatory System - Human Blood Smear, Stained (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-200-400   Circulatory System - Human Blood Smear, Unstained (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-200-450   Circulatory System - Human Blood, Stained Geimsa Stain (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-200-300   Circulatory System - Liver, Injected, Section (Prepared Slide)
MPA-200-350   Circulatory System - Lung, Injected, Section (Prepared Slide)
S0001856-500G   Citric Acid - Anhydrous - 500g
S0001157-3KG   Citric Acid Monohydrate - 3kg
S0001157-500G   Citric Acid Monohydrate - 500g
STR-160-100   Clamp & Bosshead Combined - Cork Lined
STR-160-050   Clamp & Bosshead Combined - PVC Jaws
STR-200-100   Clamp Cork Lined - Basic (Bulk Buy Available!)
STR-250-100   Clamp Cork Lined - Standard
STR-270-100   Clamp Cork Lined - Superior
STR-300-100   Clamp Rubber Jaws - Basic (Bulk Buy Available!)
STR-350-100   Clamp Rubber Jaws - Standard
SWA-060-100   Clapper Board
PIP-250-100   Class A Bulb Pipette - 25ml
PIP-250-020   Class A Bulb Pipette - 2ml
ESC-200-100   Class Rock Set
S0001010-1KG   Clay Powder - 1kg
SPI-100-100   Clay Spillage Granules
SPI-100-150   Clay/Cellulose Spillage Granules
MSL-430-100   Clear Lacquer
BOW-100-100   Clear Plastic Box
BIO-090-100   Cleaver Education Power Supply
BIO-070-100   Cleaver electrophoresis Class Set
BIO-090-150   Cleaver Lab Power Supply
BIO-065-500   Cleaver Spare Combs - to create eight wells
BIO-065-550   Cleaver Spare Combs - to create six wells
BIO-500-300   Cleaver Starter Kit - Dye
BIO-060-100   Cleaver TGT1 Electrophoresis Tank
BIO-060-120   Cleaver TGT1 Electrophoresis Tank - Large
BIO-060-150   Cleaver TGT4 Electrophoresis Tank
BIO-060-200   Cleaver TGT6 Electrophoresis Tank
BIO-060-250   Cleaver TGT8 Electrophoresis Tank
BIO-095-100   Cleaver Vortex Mixer
HRE-280-100   Clifton Breathing Monitor
HRE-300-160   Clifton Mouthpiece - Filtered
HRE-300-150   Clifton Mouthpieces - Cardboard
BAW-350-200   Clifton NE1 & NE2 Polycarbonate Lid to fit 14L Bath
BAW-350-100   Clifton NE1 & NE2 Polycarbonate Lid to fit 4L Bath
BAW-350-150   Clifton NE1 & NE2 Polycarbonate Lid to fit 8L Bath
BAW-300-200   Clifton NE1 & NE2 Stainless Steel Lid to fit 14L Bath
BAW-300-250   Clifton NE1 & NE2 Stainless Steel Lid to fit 22L Bath
BAW-300-100   Clifton NE1 & NE2 Stainless Steel Lid to fit 4L Bath
BAW-300-150   Clifton NE1 & NE2 Stainless Steel Lid to fit 8L Bath
BAW-210-350   Clifton NE1 Triple Water Baths Lid
BAW-200-200   Clifton NE1-14, 14L Water Bath
BAW-210-100   Clifton NE1-2/2/2 Triple Bath Analogue
BAW-200-250   Clifton NE1-22, 22L Water Bath
BAW-200-100   Clifton NE1-4, 4L Water Bath
BAW-210-150   Clifton NE1-4/4/4 Triple Bath Analogue
BAW-200-150   Clifton NE1-8, 8L Water Bath
BAW-225-200   Clifton NE1D Unstirred Digital Water Bath 14L
BAW-225-250   Clifton NE1D Unstirred Digital Water Bath 22L
BAW-225-100   Clifton NE1D Unstirred Digital Water Bath 4L
BAW-210-200   Clifton NE1D-2/2/2 Triple Bath Digital
BAW-210-250   Clifton NE1D-4/4/4 Triple Bath Digital
BAW-250-200   Clifton NE2-14D, 14L Water Bath
BAW-250-250   Clifton NE2-22D, 22L Water Bath
BAW-250-100   Clifton NE2-4D, 4L Water Bath
BAW-250-150   Clifton NE2-8D, 8L Water Bath
HRE-300-200   Clifton Nose Clip
BAW-360-100   Clifton Polycarbonate Lift Off Lid For Unstirred 4L Baths
BAW-360-150   Clifton Polycarbonate Lift Off Lid For Unstirred 8L Baths
HRE-300-100   Clifton Spirometer
CEN-100-300   Clifton Targa Centrifuge NE-010G
SNS-050-100   Cling Film
EST-750-100   Clinometer
EST-780-100   Clinometer - Open
STA-100-100   Clipboard
STA-105-100   Clipboard Hardboard
STA-100-150   Clipboard PVC Blue
COL-200-100   CO7500 Colorimeter
COL-200-250   CO7500 Colorimeter Power Supply
COL-200-150   CO7500 Spare Filter Set
COL-200-200   CO7500 Spare Lamp
S0001090-100G   Cobalt (II) Carbonate Basic - 100g
S6101091-100G   Cobalt (II) Chloride 6-Water - 100g
S6101799-50G   Cobalt (II) Chloride Anhydrous - 50g
S5101092-100G   Cobalt (II) Nitrate 6-Water - 100g
S6102075-100G   Cobalt (II) Oxide - Black - 100g
S6101093-100G   Cobalt (II) Sulphate 7-Water - 100g
S4102074-25G   Cobalt (Metal) Powder - 25g
HPG-300-100   Collapsing Cans
MRB-310-100   Colony Counter
MRB-310-150   Colony Counter - Replacement Marker Tip
OSC-200-100   Colour Digital Oscilloscope
OCO-380-100   Colour Mixing Apparatus Superior
OCO-250-100   Colour Mixing Swatch
S0003062-500ML   Coloured Buffer Solution pH10 (Blue) - 500ml
S0003060-500ML   Coloured Buffer Solution pH4 (Red) - 500ml
S0003061-500ML   Coloured Buffer Solution pH7 (Green) - 500ml
STA-435-100   Coloured Felt Tipped Pens
DES-500-100   Coloured Pipecleaners
TOL-220-100   Combination Pliers
COM-050-100   Combustion Boat
COM-100-150   Combustion Tube - Large
COM-100-100   Combustion Tube - Small
BAB-400-100   Compact Balance
BAB-400-250   Compact Balance Power Supply
HRE-350-100   Compact Contraception Kit
EWE-600-100   Compact Environment Meter
MFL-050-100   Compass Magnet & Water Bowl
MTR-050-100   Composite Materials Sample Pack
HRE-360-100   Comprehensive Contraception Kit
OMR-050-155   Concave Mirror - 100mm FL
OMR-050-205   Concave Mirror - 150mm FL
OMR-050-255   Concave Mirror - 200mm FL
OMR-050-305   Concave Mirror - 300mm FL
OMR-050-105   Concave Mirror - 75mm FL
OMR-350-100   Concave Stainless Steel Mirror
HRE-400-100   Condom Demonstrator
HRE-400-150   Condoms
ELR-160-150   Conductive Paint - Pen
HTC-050-100   Conductivity Apparatus
HTC-150-100   Conductivity Rod Set
HTC-200-100   Conductivity Star
S0001094-5G   Congo Red C.I.22120 - 5g
FUG-300-100   Conical Separating Funnel - 100mm
FUG-300-250   Conical Separating Funnel - 250mm
FUG-300-500   Conical Separating Funnel - 500mm
FUG-300-050   Conical Separating Funnel - 50mm
MPP-050-100   Coniferophyta - Pinus, 'E' Stem Showing xylem Tubes (Prepared Slide)
MPP-050-150   Coniferophyta - Pinus, TS Leaf (Prepared Slide)
ELW-200-016   Constantan Wire - 16 SWG
ELW-200-018   Constantan Wire - 18 SWG
ELW-200-020   Constantan Wire - 20 SWG
ELW-200-022   Constantan Wire - 22 SWG
ELW-200-024   Constantan Wire - 24 SWG
ELW-200-026   Constantan Wire - 26 SWG
ELW-200-028   Constantan Wire - 28 SWG
ELW-200-030   Constantan Wire - 30 SWG
ELW-200-032   Constantan Wire - 32 SWG
ELW-200-034   Constantan Wire - 34 SWG
ELW-200-036   Constantan Wire - 36 SWG
ELW-200-038   Constantan Wire - 38 SWG
DES-250-100   Constructo Straws
SEP-600-100   Contour Spectacles
HHE-250-250   Control Genetic Taste Test Strips
HPG-400-100   Convection in Air Apparatus
HPG-400-150   Convection in Air Apparatus - Spare Chimneys
HPL-100-100   Convection in Water Apparatus
OMR-100-155   Convex Mirror - 100mm FL
OMR-100-205   Convex Mirror - 150mm FL
OMR-100-255   Convex Mirror - 200mm FL
OMR-100-305   Convex Mirror - 300mm FL
OMR-100-105   Convex Mirror - 75mm FL
OMR-350-150   Convex Stainless Steel Mirror
MSL-600-100   Coplin Staining Jar
S8001100-100G   Copper (I) Chloride - 100g
S6101101-100G   Copper (I) Oxide - 100g
S6101101-500G   Copper (I) Oxide - 500g
S6101556-100G   Copper (II) Bromide - 100g

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