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S0001102-250G   Copper (II) Carbonate Basic - 250g
S0001102-500G   Copper (II) Carbonate Basic - 500g
S8001103-250G   Copper (II) Chloride 2-Water - 250g
S8001103-500G   Copper (II) Chloride 2-Water - 500g
S5101104-250G   Copper (II) Nitrate 3-Water - 250g
S0001105-250G   Copper (II) Oxide - Black - 250g
S0001105-500G   Copper (II) Oxide - Black - 500g
S0001690-100G   Copper (II) Oxide - Wire Form - 100g
S6101108-250G   Copper (II) Sulphate - Anhydrous - 250g
S0001107-1KG   Copper (II) Sulphate 5-Water - 1kg
S0001107-3KG   Copper (II) Sulphate 5-Water - 3kg
S0001107-500G   Copper (II) Sulphate 5-Water - 500g
S0001691-500G   Copper (II) Sulphate 5-Water -AR - 500g
HCA-150-200   Copper Block
HCA-100-150   Copper Calorimeter 100mm
HCA-100-100   Copper Calorimeter 75mm
HTC-100-150   Copper Conductivity Rods
S0001097-250G   Copper Foil 0.1mm - Bright - 250g
S0002033-250G   Copper Foil 0.1mm - Technical Grade - 250g
S0002546-500G   Copper Granules - 500g
S0001098-500G   Copper Millings - 500g
S0001099-100G   Copper Powder - Fine - 100g
S0002099-100PK   Copper Rivets - Pack of 100
ELY-100-270   Copper Rod Electrodes
MTR-500-150   Copper Strip
ELW-250-014   Copper Wire - 14 SWG
ELW-250-016   Copper Wire - 16 SWG
ELW-250-018   Copper Wire - 18 SWG
ELW-250-020   Copper Wire - 20 SWG
ELW-250-022   Copper Wire - 22 SWG
ELW-250-024   Copper Wire - 24 SWG
ELW-250-026   Copper Wire - 26 SWG
ELW-250-028   Copper Wire - 28 SWG
ELW-250-030   Copper Wire - 30 SWG
ELW-250-032   Copper Wire - 32 SWG
ELW-250-036   Copper Wire - 36 SWG
COR-300-200   Cork Borer No.3
COR-300-250   Cork Borer No.4
COR-300-300   Cork Borer No.5
COR-300-350   Cork Borer No.6
COR-400-150   Cork Borer Push Rods
COR-250-150   Cork Borer Set 1-12
COR-250-200   Cork Borer Set 1-18
COR-250-100   Cork Borer Set 1-6
COR-350-100   Cork Borer Sharpener
COR-300-100   Cork Borer, No.1
COR-300-150   Cork Borer, No.2
COR-200-100   Cork Pack
SWA-100-150   Cork Powder
COR-050-150   Cork Ring 115mm
COR-050-100   Cork Ring 75mm
COR-100-100   Cork Sheet
COR-150-010   Corks 10mm
COR-150-012   Corks 12mm
COR-150-014   Corks 14mm
COR-150-016   Corks 16mm
COR-150-019   Corks 19mm
COR-150-021   Corks 21mm
COR-150-025   Corks 25mm
COR-150-029   Corks 29mm
COR-150-035   Corks 35mm
COR-150-038   Corks 38mm
COR-150-042   Corks 42mm
COR-150-045   Corks 45mm
COR-150-050   Corks 50mm
COR-150-008   Corks 8mm
ECT-200-150   Cotton Electrostatic Cloth
COT-100-100   Cotton Muslin
COT-020-100   Cotton Swabs with Wooden Handle
BRU-500-100   Cotton Tipped Test Tube Brushes 12mm
BRU-500-150   Cotton Tipped Test Tube Brushes 19mm
SRG-150-100   Cotton Twine
COT-050-150   Cotton Wool Buds - Paper Stem
COT-050-100   Cotton Wool Buds - Plastic Stem
ECT-170-100   Coulomb Meter
TMB-220-100   Count Up/Down Stop Clock - TM30
MIH-200-300   Cover Glass - for Haemacytometer Set
MSL-420-100   Cover Glass Forceps
MSL-150-250   Cover No.1.5 - 18 x 18mm
MSL-150-300   Cover No.1.5 - 20 x 20mm
MSL-150-450   Cover No.1.5 - 22 x 32mm
MSL-200-100   Cover No.2 - 18 x 18mm
MSL-200-150   Cover No.2 - 22 x 22mm
FSC-100-150   Coverall Protective Suit - Large
FSC-100-100   Coverall Protective Suit - Medium
MSL-050-150   Covers No.0 - 18 x 18mm
MSL-050-100   Covers No.0 - 19mm dia.
MSL-050-200   Covers No.0 - 22 x 22mm
MSL-100-150   Covers No.1 - 18 x 18mm
MSL-100-100   Covers No.1 - 19mm dia.
MSL-100-200   Covers No.1 - 22 x 22mm
MSL-150-350   Covers No.1.5 - 22 x 22mm
DIB-100-200   Craft Tool Curved Blade
DIB-100-100   Craft Tool Scalpel
DIB-100-150   Craft Tool Straight Blade
S0001110-100ML   Cresol Red 0.02% Aqueous Solution - 100ml
S0001109-5G   Cresol Red Indicator - 5g
BLO-100-200   Cress Seeds
FSC-050-025   Crime Scene Tape 25m
ELL-120-200   Crocodile Clip Lead Pack - Red & Black
ELT-050-100   Crocodile Clips - Pack of 10
ELT-050-150   Crocodile Clips - Pack of 100
ELL-120-100   Crocodile Clips Lead Pack
HSE-050-100   Crookes Radiometer
SPS-650-100   Crown Glass Prism R.I. 1.51
TON-020-200   Crucible Tong - Bow Type 30cm S.Steel
TON-020-500   Crucible Tong - Straight 30cm S.Steel
S3101693-500ML   Crude Oil Substitute - 500ml
SWA-335-100   Crystal Microphone
S0001113-100ML   Crystal Violet Aqueous Solution - 100ml
S0001111-25G   Crystal Violet C.I.42555 - 25g
BSN-100-100   Crystallising Basin without Spout - 100ml
BSN-100-300   Crystallising Basin without Spout - 300ml
BSN-100-040   Crystallising Basin without Spout - 40ml
DIF-250-100   Curved Forceps 125mm
DIS-250-100   Curved Scissors
COL-300-150   Cuvette Holder
COL-300-100   Cuvettes 4.5ml
OCO-150-250   Cyan Colour Filter Sheet
S3101114-500ML   Cyclohexane - 500ml
S6101115-500ML   Cyclohexanol - 500ml
S3301557-500ML   Cyclohexanone - 500ml
S3101116-250ML   Cyclohexene - 250ml
BRU-200-100   Cylinder Brush 120mm
BRU-200-150   Cylinder Brush 140mm
BAL-350-100   Cylindrical Balloons
FUG-100-100   Cylindrical Dropping Funnel - 100ml
FUG-100-250   Cylindrical Dropping Funnel - 250ml
FUG-100-050   Cylindrical Dropping Funnel - 50ml
BIO-520-100   Cystic Fibrosis DNA Testing Kit
BIO-520-150   Cystic Fibrosis Dye Testing Kit
S0001140-25G   D (+) Galactose Anhydrous - 25g
S0001143-500G   D (+) Glucose 1-Water - 500g
S0001142-500G   D (+) Glucose Anhydrous - 500g
S0001210-5G   D (+) Mannose - 5g
S0001139-100G   D (-) Fructose - 100g
BAT-570-100   D Type Single Cell Holder
WAT-250-200   D4000 & Merit Water Still condenser
WAT-250-100   D4000 Water Still
WAT-250-150   D4000 Water Still Boiler
WAT-250-250   D4000 Water Still Heater
BLO-200-100   Daphnia (Water Flea)
BLO-200-120   Daphnia Food Pellets
S0001062-PK10   DCPIP Tablets - Pack of 10
TOL-410-100   De-Solder Pump
S3301860-25ML   Decane - 25ml
CLE-100-100   Decon 90 1L
CLE-100-150   Decon 90 5L
CLE-200-100   Decon Decomatic
BSN-350-072   Deep Form Evaporating Basins - 72ml
COM-250-100   Deflagrating Spoon
WAT-200-100   Deioniser Elgastat B114
WAT-200-150   Deioniser Elgastat B114 - Spare Cartridges
MOD-090-100   Demo DNA Nucleotides
SWA-215-100   Demo Loudspeaker
HEC-100-100   Demonstration Dynamo
ELP-150-150   Demountable Coil 100 Turns
ELP-150-300   Demountable Coil 1000 Turns
ELP-150-200   Demountable Coil 200 Turns
ELP-150-350   Demountable Coil 2000 Turns
ELP-150-100   Demountable Coil 50 Turns
ELP-150-250   Demountable Coil 500 Turns
ELP-100-100   Demountable Transformer Kit
MTR-060-100   Density Cube Set
MTR-070-100   Density Determination Set
DIF-450-100   Dental Mirror
DES-100-150   Desiccator 190mm
DES-100-100   Desiccator 90mm
DES-150-150   Desiccator Disc 190mm
DES-150-100   Desiccator Disc 90mm
SEP-350-100   Designer Spectacles - Basic
SEP-400-100   Designer Spectacles - Standard Mk1
SEP-340-100   Designer Spectacles - Standard Mk2
SEP-450-100   Designer Spectacles - Superior
CLE-250-100   Dettol
S0001835-500G   Di-Ammonium hydrogenphosphate - 500g
S5202056-25G   Di-Lauroyl Peroxide - 25g
DIA-050-100   Dialysis Tubing 14mm
DIA-050-150   Dialysis Tubing 17.5mm
DIA-050-200   Dialysis Tubing 21mm
DIA-050-250   Dialysis Tubing 24mm
DIA-050-300   Dialysis Tubing 33mm
DIA-100-100   Dialysis Tubing Clips
EZY-050-250   Diastase
S6101118-500ML   Dichloromethane - 500ml
S3101129-500ML   Diethyl Ether - 500ml - ADR
OPL-050-100   Diffraction Glasses
OPL-100-150   Diffraction Grating - 100 Lines
OPL-100-300   Diffraction Grating - 1200 Lines
OPL-100-200   Diffraction Grating - 300 Lines
OPL-100-250   Diffraction Grating - 600 Lines
OPL-100-100   Diffraction Grating - 80 Lines
OPL-150-100   Diffraction Gratings Slide
MPA-350-250   Digestive System - Liver of Pig, VS (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-350-300   Digestive System - Pancreas, for Islets of Langerhans & Exocrine Acini (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
MPA-350-150   Digestive System - Small Intestine, LS General Structure (Prepared Slide)
EMD-070-130   Digital A.C. Ammeter - Superior
EMD-070-150   Digital A.C. Voltmeter - Superior
EMD-150-100   Digital Ammeter - Basic
EMD-100-100   Digital Ammeter - Standard

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