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EMD-070-120   Digital D.C. Ammeter - Superior
EMD-070-100   Digital D.C. Microammeter - Superior
EMD-070-110   Digital D.C. Milliammeter - Superior
EMD-070-140   Digital D.C. Voltmeter - Superior
THM-180-100   Digital Ear Thermometer
HYD-100-100   Digital Hygrometer
HEM-090-100   Digital Joulemeter - Basic
HEM-100-110   Digital Joulemeter - Standard
MEL-300-100   Digital Melting Point Apparatus
HRE-120-100   Digital Peak Flow Meter
OSC-400-100   Digital Storage Oscilloscope 60MHz
EMD-050-150   Digital Superior Ammeter
EMD-050-100   Digital Superior Voltmeter
THM-750-100   Digital Test Thermometer
EMD-150-150   Digital Voltmeter - Basic
EMD-100-150   Digital Voltmeter - Standard
S3301795-500ML   Dimethylformamide - 500ml
MIC-780-500   Dino-Eye AM7025X Eyepiece 5.0MP Camera
MIC-780-150   Dino-Lite AM2111
OLE-170-100   Diode Laser
ECO-100-100   Diode Pack
S6101953-100G   Diphenylamine - 100g
S0001282-500G   Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate - 500g
MRB-100-350   Disc Ejector
HHE-050-100   Disclosing Tablets
ADP-050-800   Disconnector Tubing Adaptor - 4/6mm
ADP-050-850   Disconnector Tubing Adaptor - 6/8mm
ADP-050-900   Disconnector Tubing Adaptor - 8/10mm
CLE-550-250   Dish Cloths (Swabbing Cloths)
BKT-150-100   Dishwasher Basket
CLE-420-100   Dishwasher Salt
CLE-420-150   Dishwasher Tablets
S0001319-500G   Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate 12-Water - 500g
S0001469-500G   Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate 2-Water - 500g
S0001974-500G   Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous - 500g
S0001334-500G   Disodium Tetraborate 10-Water (Borax) - 500g
SPC-050-100   Disposable Aprons
FSC-070-100   Disposable Over-Shoes
THM-180-150   Disposable Probe Covers
DIB-150-100   Disposable Scalpel No.10
DIB-150-150   Disposable Scalpel No.10A
DIB-150-200   Disposable Scalpel No.11
DIB-150-250   Disposable Scalpel No.20
DIB-150-300   Disposable Scalpel No.21
DIB-150-350   Disposable Scalpel No.22
DIB-150-400   Disposable Scalpel No.23
DIB-150-450   Disposable Scalpel No.24
SRG-000-050   Disposable Syringe - 50ml (Single)
SRG-200-010   Disposable Syringes - 10ml (Pack of 100)
SRG-000-010   Disposable Syringes - 10ml (Pack of 5)
SRG-200-001   Disposable Syringes - 1ml (Pack of 100)
SRG-000-001   Disposable Syringes - 1ml (Pack of 5)
SRG-000-020   Disposable Syringes - 20ml (Pack of 5)
SRG-200-020   Disposable Syringes - 20ml (Pack of 50)
SRG-200-002   Disposable Syringes - 2ml (Pack of 100)
SRG-000-002   Disposable Syringes - 2ml (Pack of 5)
SRG-200-050   Disposable Syringes - 50ml (Pack of 25)
SRG-200-005   Disposable Syringes - 5ml (Pack of 100)
SRG-000-005   Disposable Syringes - 5ml (Pack of 5)
DIS-100-100   Dissecting Board - Large
DIS-100-150   Dissecting Board - Small
DIS-150-100   Dissecting Dish
DIS-150-150   Dissecting Dish with Wax
DIS-220-100   Dissecting Scissors - 115mm
DIS-220-150   Dissecting Scissors - 125mm
DIS-220-200   Dissecting Scissors - 150mm
DIS-650-100   Dissection Set
DIS-200-200   Dissection Tray - Large
DIS-200-350   Dissection Tray - Large Replacement Pad
DIS-200-150   Dissection Tray - Medium
DIS-200-300   Dissection Tray - Medium Replacement Pad
DIS-200-100   Dissection Tray - Small
DIS-200-250   Dissection Tray - Small Replacement Pad
FDI-050-150   Distillation Flask 150ml
FDI-050-250   Distillation Flask 250ml
FDI-050-500   Distillation Flask 500ml
S0001694-5G   Dithizone - 5g
BIO-860-365   Diversity of Fish Protein Kit
CHR-150-100   DL Aspartic Acid Solution
CHR-150-150   DL Leucine Solution
CHR-150-200   DL Lysine Monohydrochloride Solution
S0002027-25G   DL-Alanine - 25g
S0001023-25G   DL-Aspartic Acid - 25g
S8001471-500ML   DL-Lactic Acid - 500ml
S0002077-5G   DL-Leucine - 5g
S0002057-100G   DL-Malic Acid - 100g
S0001965-25G   DL-Methionine - 25g
S0001970-5G   DL-Phenylalanine - 5g
BIO-800-150   DNA Fingerprinting - Using PCR
BIO-800-200   DNA Fingerprinting - Using Restriction Enzyme
BIO-530-100   DNA Fingerprinting DNA Kit
BIO-530-150   DNA Fingerprinting Dye Kit
BIO-800-100   DNA Fingerprinting Made Simple
BIO-890-014   DNA Ladder: 1Kbp, 250-10Kbp, 1x500ml Vial
BIO-885-010   DNA Stain
MOL-900-100   DNA Starter Kit
MOD-100-100   DNA-RNA Model
ESP-350-250   Dobsonian Reflector Telescope
SWA-050-100   Doppler Effect Unit
SWA-055-100   Doppler Swing
HOT-650-150   Double Boiling Ring
STB-250-150   Double Burette Clamp - Wedged
MIH-200-250   Double Cell Counting Chamber - for Haemacytometer Set
MIH-200-150   Double Cell Haemacytometer Set
TLY-050-150   Double Column Gratnells Trolley
TLY-050-160   Double Column Gratnells Trolley With Trays
ROD-050-200   Double End Stirring Rods - 200mm
ROD-050-300   Double End Stirring Rods - 300mm
PUL-200-150   Double Hanging Pulley
ELS-150-150   Double Pole Switch (DPDT)
PUL-150-100   Double Pulley Block - In-line
TAP-050-100   Double-Sided Tape
BUR-400-350   Drain Pipe for Burette Washer
BKT-050-100   Draining Basket
DRA-100-100   Draining Rack
DRA-050-100   Draining Rack Double
DRA-150-100   Drawing Compass
STA-120-100   Drawing Pins
GAS-100-100   Dreschel Gas Wash Bottle
DIS-300-100   Dressing Scissor - Blunt/Blunt
DIS-300-150   Dressing Scissor - Blunt/Sharp
DIS-300-200   Dressing Scissor - Sharp/Sharp
DES-350-100   Drinking Straw 3mm
DES-350-150   Drinking Straw 6mm
BWI-100-100   Dropping Bottle Rack
STF-100-100   Dropping Bottle Stand
PIP-050-126   Dropping Pipette 3ml Ungraduated
BLO-400-100   Drosophila Media Tubes
BLO-250-250   Drosophila Melanogaster - Ebony Body Culture
BLO-250-300   Drosophila Melanogaster - Scarlet Eye Culture
BLO-250-200   Drosophila Melanogaster - Vestigial Wing Culture
BLO-250-220   Drosophila Melanogaster - Vestigial Wing Male
BLO-250-210   Drosophila Melanogaster - Vestigial Wing Virgin Female
BLO-250-150   Drosophila Melanogaster - White Eye Culture
BLO-250-170   Drosophila Melanogaster - White Eye Male
BLO-250-160   Drosophila Melanogaster - White Eye Virgin Female
BLO-250-100   Drosophila Melanogaster - Wild Type Culture
BLO-250-120   Drosophila Melanogaster - Wild Type Male
BLO-250-110   Drosophila Melanogaster - Wild Type Virgin Female
BLO-400-155   Drosophilia Quick Mix Medium
DRY-200-200   Dry Ice 10kg Pack
DRY-200-250   Dry Ice 15kg Pack
DRY-200-150   Dry Ice 5kg Pack
DRY-200-100   Dry Ice Handling Kit
DRY-250-155   Dry Ice Rocket Kit
STA-140-100   Dry Wipe A4 Whiteboards
STA-150-200   Dry Wipe Board Mini-Pens - Mixed Pack
STA-150-100   Dry Wipe Board Pens
STA-150-150   Dry Wipe Board Pens Mixed Pack
STA-200-100   Dry Wipe Eraser
STA-200-150   Dry Wipe Mini-Erasers - Pack of 35
DRY-050-100   Drying Cabinet 113L
COM-150-100   Dual Combustion Tube
TMH-605-150   Dual Power Timers 30 Pack
TMH-605-100   Dual Power Timers 5 Pack
MIH-070-100   Dual Scale Stage Micrometer
BAT-150-200   Duracell Industrial Batteries - AA
BAT-150-300   Duracell Industrial Batteries - AAA
BAT-150-250   Duracell Industrial Batteries - C
BAT-150-150   Duracell Industrial Batteries - D
BAT-150-100   Duracell Industrial Batteries - PP3
BEG-400-001   Duran Squat Beaker - 1000ml
BEG-400-100   Duran Squat Beaker - 100ml
BEG-400-150   Duran Squat Beaker - 150ml
BEG-400-002   Duran Squat Beaker - 2000ml
BEG-400-250   Duran Squat Beaker - 250ml
BEG-400-025   Duran Squat Beaker - 25ml
BEG-400-003   Duran Squat Beaker - 3000ml
BEG-400-400   Duran Squat Beaker - 400ml
BEG-400-005   Duran Squat Beaker - 5000ml
BEG-400-050   Duran Squat Beaker - 50ml
BEG-400-600   Duran Squat Beaker - 600ml
BEG-400-800   Duran Squat Beaker - 800ml
BEG-450-001   Duran Super Duty Beaker - 1000ml
BEG-450-150   Duran Super Duty Beaker - 150ml
BEG-450-250   Duran Super Duty Beaker - 250ml
BEG-450-400   Duran Super Duty Beaker - 400ml
BEG-450-600   Duran Super Duty Beaker - 600ml
TTU-700-150   Duran Test Tubes - 100 x 10mm
TTU-700-200   Duran Test Tubes - 100 x 13mm
TTU-700-250   Duran Test Tubes - 125 x 16mm
TTU-700-350   Duran Test Tubes - 150 x 20mm
TTU-700-400   Duran Test Tubes - 150 x 25mm
TTU-700-300   Duran Test Tubes - 160 x 16mm
TTU-700-100   Duran Test Tubes - 75 x 10mm
BRE-400-001   Duran Youtility Reagent Bottle 1000ml
BRE-400-125   Duran Youtility Reagent Bottle 125ml
BRE-400-250   Duran Youtility Reagent Bottle 250ml
BRE-400-500   Duran Youtility Reagent Bottle 500ml
BRE-400-010   Duran Youtility Reagent Bottle Spare Cap
BRE-400-020   Duran Youtility Reagent Bottle Spare Pouring Ring
LAB-400-100   Duran� Youtility Printable Labels
SMA-050-100   Dust Mask
CLE-600-100   Dustpan & Brush
S0001125-BK25   Dutch Metal Leaf - Book
FMF-335-120   Dynamics Ramp 1.2m Track
FMF-335-180   Dynamics Ramp 1.8m Track
FMF-335-190   Dynamics Ramp Run-Off
FMF-335-110   Dynamics Ramp Support Frame
TOR-050-100   Dynamo Torch

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