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MIC-780-400   Dyno-Eye Eyepiece 1.3MP Camera
MIC-780-350   Dyno-Lite Vertical Stand
SEA-100-100   Ear Defenders
MOD-250-100   Ear Model - Basic
MOD-300-100   Ear Model - Standard
ECT-250-200   Ebonite Friction Rod
ECT-250-100   Ebonite-Brass Friction Rod
SMP-100-100   Eco Film
PIT-050-350   ECO Pipette Tips - 10ml
PIT-050-300   ECO Pipette Tips - 5ml
PIT-050-200   ECO Pipetter - 10ml
PIT-050-150   ECO Pipetter - 5ml
MFL-150-100   Eddy Current Demonstration Set
S0001132-100G   EDTA disodium salt - 100g
S0001132-500G   EDTA disodium salt - 500g
BIO-450-100   Edvocycler PCR Machine
HHE-400-100   Effects of Smoking Kit
ELL-250-100   EHT Lead - Black
ELL-250-150   EHT Lead - Red
SWA-070-100   Elasticated Cord
MST-200-200   Elbow Joint Model
ECT-255-150   Electric Field Apparatus
HEC-150-100   Electric Motor Demonstration
GAS-250-100   Electrical Gas Lighter
ELK-900-100   Electricity Teaching Module 1
ELK-900-150   Electricity Teaching Module 2
ELK-900-200   Electricity Teaching Module 3
ELK-900-250   Electricity Teaching Module 4
ELY-300-100   Electrode Holder
ELY-155-100   Electrolysis Cell
ELM-155-100   Electromagnet
TOL-160-100   Electronic Calliper Gauge
TOL-550-100   Electronics Tool Kit
BIO-870-036   Electrophoresis Buffer (10x TBE)
BIO-400-100   Electrophoresis Buffer Solution (50x Tae)
BIO-300-100   Electrophoresis Class Set
BIO-100-100   Electrophoresis Power Supply
ECT-130-100   Electrostatic Cell
ECT-150-100   Electrostatic Charge Indicator
ECT-230-150   Electrostatic Strip Holders
ECT-230-100   Electrostatic Strips
ECT-700-100   Electrostatics Kit
HTM-300-250   Electrothermal Heating Mantle 1000ml
HTM-300-100   Electrothermal Heating Mantle 100ml
HTM-300-150   Electrothermal Heating Mantle 250ml
HTM-300-200   Electrothermal Heating Mantle 500ml
BLO-070-100   Elodea - Live
SPI-300-015   Emergency Chemical Spill Kit
ELW-300-018   Enamelled Copper Wire - 18 SWG
ELW-300-020   Enamelled Copper Wire - 20 SWG
ELW-300-022   Enamelled Copper Wire - 22 SWG
ELW-300-024   Enamelled Copper Wire - 24 SWG
ELW-300-026   Enamelled Copper Wire - 26 SWG
ELW-300-028   Enamelled Copper Wire - 28 SWG
ELW-300-030   Enamelled Copper Wire - 30 SWG
ELW-300-032   Enamelled Copper Wire - 32 SWG
ELW-300-036   Enamelled Copper Wire - 36 SWG
ELR-300-100   Energy Ball
DIF-300-100   Entomological Forceps 120mm
EZY-100-100   Enzymes Set
S0001127-100ML   Eosin 5% Aqueous Solution - 100ml
S0001126-5G   Eosin C.I.45380 - 5g
MPA-400-200   Epithelial Tissue - Ciliated Epithelium, TS Oviduct (Prepared Slide)
MPA-400-250   Epithelial Tissue - Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium, TS (Prepared Slide)
MPA-400-100   Epithelial Tissue - Squamous Epithelium, Human Mouth Scrapings (Prepared Slide) (Bulk Buy Available!)
OPR-050-250   Equilateral Block
ELW-100-100   Equipment Wire - Black
ELW-100-150   Equipment Wire - Blue
ELW-100-200   Equipment Wire - Green
ELW-100-250   Equipment Wire - Red
ELW-100-350   Equipment Wire - Yellow
STA-650-100   Erasers
S0001695-25G   Eriochrome Black T C.I.14645 - 25g
ELB-300-150   ES Infra Red Bulb
ELB-220-200   ES Low Energy Bulb 28W (Effectively 40W)
ELB-220-250   ES Low Energy Bulb 42W (Effectively 60W)
ELB-400-200   ES Plastic Surface Mount
MRB-150-350   Escherichia Coli B Strain
MRB-150-300   Escherichia Coli K12 Strain
CLE-350-100   Esense Hand Wash
BRE-350-010   ETFE Pouring Ring For Acid Bottles
S3201916-100ML   Ethanol - 100ml
S3201916-500ML   Ethanol - 500ml
S3201131-500ML   Ethyl Acetate - 500ml
S0001456-100ML   Ethyl Benzoate - 100ml
S3101565-100ML   Ethyl Formate - 100ml
S0001917-50G   Ethyl-4-Aminobenzoate - 50g
S3101563-500ML   Ethylamine Solution - 500ml
S0001414-500ML   Ethylene Glycol - 500ml
BLO-500-115   Euglena Gracilis - Live
BLO-500-120   Euglena Spirogyra
MIC-270-100   Euromex BioBlue BB.4200 Microscope
MIC-270-250   Euromex BioBlue BB.4260 Binocular Microscope
MIC-270-150   Euromex BioBlueBB.4220 Microscope
MIC-270-200   Euromex BioBlueBB.4250 Microscope
MIC-250-100   Euromex EcoBlue EC.1001 Microscope
MIC-250-125   Euromex EcoBlue EC.1051 Microscope
MIC-250-150   Euromex EcoBlue EC.1151 Microscope
MIC-250-200   Euromex EcoBlue EC.1152 Binocular Microscope
MIC-900-340   Euromex EduBlue - Incident Illumination
MIC-900-350   Euromex EduBlue - Transmitted Illumination
MIC-360-100   Euromex EduBlue ED.1402-S Stereo Microscope
MIC-360-150   Euromex EduBlue ED.1802-S Stereo Microscope
MIC-900-380   Euromex LED for BioBlue Monocular
MIC-900-360   Euromex LED for EcoBlue Monocular
MIC-900-320   Euromex LED for MicroBlue Monocular
MIC-110-100   Euromex MicroBlue MB.1001 Microscope
MIC-110-110   Euromex MicroBlue MB.1001 Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-110-200   Euromex MicroBlue MB.1151 Microscope
MIC-110-210   Euromex MicroBlue MB.1151 Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-900-390   Euromex NeoLED for BioBlue Binocular
MIC-900-370   Euromex NeoLED for EcoBlue Binocular
MIC-040-100   Euromex Novex Junior LED Microscope
MIC-040-150   Euromex Novex Junior LED Microscope - 10 Pack
MIC-900-300   Euromex Novex Spare Bulb
MIC-900-800   Euromex Objective 100X/1.25/S - Oil for EcoBlue
MIC-900-810   Euromex Semi Plan Objective 100X/1.25/S - Oil for BioBlue
MIC-900-330   Euromex Spare Bulbs - Bioblue
FMF-165-100   Evacuated Newton's Tube (Guinea & Feather)
PLB-550-100   Evapotranspiration Model
S3301930-500ML   Evolve CH15 - 500ml
ESP-350-200   Evostar-102 Refractor Telescope
ESP-350-100   Explorer-150P Reflector Telescope
EZY-150-100   Exposed Film
SPR-250-100   Extension Spring - Long
SPR-300-100   Extension Spring - Short
SPR-270-100   Extension Springs - Extra Long
SPS-650-150   Extra Dense Flint Glass Prism R.I. 1.65
RAD-850-100   Extra Long Forceps
BPO-050-120   Extra Wide Mouth Clear Glass Powder Bottle 120ml
BPO-050-250   Extra Wide Mouth Clear Glass Powder Bottle 250ml
BPO-050-030   Extra Wide Mouth Clear Glass Powder Bottle 30ml
BPO-050-060   Extra Wide Mouth Clear Glass Powder Bottle 60ml
MOD-350-100   Eye Model - Basic
MOD-400-100   Eye Model - Standard
SEP-750-100   Eye Protector Holder
SFA-050-100   Eye Wash Cabinet
SFA-100-100   Eye Wash Station
SEP-050-100   Eyeshield - Basic
SEP-050-150   Eyeshield - Basic - Pack of 12
SEP-100-050   Eyeshields - Standard
SEP-100-100   Eyeshields - Standard - Pack of 10
SEP-150-100   Eyeshields - Superior
MTR-150-100   Fabrics Sample Pack
SMA-150-100   Face Shield
SMA-150-150   Face Shield - Visor Only
FMF-050-100   Falling Ball Viscometer
FMF-070-100   Falling Bodies Apparatus
FAN-100-100   Fan 300mm
ELM-520-100   Faradays Law - Basic
S0001133-500ML   Fehling's Solution No.1 - 500ml
S8001134-500ML   Fehling's Solution No.2 - 500ml
RES-150-100   Fermentation Lock
SMP-150-100   Ferrofluid
S6101864-100ML   Ferroin Indicator Solution - 100ml
ELB-250-150   Festoon Bulb 10W (44mm)
ELB-250-110   Festoon Bulb 3W (39mm)
ELB-250-100   Festoon Bulb 3W (44mm)
OPL-250-100   Fibre Optic Cable, Unsheathed
SMP-200-100   Field's Metal
TOL-060-100   File
STA-720-100   File Subject Dividers 10-Part
STA-720-150   File Subject Dividers 5-Part
STA-720-200   File Subject Dividers Extra Wide 10-Part
FUG-200-100   Filter Funnel - 100mm
FUG-200-150   Filter Funnel - 150mm
FUG-200-045   Filter Funnel - 45mm
FUG-200-055   Filter Funnel - 55mm
FUG-200-075   Filter Funnel - 75mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
FUP-110-080   Filter Funnels HDPE
FUP-110-100   Filter Funnels HDPE
FUP-110-120   Filter Funnels HDPE
FUP-110-140   Filter Funnels HDPE
FPA-150-110   Filter Paper No.1 - 110mm
FPA-150-125   Filter Paper No.1 - 125mm
FPA-150-150   Filter Paper No.1 - 150mm
FPA-150-185   Filter Paper No.1 - 185mm
FPA-150-055   Filter Paper No.1 - 55mm
FPA-150-070   Filter Paper No.1 - 70mm
FPA-150-090   Filter Paper No.1 - 90mm
FIU-250-100   Filter Tube or Side-Arm Boiling Tube - 125 x 16mm
FIU-250-150   Filter Tube or Side-Arm Boiling Tube - 150 x 19mm
FIU-250-200   Filter Tube or Side-Arm Boiling Tube - 150 x 24mm
HRE-300-170   Filtered Mouthpiece Adaptor
PUM-300-100   Filtration Pump - Basic
PUM-300-150   Filtration Pump - Standard
DIS-350-100   Fine Point Scissors
S0001439-450G   Fine Steel Wool - 450g
FSF-150-100   Fingerprint Ink
FSF-200-100   Fingerprint Inking Pad
FSF-300-100   Fingerprint Lifting Tape
FSF-350-150   Fingerprint Powder - 100g
FSF-350-100   Fingerprint Powder - 30g
FSF-400-150   Fingerprinting Brush - Large
FSF-400-100   Fingerprinting Brush - Small
FSF-250-150   Fingerprinting Roller - 100mm
FSF-250-100   Fingerprinting Roller - 60mm
HBC-510-100   Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
SFI-120-100   Fire Blanket
STP-580-100   Fire-Proof Hazardous Materials Cupboard - Grey

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