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STP-580-150   Fire-Proof Hazardous Materials Cupboards - Yellow
SFA-250-100   First Aid Kit Bs 8599-1 Compliant
SFA-200-100   First Aid Kit Hse Standard
PIT-250-100   Fixed Volume Mini Pipette 10μl - Cleaver
PIT-250-300   Fixed Volume Mini Pipette 100μl - Cleaver
PIT-250-150   Fixed Volume Mini Pipette 20μl - Cleaver
PIT-250-350   Fixed Volume Mini Pipette 200μl - Cleaver
PIT-250-200   Fixed Volume Mini Pipette 40μl - Cleaver
PIT-250-250   Fixed Volume Mini Pipette 50μl - Cleaver
FLM-100-050   Flame Test Glass
BRU-250-100   Flask Brush
PUM-500-100   Flask Vacuum Pump Stopper
FFB-100-001   Flat Bottom Flask 1000ml
FFB-100-100   Flat Bottom Flask 100ml
FFB-100-250   Flat Bottom Flask 250ml
FFB-100-500   Flat Bottom Flask 500ml
TRI-100-100   Flat Top Tripod Stand - 125mm (Bulk Buy Available!)
OMR-300-100   Flexible Mirror - 75 x 25mm
OMR-300-250   Flexible Mirror Concave/Convex
OMR-300-200   Flexible Mirror Double Sided - 150 x 100mm
MIC-700-500   Flexible Stand for Moticams
MPR-050-100   Floating Magnet - 5 Small
MOD-070-100   Flower Model
HPL-200-100   Fluid Pressure Apparatus
S0001135-5G   Fluorescein C.I.45350 - 5g
BLO-405-100   Fly Nap
BLO-400-210   Foam Bungs
TRY-300-250   Foam Insert - 20 Adult Lab Glasses
TRY-300-200   Foam Insert - 30 Adult Lab Glasses
TRY-300-100   Foam Insert - 30 Bottles
TRY-300-150   Foam Insert - 30 Calculators
TRY-300-400   Foam Insert - LogIT Dataloggers & Sensors
TRY-300-300   Foam Insert for 4 Digital Balances
TRY-300-350   Foam Insert Universal
STP-030-100   Foam Stoppers 30 x 30mm
STP-030-150   Foam Stoppers 38 x 50mm
BRN-300-200   Foil Cases For Night Light Stands
TLY-200-100   Folding Box Trolley
MGF-150-200   Folding Double Magnifier - 38mm
THM-720-100   Folding Probe Thermometer
ECL-500-100   Folding Quadrat
SCR-150-100   Folding Screen
MGF-150-100   Folding Single Magnifier - 25mm
MGF-150-150   Folding Single Magnifier - 38mm
HCA-250-100   Food Calorimeter
CHR-130-100   Food Colouring Blue
CHR-130-150   Food Colouring Green
CHR-130-200   Food Colouring Red
CHR-130-250   Food Colouring Yellow
CHR-120-100   Food Dyes
MST-200-300   Foot & Ankle Model
MEA-050-100   Foot & Hand Measure 'Invicta'
PUM-050-100   Foot Pump
FMF-700-100   Forces Table
THM-060-100   Forehead Thermometer
THM-050-100   Forehead Thermometer Strips
FSC-150-100   Forensic Science Lab Investigation
FSB-250-100   Forensics Using Simulated Blood
S8001213-500ML   Formaldehyde - 500ml
S8001137-1L   Formic Acid - 1L
FSF-500-100   Fragrance - Avocado
FSF-500-150   Fragrance - Eucalyptus
FSF-500-200   Fragrance - Jasmine
FSF-500-250   Fragrance - Lavender
FSF-500-350   Fragrance - Mint
FSF-500-400   Fragrance - Orange
FSF-500-450   Fragrance - Pine
FSF-500-500   Fragrance - Rose
FSF-500-550   Fragrance - Sandalwood
FSF-500-600   Fragrance - Vanilla
ESO-100-100   Freeze Spray
KTN-250-050   Freezer
S0001138-1KG   French Chalk - 1kg
KTN-250-100   Fridge
THM-500-100   Fridge / Freezer Thermometer
OPL-455-110   Frosted Plastic Film for Pinhole Camera Kit
S0001566-5G   Fuchsin Acid Stain C.I.42685 - 5g
S0001567-5G   Fuchsin Basic Stain C.I.42510 - 5g
TOL-600-100   Fume Extractor
TOL-600-150   Fume Extractor Filter
MOD-420-100   Functional Eye Apparatus
EZY-050-100   Fungal Alpha Amylase
MPF-050-100   Fungi - Mucor 'E' With Zygospores (Prepared Slide)
MPF-050-250   Fungi - Penicillium (Prepared Slide)
MPF-050-200   Fungi - Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Brewer's Yeast) Budding (Prepared Slide)
ELF-300-100   Fuse Wire - Mixed
FMF-170-100   G-Ball
TOL-100-100   G-Clamp 100mm
TOL-100-150   G-Clamp 150mm
TOL-080-100   G-Clamp 50mm Plated
RAD-350-150   G-M Tube Connecting Lead
TAP-150-100   Gaffer/Duck Tape
BSP-250-160   Gallipot
EMA-250-150   Galvanometer - Current
EMA-250-100   Galvanometer - Voltage
PLB-500-100   Ganong Potometer
BRN-250-120   Gas Cartridge 100G
BRN-250-150   Gas Cartridge 220G
BRN-250-100   Gas Cartridge Burner
TUG-200-050   Gas Diffusion Tube Borosilicate Glass
GAS-150-100   Gas Jar 150 x 50mm
GAS-150-150   Gas Jar 200 x 50mm
GAS-150-250   Gas Jar 200 x 60mm
GAS-150-200   Gas Jar 250 x 50mm
GAS-150-300   Gas Jar 300 x 60mm
GAS-200-100   Gas Jar Cover 65mm
GAS-200-150   Gas Jar Cover 75mm
GAS-200-200   Gas Jar Cover 90mm
BRN-560-100   Gas Lighter - Extra Long
BRN-550-100   Gas Lighter - Windproof
GAS-350-100   Gas Measuring Tube
TAP-350-100   Gas Tap 1 Way Horizontal - Bench Mount
TAP-350-150   Gas Tap 2 Way Horizontal - Bench Mount
TAP-350-200   Gas Tap 2 Way Vertical - Bench Mount
TAP-350-250   Gas Tap 4 Way Horizontal - Bench Mount
GAU-100-125   Gauzes with Ceramic Centre 125mm (Certified Asbestos-Free)
GAU-100-150   Gauzes with Ceramic Centre 150mm (Certified Asbestos-Free)
RAD-350-100   Geiger-Muller Tube
RAD-340-100   Geiger-Muller Tube ZP1481 - Type BNC
RAD-340-150   Geiger-Muller Tube ZP1481 - Type TNC
BIO-690-100   Gel Filtration Chromatography Kit
BIO-870-020   Gel loading solution 10x Concentration
S0001141-500G   Gelatine Powder - 500g
TLY-090-100   General Purpose 2 Tier Trolley
TLY-090-150   General Purpose 3 Tier Trolley
HOT-050-250   General Purpose Compost - Expanding
SCI-100-100   General Purpose Office Scissors - 170mm
SCI-100-150   General Purpose Office Scissors - 210mm
HEC-275-100   Generator Model
BIO-650-100   Genes in a Tube Kit
MCB-600-100   Germaglo Ball
MCB-550-100   Germaglo Lotion
MCB-500-100   Germaglo Powder - Green
MCB-500-150   Germaglo Powder Brush
LAB-100-900   GHS Label Bundle
LAB-170-100   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-01 Explosive
LAB-170-150   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-02 Flammable
LAB-170-200   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-03 Oxidising
LAB-170-250   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-04 Bottled Gas
LAB-170-300   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-05 Corrosive
LAB-170-350   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-06 Toxic
LAB-170-400   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-07 Irritant
LAB-170-450   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-08 Health Hazard
LAB-170-500   GHS Labels 50mm GHS-09 Environmental
LAB-100-550   GHS Mixed Labels
LAB-100-100   GHS-01 (Explosive Substance)
LAB-150-100   GHS-01 (Explosive Substance) Tape
LAB-100-150   GHS-02 (Flammable Substance)
LAB-150-150   GHS-02 (Flammable Substance) Tape
LAB-100-200   GHS-03 (Oxidising Substance)
LAB-150-200   GHS-03 (Oxidising Substance) Tape
LAB-100-250   GHS-04 (Bottled / Compressed Gas)
LAB-150-250   GHS-04 (Bottled / Compressed Gas) Tape
LAB-100-300   GHS-05 (Corrosive Substance)
LAB-150-300   GHS-05 (Corrosive Substance) Tape
LAB-100-350   GHS-06 (Acutely Toxic Substance)
LAB-150-350   GHS-06 (Acutely Toxic Substance) Tape
LAB-100-400   GHS-07 (Irritant / Toxic)
LAB-150-400   GHS-07 (Irritant / Toxic) Tape
LAB-100-450   GHS-08 (Hazardous To Human Health)
LAB-150-450   GHS-08 (Hazardous To Human Health) Tape
LAB-100-500   GHS-09 (Environmentally Toxic)
LAB-150-500   GHS-09 (Environmentally Toxic) Tape
S0001520-1G   Gibberellic Acid - 1g
MPA-600-350   Gills of Bony Fish TS (Prepared Slide)
OPR-250-150   Glass Block - Large
OPR-250-100   Glass Block - Small
HTC-100-300   Glass Conductivity Rods
GLA-050-100   Glass Cutting Diamond
TUB-100-150   Glass Delivery Tubes Set
SDI-050-100   Glass Disposal Bins - Bench Top
SDI-050-150   Glass Disposal Bins - Floor Standing
BSN-250-045   Glass Evaporating Basin - 45ml
BSN-250-090   Glass Evaporating Basin - 90ml
MIH-060-100   Glass Eyepiece Graticule - 19mm
MIH-060-150   Glass Eyepiece Graticule - 21mm
ECT-250-300   Glass Friction Rod
SRG-300-100   Glass Gas Syringe
PER-300-250   Glass Petri Dish - 100 x 15mm
PER-300-100   Glass Petri Dish - 60 x 12mm
PER-300-150   Glass Petri Dish - 80 x 15mm
PER-300-200   Glass Petri Dish - 90 x 15mm
GAS-450-100   Glass Pneumatic Trough 200 x 100mm
GAS-450-150   Glass Pneumatic Trough 250 x 130mm
GAS-450-200   Glass Pneumatic Trough 300 x 130mm
SPR-220-050   Glass Spheres 3mm
SPR-220-075   Glass Spheres 5mm
SPR-220-100   Glass Spheres 8mm
MIH-090-100   Glass Stage Micrometer 1mm/100 parts
SRG-250-100   Glass Syringe - 100ml
SRG-250-010   Glass Syringe - 10ml
SRG-250-001   Glass Syringe - 1ml
SRG-250-020   Glass Syringe - 20ml
SRG-250-002   Glass Syringe - 2ml
SRG-250-050   Glass Syringe - 50ml
SRG-250-005   Glass Syringe - 5ml
GLA-100-100   Glass Tubing Cutter
GLA-100-150   Glass Tubing Cutter - Spare Wheels
BAA-050-100   Glass Weighing Bottle 40mm
BAA-050-150   Glass Weighing Bottle 50mm

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