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Rspec-Explorer™ Digital Spectrometer

Rspec-Explorer™ Digital Spectrometer
Product Code :  SPS-600-100Price:  £396.92 /each(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 792

Reinvigorate teaching of the electromagnetic spectrum with the superb, easy to set-up and use RSpec-Explorer™ digital spectrometer, which creates real-time images, graphs and measurements via the bespoke software. Woks with PC's and Mac's.
Simply download the software, plug the unit into a USB port, select the live-feed camera and it’s up and running. The software displays a real-time image, along with a graph which can be in-filled using colour spectra, and also includes a reference library of common elements. Selecting an element will overlay reference lines on the spectral graph - where the lines coincide with peaks on the graph indicates that this element is present in the light source. This is useful when using an ‘unknown’ spectral tube as a test light source. Suitable for use with: flame emissions from burning salts etc.; spectral (gas) tubes; LED’s & LED columns; spectra of a wide range of light sources or bright reflected light or colour. There is no need to turn off classroom lights, but a relatively dark and smooth background will give best results (stand-up matt black background included).
The spectrometer also comes with as a small tripod, USB lead, software (download) and Tutorial Videos.
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•  Easy to setup and use - simple plug and play
•  Set up and capture spectra in 90 seconds
•  Camera auto-focuses and adjusts to a wide range of light conditions
•  Automatic camera settings, gamma correction, and varying ambient lightconditions mean that measured flux intensity can vary in different contexts
•  Uses a slit-less objective grating system, sealed in the camera, so is immune to dust and dirt
•  Spectral range: 390 to 700 nanometers
•  Accuracy 1% or better
•  Works with Windows and Macs
•  Durable, quality build with metal casing
•  Software displays image, colour spectra and intensity graphs in real time
•  Designed for eductaion and research
•  Award winning software is easy to use and fully customizable
•  No calibrations or adjustments required
•  Comes complete with 7 instructional videos (more than 30 minutes in total)
•  View spectra of direct or reflected light
•  Dimensions: 83 x 40 x 25mm (w x h x d)
•  Weight: 110g

Product Code :  SPS-600-100
Weight:  110g
Range:  390 to 700 nanometers
Dimensions:  83 x 40 x 25mm (w x h x d)
Accuracy:  1% or better

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