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Product Code :  BLO-050-100Price:  £20.56 /30ml(Exc. 20% VAT)Saver Points: 40

Living Algae cultures concentrated in one drop dispensers. Supplied in 30ml standard cultures, sufficient for up to 30 students. Chlorella are monotonous non-motile tiny spherical unicells with a single parietal chloroplast. Useful alga for showing oxygen liberation during photosynthesis. Or for use in haemacytometers as substitute for blood corpuscles.

Q = How long will Chlorella culture keep, once received?
A = On receipt, loosen the lid to allow air in and place the culture bottle in a rack or inside another container (e.g. small beaker) to keep it upright. Keep in a light place, but not direct sunlight, at room temperature. Kept like this, the culture should last for 2-3 weeks, although it is better used fresh. DO NOT store in a fridge.

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