The simple choice!

Designed in the UK, manufactured in the UK... for over 30 years LogIT has pioneered simple to use datalogging. Whilst some systems have every bell and whistle you will never need, the LogIT product range has stayed true to it's concept at launch in 1990: plug in your sensor(s) and press GREEN for go and RED for stop.

With 2 distinct ranges catering for different Key Stages, there is a LogIT product suitable for your pupils:

Key Stage 2-3 - LogIT Explorer 2, a brand new datalogger with in-built sensors and specific range of external sensors to take this product up to KS3. The original Explorer sold over 20,000 units and this new bluetooth enabled unit brings it up to date, but still uses the external sensors from the original explorer: no need to buy new sensors!

For Key Stage 3 right up to A level and beyond, there is a range of products designed to suit everyone's needs.

U-log - the entry level product, a stand alone range of sensors connected via USB directly to a PC or MAC. The computer acts as the datalogger and each sensor is supplied with its own licensed. version of LogIT SensorLab software. The ultimate in plug n play datalogging.

Black Box - opens up the huge array of Microsense Sensors for direct connection to a PC, Linux or MAX computer. It is essentially an interface between up to 3 sensors and the computer where remote logging is not needed.

Observer - The ultimate wireless datalogger: using the latest low energy bluetooth technology, connect to an iPad and see what is happening live whilst the observer records. It can record for months for climate monitoring and provides such speed and resolution it can even act as an oscilloscope and show sound waves.

Microsense Sensors - with over 30 different sensors covering every parameter needed these sensors have been so reliable they have not changed since LogIT was launched in 1990. As technology has moved on in the last 30 years requiring ever more sophisticated dataloggers, LogIT have provided compatibility between all their dataloggers & sensors. A new datalogger does not mean all new sensors! The longevity of these sensors can be attributed to a number of factors: most are not hard wired and thus are not rendered useless is a cable breaks. The connections use music industry robust 5 or 7 pin din plugs & sockets designed to stand up to the rigours of rock and pop group touring. Probably on par with classroom use!

SENSORLAB SOFTWARE - 4 user levels to ensure maximum pupil inclusion. Split screen option allows data to be seen as graph, table, bars and big digits simultaneously. Oscilloscope view for high end work. simple to use, sophisticated in its uses.

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